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Having a strong opinion, independence and no non-sense attitude have long been traits and qualities that have been revered and appreciated in men. When a man utilizes this attributes he is a leader, decisive and usually a considered quite a catch; what? with that kind of confidence, even a less attractive version of this man will be a vied after mate. When a woman, however, embodies these characteristics she will suffer a significantly longer sentence of single-girl status. And not even necessarily single-single – she will be able to get laid, if she so chooses but more than that (deep sigh) can be much more elusive.

Verbalize what it is you want

As a lady, I get it, we tend to want our partners to be so in tune with us that they ‘just know’ what we want and are intuitive about our needs so that we don’t care to say a thing. “If they really cared or if they really knew me, then they’d know!” Sure. Feel free to believe this all you’d like, but also be ready to be disappointed. Mind reading is not an indication of love or affection. This one is hard one to work on and is something that I have to do daily, but seriously, if you say it and communicate with your partner, the odds are that they will do what you ask. 

Do not chase him

Feel free to be honest and clear that you are interested but there is no need to be up his ass and chase him around. A man will allow and take exactly what you offer to him. It is not a slam or a diss against men because honestly, women do the same thing. If a guy allows a woman to be a bitch to them, we’ll do it too. But if a woman is the chaser in the relationship, men are likely to shy away or lose interest in a hurry. Let him ask you out – at least sometimes.

Do not manage the relationship

Women may have a tendency to plan and organize a lot of things. But when they begin to manage the relationship it becomes a job. And a job means work and then it means that guys just might begin taking vacations from the work –er- relationship. And when that happens it might start off with more guys nights or nights out with friends without the partner, which is healthy in the right quantity but if your partner feels like they are single, then they will act as if they are single too.

Find a man that is at your level

Another thing to really think for the strong-willed ladies – is your man at your level. There might be some guys that really appreciate a woman that knows what she wants and how she wants and that feels comfortable speaking her mind. And that is great for both parties. But then there might be some men out there that really think it is important to have a quiet girl, a girl that is just beginning to develop into her own and is looking for someone to help shape them into the woman that they will become.

Being a strong woman is akin to being an assertive woman. And that is what all the items listed above make you, an assertive woman with the confidence and assurance in your sense of self to be your authentic and genuine you. It’s not about changing a single thing about who you are, but relishing the skin that you are in and wearing it with pride.

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  • Atlanta_Man

    In my experience, ‘strong willed’, ‘opinionated’, etc., when associated with women usually means one thing- A BIG MOUTH. I’ll tell you right now- no man who’s worth anything wants to be around a loudmouth woman any more than a woman wants to be around a loudmouth man. Men DO NOT want to date women who act like men. I have a friend since grade school and she is a cute girl, but she can’t get a date to save her life.. because she has a big mouth. No one wants that drama in their life.

    Trust me- no man wants to date Joan Crawford.

    • Men are sensitive


  • mrcead

    Keep the gender roles in play. Strong women have it tougher because that is just the social dynamic favouring women being docile. As long as you can find a man who maintains his gender role, you won’t feel the need to assume his and you will have harmony – because once they switch, the relationship is pretty much over. It is possible but you really have to find a closer match to your personality. Don’t change who you are just ease when it is needed and be firm where it is needed – pretty much the exact same advice I would give a man.