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Jun 20

I recall the day, I think I was about 23, when my buddy Cleveland (ya, ya, get your Family Guy jokes in) flipped over on his back on a bar and the bartender emptied a quart of Grey Goose Vodka down his throat. Cleveland was at that club at least 4 times a week and the bartenders loved him – god bless his scales and fins, the boy was a fish. They loved him because Cleveland was a fun drunk, not one of these douchebags that starts fights, spills things or goes in on your girlfriend, he just became Cleveland x2, a more enhanced version of himself. He got funnier, danced better and became more engaging. We all were slamming drinks like fish back then, it was liquid courage, the smile enhancer, the fun maker, the cougar panty melter… you get the gist. When I… [Read more]

Sep 24

Rule #36 (A Man’s Code) All men should have a code, it is optimum in living by principles and having people learn your principles and respecting you for having them. When you live life freelance and do things however you feel within the moment, it will appear that you are chaotic, unpredictable and untrustworthy. The most memorable and powerful men in life have codes, we know of those codes because they exemplified them throughout their living years. We emulate men such as these and many people will try and copy their ways without fully understanding the commitment needed to doing so. A man must develop his own path, regardless of how borrowed it may be and make a commitment to stand by it for life. Rule #37 (Word is Bond) A man without his word is nothing, unless it is a man who lives on… [Read more]

Sep 03

Here I thought that Gangs started in prison, the streets and other places of harsh realities. Who would’ve thought that sending your kid to a University may get him beaten, branded and raped (allegedly)!? I have never understood fraternities, while in the business world and life their members may tout all the wonderful things they do in society, the kids in the University system paint a very different picture.  When I was in school all I saw of Fraternities was a collective of guys throwing signs, stomping around, barking and being drunkenly obnoxious. The Sororities weren’t much different as more than a few women that “crossed the line” turned into completely different creatures after donning the mantle. It’s obviously a form of tribal fellowship that isn’t meant to be understood by us outsiders. I get that, which is why I have always reserved judgment on… [Read more]

Sep 03

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris was arrested Wednesday along with his wife Timika “Tiny” Cottle on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. The couple was driving down the streets of Hollywood California when the police pulled them over after the smell of marijuana came from their rental.  I have to say that this does not look good coming on the heels of the multiplatinum star being on three year probation after being released from a seven month jail stint for illegal firearms possession by a convicted felon. In his short come back since leaving the halfway house in March, T.I. managed to marry his longtime girlfriend, complete King Uncaged (the latest addition to his discography), and star in and executive produce the box office smash, Takers.  Now he is possibly facing a multiple year jail sentence if convicted. One has to wonder if T.I. learned from his mistakes… [Read more]

Jul 05

Crime: Being an Angry White Male Stereotype I don’t know what could be more disappointing than a man’s man turning Neanderthal to the public and hurting my progress in this attempt to show that a man can be respectful and macho all the same. In the last few years Mel Gibson has revealed that he is in fact not a Road Warrior, not a Braveheart and not a Gentleman. No he’s a drunk, a once closeted racist (thanks for coming out Mel) and a disgrace to the man race. [Mel’s racially angry rant can be seen here for those of you who aren’t up to speed] Take a seat Mel as today you will be our first ever “lifer” in the basement. We have secured a nice cozy room off in the corner for you, your bed will have all the bright white sheets you… [Read more]

Jun 18

As an avid restaurant goer and a woman who loves her food and wine, I’ve had my share of good and bad encounters when dining out.  The staff, chef, location, cost, menu and feel of a restaurant all can truly make or break your assessment of the place, not exactly in that order.  First impressions are everything and I will be giving you my honest opinions as I continue my eating and drinking adventures. Beauty Recommends (5 Star Reviews): [catlist name=top-rated-restaurants numberposts=20 author=no]   The Latest Reviews by Title: [catlist name=beauty-and-the-eats numberposts=10 author=no] View the Beauty and The Eats Archive

May 28

Disclaimer: if you are not looking for the smart, sophisticated, independent, mature, all around good woman, then do not read any further.  This article is not for you.  However, if you are looking to get that “in” to a sophisticated lady’s heart, one way to do it is through her wine glass.  She is guaranteed to be impressed if you commit the following to memory and have it ready to spew back at her when she least expects it: Know your grapes: Grapes are identified by their varietals, or type of grape used to make the wine.  Basic white wine grapes are chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling, pinot grigio. Usually white wines include the additional flavor of a tree fruit, such as apple, pear, melon, or a citrus flavor like lemon, lime or grapefruit.  Exotic and eccentric white wines will include the taste of tropical fruits,… [Read more]