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Sep 26

I would like to express my discontent with the men in the gym who troll for women to talk to and possibly get a number. Over the last couple of years, I have been that unfortunate chick without an Ipod or any other means of blocking out the “hey shawty” while I’m doing my thing on the treadmill. Recently I finally obtained means of personal music thinking that it would do the trick. I mean, if I am unavailable to hear your pick up line, then I shouldn’t have to worry about coming up with some sort of nice let down, right? Wrong. I am definitely an advocate for the “go to the gym to workout” club as I don’t believe the gym is either the time or place for getting numbers.  However, since there are men who know not of this rule and insist… [Read more]

Nov 14
bad date

Welcome in my knee-jerk, ready to war, expecting to hear the same old bull readers. The title you just read is a variation of an article I just read:  How My Life Regained Harmony After I stopped Dating American Women where the author, Maverick explains why his experience with the dating games, demands, and power jousting by American women led him to try his hand overseas and it opened him up to a bevy of beautiful, easy-going women. Maverick speaks on the same dating game that we discuss here on The Hall, but instead of looking for strategy in how to talk to unnecessarily challenging women, he switched the game and went overseas – where according to his account the need for game is pretty much nonexistent. Sounds absolutely wonderful right? Here are a few of the highlights: My last encounter with an American woman was such a soul-crushing and thought-provoking event… [Read more]

Jun 27
packing up to leave

It would surprise you but a false state of entitlement is the cause for many types of fallout between men and women in relationships. Speaking with a young lady last night we got on the topic of this very thing after watching a movie where a man left his long term girlfriend and mother of 2 to link up with a beautiful young woman who he quickly married… his name was not Tiki Barber by the way. The lady’s annoyance with the man’s choice in doing this was evident and we began a long conversation on relationships and entitlement. Is Marriage a reward for good behavior? Most people believe that time served should be rewarded with a state of permanence. This belief extends beyond relationships into the work force where the word tenure can be used to apply to people who stick it out for… [Read more]

May 09
Friends pondering a relationship

Men all agree that going after a woman for romance only to wind up in her friend zone absolutely sucks. Many times it is due to our lack of game, terrible timing, or fear of asking (for you guys who think that a woman will just get the hint by you hanging out with her). There is a subset of guys however who think that they are in the friend zone but in reality are in a “holding cell”. This creates a complex dilemma for the woman because she does not want that guy to be in her friend zone but is too shy to upgrade him, fears he will reject her, or fears the chance of losing him altogether. Who are these guys? Many times these are the childhood friends who became handsome winners as they got older. Some of these men may have been put in the friend… [Read more]

Feb 14

I hate Valentine’s Day, and if you aren’t female and in a relationship then chances are you hate it too. Unfortunately I must preface this article with a disclaimer that I have a “Valentine”, so while I hate to disappoint those who see me as a lonely troll in some basement being bitter – you will find that most articles lamenting Valentine’s Day are from guys who actively have to participate in it. That being said, I don’t hate the Hallmark created money-sink day for the typical reasons guys hate it. I hate it because of what we have to deal with from other people on the day, it’s a hassle, it’s annoying and it’s damn expensive! Here are 10 reasons why I could do without Valentine’s Day, and for most of you out there that are single or otherwise, I am sure you will… [Read more]

Nov 26

Newcomers to the gym experience and fitness lifestyle let me welcome you on the Road of Kings. While many fail and few maintain, it is a golden road of treasures and pleasures though the rules be strict and many. Don’t worry I won’t be writing like this the entire time; what I want to say however is that the gym is a monkey see, monkey do environment and it is of much importance that you follow the right monkeys and not adapt the bad habits from the gorillas. Below you will find a list of things that most gym rats will agree is both annoying and selfish when practiced by other gym goers. It is up to you newcomers to avoid these activities in order to make your experience enjoyable without adding to the problems. Curling in the Squat Rack Guys do this for two… [Read more]

Sep 17

Most people these days frequent some sort of gym to keep themselves in shape.  Whether you go to Powerhouse Gym, Lifestyles, Gold’s, LA Fitness, Bally’s, or any number of athletic facilities you are going to share it with hundreds of people.  Sharing anything with hundreds of people is typically never fun, convenient, or easy to do.  Since this is already an annoying process there are rules you can follow to make things less annoying for yourself and others around you. Most people do not think their behavior in the gym is annoying or troublesome to other people.  That comes from the fact that many people lack the ability to analyze themselves internally, and identify things they are doing wrong or incorrectly.  Here are several things people do in the gym that are annoying to fellow patrons. Stop with the grunting everyone knows that you are… [Read more]

Aug 02

I think I should start this article by saying this is primarily my advice for single people. It might apply to people dating/married but I tend to think if it did, it would be to a lesser degree. Ok so single people out there, sometimes in life we get to deal with annoying little reminders that we’re single and everyone else isn’t (or so it seems). One of the best reminders is when an ex gets married. Not only were you not good enough for the long term, but they found someone who was. One of the biggest temptations a person can have, or so I’ve experienced, is to hate on your ex. I know everybody is different, and hell some people are bff’s with their exes, but I think it’s time to cover some ground rules for this occasion. Some of the temptations will… [Read more]