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May 29

Sometimes curiosity can get the better of a man and cause more problems than we need in our lives. We ask things knowing we won’t like the answer then say and do something stupid out of reaction to it only to end up apologizing or losing the love of our lives for it. Some things are best left a mystery and I will explain why and how you should move your mind past it. 1. How Many Men Have You Slept With? Some men have this wondrous illusion that they will go out to the Club, meet the hottest women living and she will end up being as pure as a virgin having had sex with one ex-boyfriend and that’s it. This is dumbass thinking, it really is and it is void of all logic being that women get down just like men get down…. [Read more]

May 01

When a man thinks that you’re beautiful and asks you to smile, he probably does not intend it to be a full frontal assault on everything feminist and right in the world. You would think that this was a non-issue but recently there has been a backlash against men asking women to smile… I assume the word patriarchy fits in the logic somewhere but it eludes me.  Ladies of the Hall… Does it bother you when men ask you to smile? Well apparently for a large section of female bloggerdom it actually does. So what does this mean for the men who ask of smiles to compliment or break the ice with pretty ladies? Probably nothing, but I’m a sucker for punishment so let’s look into the deeper problem with this question. “women want us to answer for the sins of our brothers” What bothers… [Read more]

Apr 17

A few days ago at the University of Toronto, a group of Men’s Rights Activists organized a meeting to discuss Misandry, what it means, and possible solutions for what any man not going through life with tunnel vision will admit is a dangerous wave of demonizing boys in our society. The meeting was civil, orderly and led by both educated men and women, but the things they wished to discuss were not possible due to a large group of masked, angry and aggressive women and men (sigh)–who self-identify as feminists–screaming into megaphones and eventually pulling a fire alarm. I wish I could say that I was making this up but the following video presents a pleasantly unbiased take on the events of the day and is a scary reminder to us what true anarchy looks like. If the above video does not work on your device then… [Read more]

Oct 25
couples argument

Man Up! It’s bad enough that in this day and age men can’t be solid on what defines manhood without some buffet feminist slapping us with a Misogyny stamp let alone for someone we love to tell us to man up. What exactly is manning up and why would a woman know it any better than another man? It’s an emasculating and uncompromising utterance aimed at men to mask the true intent of telling us that “we are acting weak and feminine”. This is why it is an unforgivable statement in most circumstances. Even if your man is being a punk it is not up to you to tell him to “man up” ever. You Don’t Own Me! Sure none of us own one another truly but isn’t that what the labels, the rings and the commitment is about? What do you mean I don’t own you?… [Read more]

Oct 02
sporty chick

This was the feedback I received from a number of black women when I wrote a guest post about the positives in dating a tomboy. The women who responded seemed to come from 3 separate camps – those who genuinely liked the article, former tomboys who appreciated the article, and religious bigots who wanted to spin it into a “gays are running our Christian earth” type of thing. Here’s a quote from one of the responses that took my sexuality to task: Jo: “sooo, are you saying you’re bi or something? I’m sorry, but if you like a girl who acts like a man, hates other girls (or pretends that other girls except herself are “catty” is a HUGE sign of ugly insecurity and hypocrisy), likes beer and football and farting, well, guess what? You dont like a girl, you like a guy.” Thank goodness… [Read more]

Sep 24
arguing couple

If you’ve ever tried having a civil discussion with a “strong” woman of today you will know all too well what happens when you suggest that women of a former age were a lot more feminine, lovable and supportive. We as men lose the chance to speak when we utter certain words – namely: feminine, submission, and gold digger. Any of these words will turn the conversation into an argument and you will have gone from a “man” into a “misogynist” in her mind. As a Modern Gentleman it is no longer our prerogative to tell a woman what to do and what to say. Using the word submit, obey, or “cater” will bring forth the wrath of every self-proclaimed feminist to tar and feather you into the netherworld of shame. Today’s woman will not be treated like a Betty Draper or a Margaret Schroeder…. [Read more]

Sep 21
super business woman

Editor’s Note about Chicks We Dig: There are tons of angry women (and men) out there, confused with life because they hate men, claim they don’t need us, yet are attracted to us all the same so they feel forced to lash out in numerous creative, sexist ways. Here at Hall of The Black Dragon we don’t subscribe to men who hate women and women who hate men. To this end we would like to highlight women who  are able to do that feminist thing without delving down the lazy path of hating our entire gender, so we’ve created a new section called Chicks We Dig because hate is lazy and unproductive and we believe that those who do things right should have all the exposure in the world. GirlWritesWhat is my new hero.  She sits at her kitchen table and spits the truth about… [Read more]

Jun 27
packing up to leave

It would surprise you but a false state of entitlement is the cause for many types of fallout between men and women in relationships. Speaking with a young lady last night we got on the topic of this very thing after watching a movie where a man left his long term girlfriend and mother of 2 to link up with a beautiful young woman who he quickly married… his name was not Tiki Barber by the way. The lady’s annoyance with the man’s choice in doing this was evident and we began a long conversation on relationships and entitlement. Is Marriage a reward for good behavior? Most people believe that time served should be rewarded with a state of permanence. This belief extends beyond relationships into the work force where the word tenure can be used to apply to people who stick it out for… [Read more]