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Nov 23
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Do We Allow Men To Be The Fathers We Ask Them To Be? – We’re always begging men to step up, complaining about the prevalence of deadbeat, absentee fathers. There are plenty of them; but when there are men who are stepping up, are taking the initiative to care for their children, just like women have been and continue to do… (MNOIRE) Washington Redskins Alfred Morris Drives The Best Car In The NFL – In something that is on the opposite side of that spectrum, Washing Redskins running back Alfred Morris drives probably the least valuable vehicle in the NFL.  Morris is driving around in a 1991 Mazda 626 sedan, and it’s got a name as people around the Redskins organization call it, “The Bentley”… (SSESSION) 10 Years Later: What I Learned From The Man Who Told Me I Was Not His Ideal Woman –… [Read more]

Apr 18

Many non Asian guys (of the anime and video game persuasion) wonder why their lust for Asian women is frowned upon and ridiculed and I thought to explain it through this article. The reason for this is that it’s become such a norm in nerd society that it is beginning to lose it’s negativity and seeming like a normal trait of anyone who plays games. Let’s break down in list form what you have to do in order to be considered a part of the problem. You have an Asian fetish if: You utter the words “omg she is sooo Asian!”. You see Asian women not for their looks or personality but for their “features” You envision your future Asian wife in a kimono and waiting at home to greet her nerd-san at the door. You imagine that sex with an Asian girl is like… [Read more]

Mar 16

Parents, especially you white American parents who haven’t bothered to spend 3 seconds on teaching your children racial tolerance before they become teenagers – do yourself a favor and destroy their web-cams! YouTUBE, Facebook and chain emails are all public forums in which young people stupidly post rants and embarassing shit that will affect their professional life and beyond. Consider our new entry – one Alexandra Wallace, who exhibits a list of characteristics that race bloggers have been discussing for nearly 10 years now. UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace’s Rant: [flashvideo filename=videos/asian_rant-dumbass.flv image=videos/images/asian_rant.jpg /] Alexandra’s Rant exhibits: The expected thought process of a privileged, blonde, attractive, young girl. Look don’t be mad at me for posting it, but the fact of the matter is, if you look like this there is a solid stigma by people of color that your privileged ass is harboring racist opinions… [Read more]

Apr 14

Anna May Wong (1905 – 1961) is the very first Chinese American actress to reach international stardom. Starting off in the United States doing super stereotypical roles (good ‘ol Hollywood, gotta love it), she left for Europe to star in more diverse roles and achieved international stardom there.  One of the biggest disappointments in Anna’s career was due to MGM passing her up as an Asian lead in lieu of a white actress Luise Rainer doing it in “yellow face”. The movie in question was The Good Earth but the actress didn’t let it faze her as she spent the year in her home country learning more about her culture and people. The most popular roles that Wong had done as a silent movie queen were those of “The Dragon Lady” and “Madame Butterfly”, sadly these terms are not positive ones to associate a Chinese… [Read more]

Jan 21

There seems to be this misconception that the quieter, more introverted section of our society is somehow the nicest. While some people may seem polite at face value, or intelligent and innocent, there are many who are the deepest sexists, racists and homophobes when they have the luxury of anonymity and a “safe” setting. Of course I am referring to the sub-culture of people who we call nerds. Now many of you have not known a good amount of “nerds” in your lifetime–and when I say “a good amount” I am speaking of 10+ different people with different personalities—so let me elaborate on who I am referring to with that nasty four letter word. Nerds come in a large variety beyond what you’ve seen on shows like The Big Bang Theory; you have your Sci-Fi nerds, your sports geeks, your video game nerds, anime otakus… [Read more]

Oct 27

As you know, I am a big backer for online dating. In this cyber age of 9 to 5 jobs, side hustles and responsibilities, it gets tough for a single guy to break routine and go fishing for booty. And who do you have pushing you to date? Your married friends (who probably got hitched young thus having zero experience in the dating field), your hen pecking mom and probably a nosy co-worker or two. Maybe you just got lonely, you start realizing that you are constantly the 5th wheel when you hangout with friends and it begins to bother you. So you try the traditional means, you hit up a loud, nasty club/bar where some drunk, loser chick either ends up wasting your time or giving you her number – or the ass if she likes  you enough (don’t you love how I say… [Read more]