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Oct 11
rapey locker-room talk?

Though we tend to stay out of politics here at Hall of The Black Dragon, I found it prudent to address the brand new go-to excuse for predatory language–in regards to women–the now trending term of Locker-Room Talk. As someone that has played, fought, and bonded with other men in sports, martial arts, and lifting weights, it really annoys me that I am being generally lumped in with douchebags that think taking a kiss, or taking a grope is cool. Let’s be honest. Men of my age (GenX) have never been the pinnacle of Beta perfection that is pushed as ideal in this modern age. We objectify women unapologetically, we are crude, and we tend to be very stubborn about changing any of that. In a high school locker-room with other males, we tend to clown one another, when we weren’t clowning, or being clowned we talked about… [Read more]

Jul 12

I really dislike how movies portray jocks in High School with the raging hormones being complimented by their athletic ability. It gives off this feeling as if the boys only play sports in order to score easy Cheerleader action. The character portrayals come off as incorrect because those of us that competed in High School athletics remember it in a much different way than Hollywood does. See, there is the High School which was a bunch of boys trying to get with the cutest girls and then there’s the High School where you wanted to be the best linebacker in the country. The two seemed like completely different worlds when I look back and it was because as a student you felt like 2 different people in and out of your sport of choice. When I was at football practice I wanted to get better,… [Read more]

May 02

Many young boys of my generation were not blessed with a father to come to our games, cheer us on and push us like Papa Ferigno in Pumping Iron. The aspect of excelling at sport was a tempered fire that came from competition with one another, aspirations to be the next Michael Jordan or Deion Sanders, and the one coach that we all love, remember and appreciate. In the media as of late we have been seeing coaches at their worst being broadcast so loudly that it seems that a man being alone with a team of boys will transform into a pedophile, a screaming lunatic, or some aggressive homophobe that physically abuses them. Good coaches are kept quiet, way too boring for television so parents react, as with anything, and keep their children off of the field. A coach can bring the best out… [Read more]

Oct 30
average guy

Why do we as a society act as if mediocrity is such a shameful thing? Most people are average—by a huge margin—yet we pretend as if everyone has the potential to become “great”. Children are pushed to maximize their efforts in the pursuit of material bliss only to grow into miserable adults when life comes back mundane.   We Can’t All Be At The Top The irony in our average-shaming society is that the ones who ascend need the average people in order to maintain position. People who become rich use the money of the average populace to amass wealth. I have always said that the quickest way to wealth Is to find the best way to exploit the ignorant and it is very true of a lot of successful businesses. Athletes, their coaches, and the team’s owners and general managers make ridiculous salaries because… [Read more]

Oct 24
kim kardashian and reggie bush

There seems to be a lot of exposés being filmed on the token broke, once-millionaire athlete. The sexy fall from grace that audiences lavish almost as much as the rags to riches story. As more athletes get revealed for their poor financial choices, or bad luck in investing, it seems as if more of us are putting out our opinion on them. And what are our opinions? They were immature, stupid, careless, and greedy. We ponder on how it is that someone can gain so much capital throughout their career but have nothing to show for it in retirement. Many of us with these opinions are not financially educated ourselves but we assume that with that sort of money we would have taken the time to get educated. I cannot sit here and say that I believe this to be true, what I do believe is… [Read more]

Sep 25
mayweather boxing

When you win at a sport it is one thing to thank your god and your support base for your success but why is it okay to downplay all of your individual effort and hard work? I’ve written many times about how offensive it is for a wage slave to call an entrepreneur “lucky” for anything that the entrepreneur receives and I believe the same goes for a non-athlete assuming that an Olympian is lucky to receive a gold medal. When you accomplish a goal and chalk it up to luck on your victory speech I think that you do yourself and anyone looking up to you a disservice. This especially goes for those who pretend to be humble in order to spare themselves the scrutiny of people who use words like “cocky”. Listen up athletes, grinders and winners, you are allowed to be cocky… [Read more]

Aug 15
destroyed arena

Is drama a necessary component for sports nowadays or should the aspect of winning and losing be enough? I think of this past Olympics and how viewers were force-fed a meal of Phelps vs Lochte, Douglas vs Wieber, and many other imagined rivalries and wondered if it was really necessary for us to enjoy the games. The 2012 Olympics was a grand spectacle of wonderment but there was so much petty, unnecessary drama! In the days before the Internet and instant news, sports fans would huddle around the television to watch the big game and outside of what happens right there in front of them there wasn’t anything else that mattered. Nowadays we have athletes that are judged more for their off field antics than their actual accomplishments on the field. We know who just got divorced, who’s dating a super model, who partied the… [Read more]

Aug 13
womens 100m winners

Good morning gentlemen of The Hall. If you were like me and glued to your television, PC and radio throughout the Olympics of London 2012, you will have found yourself drooling over the lovely ladies who are not only at the top of their sport in the greatest competition in the world, but manage to keep themselves looking lovely while doing it. We’ve covered enough of the drama dealing with sad women that tear down 16 year olds, and well marketed athletes who get tarred and feathered by their American fans. So let us end the “Games” with a bang shall we? A hot bang that we can admire in all of their Gold, Silver, and Bronze glory.  If I miss anyone feel free to add your opinion. This was a very exciting year for US Lady Olympians as you can see… Strength, Beauty and… [Read more]