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Aug 25
Three men at a bachelor party

Having attended and partially hosted a number of bachelor parties, I have learned that it is very easy to get the groom burned instead of entertained and sent off into the magical world of marriage. Most of the problems that arise from this tradition is due to men behaving badly, and though most of it is avoidable, you will always have an idiot losing his mind and burning everyone in the process. Selfishness and a spotty memory comes with the alcohol that flows at a bachelor party, so it becomes really easy to forget why you’re there. The bachelor parties that end up being the most successful tend to be the ones where the groom’s true friends are there. Friends who want to make sure that whatever they do, the man is entertained and sent off properly. Disaster strikes when you have a married guy… [Read more]

May 11

Bachelors, do women find it intimidating when you keep your home spotless? I would think this to be false but quite a number of men have reported that they get snide remarks and more when they bring a woman home to a clean place. “Dragon, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that a lot of chicks actually get intimidated by a man with a ‘together’ pad. It seems to take some of the ‘challenge factor’ away from you. Through my experience, showing chicks my crib has hurt me, more than helped me.” – Anonymous male So if we’re to believe anonymous, would it be better to dirty up the place before bringing a girl home? Should we not be embarrassed if the dishes pile up and our clothes are all over the place? Should we settle on a “he tried to clean up but not… [Read more]

Apr 03

Our generation of men has possibly become the torch bearers for the bachelor way of life. Our emotions regarding relationships are not excessively unfavorable or even optimistic since we view marriage as one of a couple living options in the future. For many years in this country, women were treated like 2nd class citizens; they weren’t allowed to leave their parent’s houses until they were married and to get married they had to be courted. Women had to rely on a husband to take care of the finances while she took care of the children and home. Well now times have changed and many women are making just as much or more than men. Women no longer need a man to survive People can take care of themselves now and don’t need to partner up with someone to get through the tough times. This has led to… [Read more]

Jul 10
george clooney

I have made myself a promise to never be one of these people that pushes matrimony or relationships as the ultimate human experience on single friends and I absolutely hate when I see or hear it. People come off as overly simple when they do these things and it has a religious feel to it (I will explain). Have you ever had a friend who found a religion late and swears up and down that it is the ultimate answer to life? It is so important to them that everybody MUST be in on it or he just cannot rest. I am sure that more than a few of you readers are nodding yes to this. If you answered no to my question above then you can interchange the religion with Network Marketing, a new diet, or something else not as major a life-change as… [Read more]

May 24

Do you ever notice that some folks get a free pass to be single whereas others are scrutinized? Probably not since nobody pays attention to the fact that a single person is pushed towards marriage while a divorcee is given a pass to never have to marry again. It’s almost as if getting married is the point but staying married is not as important. This strikes me as odd because if its all about people pairing up, why isn’t the divorcee pushed towards a second marriage as much as the person who hasn’t married in the first place? As an unmarried man I have heard some of the craziest and dumbest reasons why I should get married and have babies. One female friend of mine actually got upset with me because according to her I am the type of person that should be having babies… [Read more]

Feb 14

I hate Valentine’s Day, and if you aren’t female and in a relationship then chances are you hate it too. Unfortunately I must preface this article with a disclaimer that I have a “Valentine”, so while I hate to disappoint those who see me as a lonely troll in some basement being bitter – you will find that most articles lamenting Valentine’s Day are from guys who actively have to participate in it. That being said, I don’t hate the Hallmark created money-sink day for the typical reasons guys hate it. I hate it because of what we have to deal with from other people on the day, it’s a hassle, it’s annoying and it’s damn expensive! Here are 10 reasons why I could do without Valentine’s Day, and for most of you out there that are single or otherwise, I am sure you will… [Read more]

Jun 22

Fellas when it comes to the Strip Clubs and Strippers in general you need to know early on in your relationship how you stand with your girlfriend/wife with the trust issue. Some women trust their man and know that he has morals and self control so no questions are needed after the fact. Most women and I will reiterate for you guys here, MOST women are not gonna be feeling you on it at all, so they will be pissed, berate you with questions and give you shit whenever you attend an establishment. This is why you should find out early on about her feelings on the Strip Club, her feelings on you going to the Strip Club and whether or not you can be honest, or if you’re better off telling her enough to keep her happy and out of your face. Women Don’t… [Read more]

Jun 14

In an ongoing effort to save guys from themselves I run into issues periodically where men just aren’t thinking before acting. After reading an article over at The Shooting Range about hitting on a teller, I thought about it and asked myself “why would you do this?” I don’t care if it’s Halle Berry behind the counter, the wrath of people in line and your 100% chance of appearing as a douche should tell you that maybe this isn’t the venue. Smart men on the dating scene know that certain jobs held by women have a 0-5% chance of success rate if you press them. These hardcore jobs will be explored in an upcoming series called “Breaking the Ice” where I talk to men who have successfully courted women in these positions and finding out how they managed to do it! 7 Jobs to Avoid… [Read more]