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Aug 16

Despite my reluctance to title this article with such a polarizing and subjective word as “good” the content that I am writing about basically requires it. Ideas about what a “good girl” is and what it requires to be a good girl are so rooted in our upbringing, our culture and the times that we are living in. In an article I read about Good Girls in the New Millennium there is a girl that is described as a “good girl”, she is a 28 year old Hispanic woman that waited until after college to have sex for the first time since she was trying to protect herself from an unplanned pregnancy. The story continues with the outcome of when a smart, educated woman finally does have sex, she contracts gonorrhea from one partner and then genital warts from another. Alicia felt stuck—she’d done “the… [Read more]

Oct 01
rooney mara and daniel craig

There comes a time when a bad girl meets a really nice guy but feels as if he is “too good for her” and she doesn’t deserve him. Later on down the line when the woman is older she may look back and wonder at the situation and whether or not she should have gone out with that guy because now that she herself has changed, she wonders if her life would have been pain free if she had given him a chance. Meanwhile the nice guy doesn’t know any of this is going on in her head and what he sees is that a girl who he wanted to love badly did not want to love him back. He moves on to become one of the many guys that are angry at women for loving “bad boys” and finds a woman who he doesn’t… [Read more]

Mar 02

I couldn’t find a better way to express two very rigid stereotypes of woman than that of the Man Eater vs The Shy Girl. There’s a common belief in our society which is that of the Madonna vs The Whore and it plays out in every situation that i’ve seen. It’s no wonder men have become partially schizophrenic; they are constantly told to respect the women that they are related to and treat the rest as sexual beings. I mean, we’re all women – right?! Talk about confusion! I have come across The Shy Girl many, many times… I know her well. Once upon a time (about 300 years ago) I was a shy girl that was embarassed to express my opinions. Looking back on it, I was the polar opposite of myself now. Back then talking to a boy was hard, let alone carrying… [Read more]

Sep 06

Hate it or love it the vampire craze is in full effect with the success of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and now HBO’s hot new series True Blood. The reason why this show is so hot is not so much the blood sucking but for the characters involved, some of them being quite a treat on the eyes. True Blood offers up more than Vamps as you will see Shifters, Werewolves, Were-panthers and even some Greek Mythological creatures tossed in. If you haven’t been watching then I would like to see my top five naughty hawtes of HBO’s True Blood.