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Jul 28

While I have many favorite things that I truly enjoy in this world – the sound of the goal scoring horn at a Rangers game in Madison Sq. Garden… a perfectly seared, medium-rare porterhouse steak for 2 that’s actually just for me… and the searing metallic vocals of Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford – a premium cigar paired with a deliciously brewed concoction will forever rank high on my list.  When it comes to hand rolled cigars, you could say I know my stuff. As an editor for Cigar Advisor magazine and a lover of the leaf for over 20 years, I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to this wonderfully smoke-filled passion. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit cigar producing nations like Honduras and the Dominican Republic, walking the tobacco fields and touring the factories while gaining a life changing glimpse of an… [Read more]

Oct 21

Recently I took a ten day vacation out of the country and it was a nice time for all, especially someone like me that never takes a break. The people were friendly, the weather was excellent, and the sea water was pretty damn therapeutic. But there were a few downers and although they weren’t enough to ruin my vacation, it made me think about how I could better plan for the next one. I have had many questions on traveling – especially as a black male and some of you have asked me to share my adventures whenever I embark on them. I hope to start a new series on my thoughts as I take breaks from the monotonous rat race with this article. The following is a list of items, both good and bad that I have learned as a tourist abroad. 1. Tourists… [Read more]

Feb 26

You go to a house party and are having fun when the host breaks out the Karaoke machine and everyone is excited. One of your friends steps up, grabs the mic and belts out some lyrics–poorly–and everyone is with it; singing along and cheering him on with much laughter. You wonder why he has the courage to do it and why he doesn’t care that others may laugh at him… after all it’s normal to make fun of people who are acting the fool right? So why is everybody into this Karaoke thing? If this has been you in the past then you misunderstand the art and the point of Karaoke. It isn’t a talent competition, and unlike your lady friend with the professional singing voice believes, it isn’t a platform for showcasing your skills either. Karaoke is simply a party for you and yours… [Read more]

Feb 14

It’s the start of the NFL season and I found myself at the local sports bar being waited on by a drop dead gorgeous blonde who had all the right things going on for her – she was cute, bubbly and had a sense of humor. Of course we weren’t the only ones in the bar noticing this. Guys of all kinds were vying for her attention; some smooth, most crass; it was just so many hard legs flirting with the girl that it started to become embarrassing. One of the other girls waiting was also pretty damn cute and on her game with the service unlike blondie who was having trouble making me a rum and coke for whatever reason… I guess some lames think being bad at your job adds to the hotness but whatever. While I considered bagging this chicken with some… [Read more]

Nov 15
man and woman talking

Sometimes its good to treat yourself (or a date) to a night of fine wine and good food. Even though it’s not cheap (usually around $60 or more per person) it’s a great experience to have at least once in your life. Let’s face it, average Joe may not have the funds to frequent the wine dinners on a regular basis, or even think of it as something that may turn out great. Average Jane may want to go, but “has no one to go with” (you know women tend to like to travel in packs). Since the experience may be new to you, it is important to know what to expect so you don’t find yourself embarrassed or feeling like you don’t belong. Dress like a champion This is definitely a casual event, but leave your sneakers and frayed cuff jeans (you know, the ones… [Read more]

Dec 14

Are you a guy that freezes up on the approach? Worried about how you will look to some hot stranger and the chance that you may come off as lame or uncool? Then imagine how you would feel if you saw a major celebrity? What if that celebrity was single, from your hometown (or close) and out and about having fun… at a venue that you’re attending? Would you be the type to try your luck at making that fantasy (of you and her) a reality, or would you slink away into the crowd hiding, observing from afar as if she was still on TV? You know those guys who have casual pictures of them and a celeb but the body language in the picture reads more than “fanboi and celeb”? Sure you do, and you probably see other people going crazy like “DUDE! Where… [Read more]

May 04

Do you know what I like about your body? Said the beauty that was in my midst one adventurous night? No, why don’t you tell me, I said. You are huggable, and meaty not hard like one of those douchebags (record skips). At that moment I had a Jay-Z moment: “Hold up ma I’m dropping you back off. Weightlifter tell the end tell a friend bish”. See she caught me during a bad patch, I was injured, hadn’t been to the gym in weeks and was looking bad. Were I in my normal routine it pains me to think that she would have written me off as a douchebag. This bothers me, why are weightlifters now classified as the same animal that lives on the Jersey Shore? Look I’ve seen the bags on that show and only one of those guys is jacked, how the… [Read more]

Nov 26

Newcomers to the gym experience and fitness lifestyle let me welcome you on the Road of Kings. While many fail and few maintain, it is a golden road of treasures and pleasures though the rules be strict and many. Don’t worry I won’t be writing like this the entire time; what I want to say however is that the gym is a monkey see, monkey do environment and it is of much importance that you follow the right monkeys and not adapt the bad habits from the gorillas. Below you will find a list of things that most gym rats will agree is both annoying and selfish when practiced by other gym goers. It is up to you newcomers to avoid these activities in order to make your experience enjoyable without adding to the problems. Curling in the Squat Rack Guys do this for two… [Read more]