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Jun 28

“I will stay on course. Sometimes when I am running a hard work out I get discouraged. I begin to doubt if I can finish. The pain seeps into my lungs, my legs and eventually my heart feels like it will burst. Same as in life when you hit hurdles to your goals. You get weary from trying, your heart has so much pain and begins to think it will fail… As I thought about the hardest workouts and races in my life, I know it is always most difficult right before the finish line and accomplishing what I thought I could not. So I will stay the course. I encourage you to do so as well.” Lolo Jones (SOURCE) If you’ve been following Lolo’s life you know her name has become one of the public’s favorite target for scrutiny. From the Olympic disappointments to… [Read more]

May 02

Many young boys of my generation were not blessed with a father to come to our games, cheer us on and push us like Papa Ferigno in Pumping Iron. The aspect of excelling at sport was a tempered fire that came from competition with one another, aspirations to be the next Michael Jordan or Deion Sanders, and the one coach that we all love, remember and appreciate. In the media as of late we have been seeing coaches at their worst being broadcast so loudly that it seems that a man being alone with a team of boys will transform into a pedophile, a screaming lunatic, or some aggressive homophobe that physically abuses them. Good coaches are kept quiet, way too boring for television so parents react, as with anything, and keep their children off of the field. A coach can bring the best out… [Read more]

Jan 31

Ray Lewis could very well play his last game on Sunday, and whether Ravens win or lose the Super Bowl it will be a dream ending.  Ed Reed says that Lewis may not be done, and could get an itch to play next year, but that’s a discussion for another time.  It’s only fitting that Lewis had to go through two of the biggest Titans in the NFL to get there.  He conquered two men at the top of the food chain in their respective careers, and bested both of them facing the end of his career..  Football may be a team game, but the Ravens have galvanized themselves around Ray Lewis. When Lewis announced he was retiring it spurned a lot of reaction mostly positive, but there were those who saw fit to bring up the 2000 murders of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar… [Read more]

Dec 07
wounded cop

It’s pretty funny how different cops are viewed in movies versus real life. In life we think of them mostly as doughnut popping harassers who racially profile people out of boredom and bully the guys that used to kick their asses back in High School—just being honest here. In movies you have a few who are written to echo our thoughts but on the other side you have super cops, who push through shoot outs with military trained bad guys, take shots to the chest and walk it off, and have dead-eye aim when the beef starts to cook. A Real Life Super Cop Today’s man of the hour is a guy who channeled his inner “movie cop” and did what many of us would view as amazing. NYPD Cop Ivan Marcano was off duty when he saw 3 men assaulting a cab driver; rushing… [Read more]

Sep 11
carmelita jeter

Watching the Olympics in London this past month I recalled a moment when the American women had cleared the finish line in the relay and Carmelita Jeter was the anchor that finished it up for them. In my excitement I referred to Carmelita as a “beast” which basically meant that she was a powerful, unstoppable force. But a woman within earshot of hearing me say it assumed that I was somehow talking down on Carmelita’s looks (as if I’m blind). It is funny how different this word is when it comes to the sexes. To call a man a beast is the highest of compliments; it hints to strength, power, fighting skill, and the unwillingness to give-up in any situation. For a woman it becomes a brutal insult referring to her looks as being rough, masculine, ugly, hairy, unwanted, and scary. Yet it all becomes… [Read more]

Mar 21

In my humble opinion, nothing is a greater test of heart for a man than sports and combat. You can train, study and read all you want but when the jaws of life slams shut, you only have 2 choices – fight or fold. It is after reacting and recovering that you truly know what you are; are you the champion, rolling off of your oponent with his warm heart beating within your teeth, or are you the victim being tended to by the medical staff? The deciding factor isn’t about winning or losing, no, the decider is whether or not your spirit fought back. People try to theorize that the instinct to fight is born of our environment but I believe that it goes deeper than that. Sure the poor kid who has been fighting since birth has enough experience to fight when pushed… [Read more]

Jan 04

When I think of the tale of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo, it’s funny that I only think of the original First Blood and the last movie that was simply called Rambo. As a fan of the movies, I never took the time to read the book but from what I hear his tale was meant to end after First Blood. Just a tragic tale about a war hero come home, harassed by some redneck cops and forced into a situation where he had to use his tools of war on people that he had fought and almost died for. This was the movie however, in the book the dynamic of Rambo was much different as he was suffering from PTSD and was arrested for vagrancy which landed him in jail and made him have flashbacks that led to many policemen dying by his hands. We are… [Read more]

Nov 03

One of my biggest arguments for team sports is the normalizing of the Superhero prospect. What do I mean by that? Well when you haven’t played team sports and your only experience with teams stem from either video games or what you see from a distance – your brain tends to romanticize the ability to go beast. See in video games when you are playing sports or even military skirmishes, you have power-ups that can be timed and used to allow one member of the team to single-handedly bring it back. When you play a team sport and you try to individualize the loss and turn on beast mode, you find that it isn’t something that you can call up at will. Only a very small amount of people can turn on the beast successfully but when you play games and watch movies you think… [Read more]