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Mar 17
anstractor book, greg dragon author

  What is the hardest part of writing your books? The hardest part about writing Anstractor is that I am writing to represent a multiverse of several galaxies. Each galaxy has its planets, each planet has its continents and each continent has its people. There are hundreds of races, species, looks and customs. There are political differences, exotic technology, languages, all of which I need to keep track of and reference accurately throughout the various stories. Had I written a book about earth, or something we all know about historically then it would have been a bit easier since all I would have had to focus on was the characters and the situations. The other hard part about my writing is that my genre for Anstractor is Science Fiction. With a genre that has pop culture influences like 1984, Star Wars and Star Trek you… [Read more]

Dec 13
counting money

There are a ton of articles on the web about great side hustles but most of them are absolute rubbish. The articles present lists of small jobs and 2-year degree options that we can do for work but give no clue as to how you get into it, how relevant it is and whether or not the writer knows someone who is actively doing it. As a master of the “side hustle” I often get approached by people wishing to bolster their 9-to-5 with money that doesn’t necessarily involve working 2 jobs. The following list is a compilation of ideas that myself and affluent friends of mine have delved into to get a good amount of extra income coming in. These are things that we do, not things that we hear are good. So if you are serious about bringing in some extra money, consider… [Read more]

Jul 12
man reading

When I worked for a small company a number of years back we used to get 15 minute breaks along with our hour’s lunch throughout the day. Those 15 minute breaks could feel like forever if there was nothing to do and as a non-smoker it wasn’t the welcome release that many of my co-workers needed. One thing that became of value to me on those breaks was to use them to get myself out of the work loop that many of my peers were not happy with. Living check to check was never ideal and when you work 2 jobs it begins to feel as if it is all life has prepared for you. What I began to do on my 15 minute break was to read books on Financial Education and starting a business. It opened up the world to me in a… [Read more]

Jan 02

I would like to share my thoughts on a book referred to me by one of our Lady Dragons: Cherry Tigris. The book entitled Toilet Paper People is a quick read but has such a strong message that I found myself thinking about it weeks after finishing it. Toilet Paper People is about a form of bullying that cannot be remedied by telling your parents, fighting back or even standing up for yourself; the type of bullying that I am referring to is that of a parent bullying a child. Many of us remember the 1981 movie Mommie Dearest where a popular actress was shown to be a psychotic child-abuser behind closed doors. The movie was entertaining and shocking for its time, leading to many quotables and memories of the onscreen antics of Faye Dunaway portraying the film queen Joan Crawford as she beat her little… [Read more]

May 18

So I’m checking out this abortion of a reality show called “Mob Wives” when the baby rat of Sammy Gravano announces that she’s on the show to promote her new book about “the life”. Just a while ago I get word that Lamar Odom’s ex is writing a tell-all book about he and his current wife cheating on her… what the hell is going on here? Who is it that reads all of these books being written by ex housewives, ex jump-offs, and ex transvestite hookers? Talk about hive-mind, if it’s one positive thing that can be said about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, it’s that she wrote her tell-all memoirs back when it wasn’t the “cool thing” to do. Now every time I turn around some broke rapper, video vixen, friend or sex slave is become an overnight author. As a book reader who finds it… [Read more]

Dec 30

Have you ever had the experience where you expressed your love in some form and it was not received as such? Perhaps it was this past Christmas where you could literally see the shoulders of your honey just drop when he or she opened the gift you thought was just perfect! Well, believe it or not, people speak different love languages, and our love tank can be filled or emptied based on how we communicate with our lover’s emotional language. When the love tank is empty, we tend to feel used and unloved. So according to Gary Chapman, these are five love languages we use to fill our emotional tanks. #1: Words of Affirmation Compliments, words of encouragement, and requests rather than demands all affirm the self-worth of your lover. They create intimacy, heal wounds, and bring out the full potential of your other half…. [Read more]

Dec 08

One thing that is hard to do when you are the head writer for any online publication is to stay 100% honest. This is due to the fact that unlike our commenters and guest writers we are held accountable for our posts. When you start a blog you let everyone within your circle and your circle’s circle know that you have words to share in hopes of getting a broader viewership. When your numbers grow you lose sight of this and you begin to write the way you wish, readers be damned until you get to the one topic that is taboo and you are forced to release the trigger. I cannot tell you how many articles have been trashed for the Hall due to it being way too hot a topic to put forth and we get pretty damned hot around these parts. While… [Read more]

Dec 03

While I often cite my cynicism with certain quotes and clichés people use in my everyday life, there are quite a few that I admire from the Book of The Samurai: Hagakure (yes the same one Ghost Dog read from). These quotes put life and leadership into a perspective that makes sense for me so I am sharing them in hopes of having them help someone else out there in cyber space. On a final note, you may wonder “well what’s the point?” But remember that quotes are meant to be written down, memorized and studied during those times where they can help put things into perspective and promote a proper resolution. 7 Memorable Quotes from Hagakure: It is spiritless to think that you cannot attain to that which you have seen and heard the masters attain. The masters are men. You are also a… [Read more]