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Dec 31

One of the best ways to get comfortable with women is to learn to be a natural flirt – the same way many of them do. We all know women who bring about a rise in men whenever they come around smiling, talking and doing things that are near the line of flirting but just don’t cross it. Men have struggled with the concept of flirting since the beginning of time because quite frankly we have too much reverence for women. We are afraid of what they will think, how it will look and oh my god she may actually “gasp” reject us! Flirting without expectations means that in a social atmosphere you are suave and debonair, you touch hands, you make borderline naughty jokes, and you just don’t give a damn what anybody thinks – within reason. We all know that there is a… [Read more]

Nov 08
grandy nanny

In Jamaica when slavery was at its peak a number of West Africans fled the plantations to form tribes in the mountains. These slaves were called a derogatory Spanish name “cimarrons” or “Maroons” which meant savage, but they were very civilized, and extremely organized with the intent of freeing their brothers and sisters. The Maroon tribes are said to have inter-married with the native Arawak tribes of Jamaica and would train to become efficient fighters and masters at guerilla warfare. Slave masters would worry for their lives as these Maroons would routinely damage their property, liberate slaves, and fend off the attacking British soldiers whenever their settlements were besieged – which was quite often. Societies of Maroons, or “runaways,” make up the core of communities that have preserved their identities as the pioneer freedom fighters of the New World. The colonies of escaped slaves who… [Read more]

Feb 02
Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson of World War I

It is one thing to show super-human aptitude for a country that loves you, but to do so for a country that deems you to be sub-human – to the point that they withhold honors earned in the line of duty is beyond belief. When you watch movies depicting D.Day (Normandy), the Allied attacks on the Nazi surge, and anything dealing with the 1940’s militarily, it is easy to forget that black people existed, let alone fought. It being very much a white man’s world during these times, blacks were kept out of books and camera view, especially when films were being made to record the military. Now think about how bad it must’ve been during World War I for African Americans who served in the Army. This sad fact led to men like Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson being overlooked and ignored, even when taking… [Read more]

Dec 10

If we’re going to talk badasses, I think it only appropriate to start with the man who comes to mind when I think of the congressional Medal of Honor. Audie Leon Murphy amassed a total of 33 medals in his day along with the congressional Medal of Honor for “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty”. Audie earned just about every medal there was to earn for being godly on the battlefield and then went on to star as himself in war movies before suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression. Like many men of his time, Audie’s life was eventually taken by the one thing he couldn’t fight, a piece of crap private plane transporting him on a business trip. What makes Audie a badass? Well given the technology and advances in… [Read more]