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Oct 26

While the contents of this post are very factual, this article is meant to be taken in a lighthearted manner. So if you do not have your sense of humor cap on today then kindly keep it moving. Without further adieu, I present to you the way to a man’s heart from A-Z: Adventurous: Most men want to travel, want to try new things and want to play “dress up” for sex but WE ARE LAZY! We need a soul mate to push us over the edge and expose that side of our spirit. Beauty: A man may not compliment you every time you change your hair color or your shoes, the fact of the matter is he does appreciate the extra effort on your part to be beautiful. Cleanliness: Sugar and spice and everything nice – most men believe women should be the clean/neat… [Read more]

May 11

Bachelors, do women find it intimidating when you keep your home spotless? I would think this to be false but quite a number of men have reported that they get snide remarks and more when they bring a woman home to a clean place. “Dragon, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that a lot of chicks actually get intimidated by a man with a ‘together’ pad. It seems to take some of the ‘challenge factor’ away from you. Through my experience, showing chicks my crib has hurt me, more than helped me.” – Anonymous male So if we’re to believe anonymous, would it be better to dirty up the place before bringing a girl home? Should we not be embarrassed if the dishes pile up and our clothes are all over the place? Should we settle on a “he tried to clean up but not… [Read more]

Oct 23

If you are a modern gentleman, one of the things that you will stay on top of is your personal appearance and this extends from looks to your living environment. Mess and clutter has been a stereotype of men that goes back a long ways; it reasons that men’s carefree attitude towards life leads us to becoming slobs in need of a woman to help us clean up. Knowing more than a few women that are slobs along with men that keep their pad together, this stereotype is false but many people do struggle with keeping their homes in order. What can you do? Well the number one thing to keep in mind when taking on the discipline of cleaning up, is that it is always better to do things “right now” rather than “later on”. When you wake up, spread your bed “right now”…. [Read more]

Jun 20
cleaning the kitchen

Are you a slob? Well if you answered “yes” then you have made the first crucial step in fixing it; you have accepted what you are and want to do something about it. Part of the reason people are messy or hoarders is due to the fact that we keep things around too long even beyond their expiration date. In the past I offered up tips to keeping your place clean but based on the feedback I received it may have been a tad too hardcore. Today I offer you 4 steps that will make even the biggest slob a neat freak in the eyes of his/her friendship base: Step 1 – Minimalize Your Belongings If you haven’t used something in 6 months to a year then chances are you don’t need it at all. This is what I love about my monthly minimalist ritual;… [Read more]

Mar 13

One note before I get into this wonderful list of 10 things that people enjoy who live by themselves. If you have a significant other, a sibling or a roommate who allows you to do most of these things and is understanding and tolerant enough to make your life together easy then you are a very lucky person. Most roommates are selfish, demanding, messy slobs who make our life a little more annoying than it needs to be so naturally many of us like to do it alone. The following list is a set of reasons why loneliness isn’t necessarily negative. 1. The Sound of Silence Call me scarred from living in the dorms of a college, or maybe it’s my nature but I love the hell out of silence. When you live with others you are always arguing, talking or overhearing phone conversation. Being… [Read more]

May 25

On my last article about the 8 Tips to Keep A Clean & Orderly Home, Dragonette Zimkhia asked me to lend some advice for people, who disliked housework.  First and foremost with cleaning up and organization, the number one thing that you will earn is time. For every minute that you waste looking for the light bill, keys, or your baby’s pacifier, you could be doing something interesting and fun. What a thing it would be to get that time back huh, to barely ever have a situation where you are needed but get delayed due to misplacing an item? Organization and order prevents this, so let me see if I can offer you some advice on organization. While it’s been done before, my aim is to help those of you who hate cleaning, hate organizing and the thought of it makes you tired. Tip… [Read more]

Aug 13

When new people visit my house, the first thing that they usually note is that it looks almost too neat and clean to live in. This didn’t make sense to me until I started visiting people and noticed that human beings like comfort and comfort and order aren’t the very best of friends. It is easy to assume that I meticulously scrub my place and arrange stuff daily but in reality I probably do so far less than even the messiest of individuals. My secret lies in methodology and I aim to share my method of order within this article in order to help you pack rats who want to shift to the orderly line of decorating. Don’t be Offended It’s Probably Not Your Fault Most of the times we reflect our parents in the way we handle our homes. A person who comes from… [Read more]