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Jun 02
Happy couple kissing in park

“I always questioned why is it when I do my hair really nice, do my make-up all cute and wear flattering clothes … no men approach me, but when I just be kind of basic, wear jeans and a t-shirt, put my hair in a pony tail and wear little to no make up, guys seem to have more compliments for me.” – Dakota On a former article (Dear Dragon: Why Do Men Seem Intimidated By My Beauty), Dakota made the above comment which received quite a number of answers. One which struck a chord with me due to it’s familiarity: I want a girl that I can just relax with, someone who is chill and confident and knows that I like her the way she is, and someone who likes herself the way she is. If I see a girl who looks nice but… [Read more]

Jul 14

You’ve heard it before, hell every male has heard it before, but in practice you may have tried it and failed miserably. How do you show confidence without coming off as a total douche to the opposite sex? Well if you have to ask, chances are you haven’t been doing well in this department.  Confidence is second nature to a truly confident person,  it is shown in his walk, his talk and the way he performs in every day life. So the question really should be, “how do I become confident?” Here are a few tips to help you along the path: Do not evaluate yourself through the eyes of others When you look to others to give you confirmation in your life, you end up missing out on personal choices that could have made you happy. It will also allow you to become motivated by mediocrity. If… [Read more]

Jun 21

Insecure people all seem to have the same feeling – you should earn their trust (which is impossible) and that you can help them past their insecurities with patience (another point I would argue to the negative). When you start dating it is important to figure out whether or not your potential long-term will be cool or if she will turn into the next Lisa Nowak… or Jodi Arias. The following is a list of 10 things that should be treated as red flags when the cards are shown at the table. 1. She Tells You On An Early Date The funny thing about insecure people is that they tell on themselves constantly. When you are on a date with a talkative woman, listen in for clues as to why her last thing didn’t work out. She may reveal something to you that you will need to… [Read more]

Apr 05

It is never a good idea to play dirty when it comes to love; though it goes without saying that we all have been guilty of doing this at one time. We should do better about avoiding dirty games, make a better attempt at avoiding the use of past slights, dirty laundry and imperfections to attack our significant others. It never amounts to anything, certainly not “winning the argument”, plus when the coin flips to the other side it is us who get burned by the person we love. Love is rarely the perfection that we see in movies, and to think that getting into a relationship without conflict, disagreements and arguments is just naive. The common occurrence with arguments in relationships is the use of low handed tactics in order to win. This can end up being unforgivable and devastating if the slight being… [Read more]

Mar 12

I follow a number of attractive women on Social Media and there has always been this trend of creeper, loser-types who post comments that they assume is flattering to women. Most of the time it is internet bravery that comes out as creeper text because the guys posting are anonymous, horny, and could care less what anyone thinks. Yesterday, I ran into the same situation on Google+ with one of the women in my circles where she snatched her photograph down because of the zerg of sophomoric commentary about her looks. The White Knights came out en masse to dab the tears from her internet eyes, not knowing that like the former commentators, they were as much a part of the problem as the offenders. Why do I say this? Well the problem with White Knighting is that it normally comes with the game of… [Read more]

Feb 05

Ask ANY man and he will tell you the same thing. Whether he can handle it or not, he wants the prettiest lady in the land. Why? Two reasons: a) Beauties are natural Viagra – Who doesn’t want to have sex with someone who looks that delicious?! b) Self-esteem sky rockets – You are revered by brethren for being super lucky or super special. Beautiful women have the ways and means to make the most average bloke look like an absolute god. Beautiful women have and carry extreme power, and they absolutely relish that power. I speak on behalf of my male friends (shout outs to y’all reading this), I can see it in their eyes when they walk next to me. Suddenly, people treat them more importantly, like they are worth something more. Looks count and slap anyone who tells you otherwise. Men are… [Read more]

Dec 17
woman rejecting a man

When a man asks a woman out, to bed, or to anything outside of friendship-level interaction often times it turns into a complicated stand-off akin to the old westerns when good versus evil stared each other down with 6-shooters. It becomes such a mentally exhausting exercise that women run to sites like this one (or forums) to see how they can “let him down easily” and the guy ends up getting the signals all messed up because she opts to go for a baby tap on his nose versus the knockout blow that he expects. This is why the friend-zone exists ladies and gentlemen; we men are dealt a response that leans towards future hope when in reality the woman isn’t feeling us now and probably never will. When we talked to men about the aspect of rejection the answer was almost concert in that a hard… [Read more]

Nov 14
bad date

Welcome in my knee-jerk, ready to war, expecting to hear the same old bull readers. The title you just read is a variation of an article I just read:  How My Life Regained Harmony After I stopped Dating American Women where the author, Maverick explains why his experience with the dating games, demands, and power jousting by American women led him to try his hand overseas and it opened him up to a bevy of beautiful, easy-going women. Maverick speaks on the same dating game that we discuss here on The Hall, but instead of looking for strategy in how to talk to unnecessarily challenging women, he switched the game and went overseas – where according to his account the need for game is pretty much nonexistent. Sounds absolutely wonderful right? Here are a few of the highlights: My last encounter with an American woman was such a soul-crushing and thought-provoking event… [Read more]