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Jun 02
Happy couple kissing in park

“I always questioned why is it when I do my hair really nice, do my make-up all cute and wear flattering clothes … no men approach me, but when I just be kind of basic, wear jeans and a t-shirt, put my hair in a pony tail and wear little to no make up, guys seem to have more compliments for me.” – Dakota On a former article (Dear Dragon: Why Do Men Seem Intimidated By My Beauty), Dakota made the above comment which received quite a number of answers. One which struck a chord with me due to it’s familiarity: I want a girl that I can just relax with, someone who is chill and confident and knows that I like her the way she is, and someone who likes herself the way she is. If I see a girl who looks nice but… [Read more]

Nov 26

In another one of those “studies that tend to piss women off” it was recently found that the secret to marital bliss—for men—is in having an attractive wife! In a study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 450 newlywed couples were given the lab animal treatment for four years and psychologist Andrea Meltzer along with her team came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty plays a major role in her husband’s marital satisfaction. On the flip-side a man’s attractiveness served little impact on his wife’s happiness throughout so it will suffice to say that we are as shallow as we are said to be… or worse. No, not really… keep reading. It leads me to think of a scenario where a man is having a hard time connecting with his beautiful wife but every time he wakes up and sees her… [Read more]

Jul 03

As a thirty something dater – or I guess, former dater – I have had countless quandaries on this question “finding mister right”. That question generally arises around date three or four when I begin to wonder should I only be dating this one person or can I keep dating others, is this relationship going to be something serious? This is almost an impossible question to ask that early on in the dating game. The glow after a first kiss, especially one that you may have been anticipating for some time should not be dampened by the concerns of what might be coming next. It is a mood killer for you and for the person you’re kissing, especially if you accidentally blurt out something ridiculous like, “I wanna have babies!” Can you believe I was ever kissed a second time after that?! Sometimes our worry… [Read more]

May 09

Is marriage the gold standard that all couples are meant to reach in their relationship? If we do not have a diamond ring and wedding bands circling the third finger of our left hand, a home with a picket fence and children are we missing the mark somehow? Speaking strictly from my own experiences of dating, love and marriage – I don’t think so. Some research has shown that cohabitation is a sort of illusion of a trial marriage type of thing. And that is only correct if we are assuming that marriage is the end goal. And also assuming that marriage equals commitment; and sadly to say that when we have a human factor involved – there is no guaranteed commitment. To be clear, I am not anti-marriage but I am also not pro-marriage; I am in a committed relationship with my partner and… [Read more]

Jan 07

I’m very torn on the aspect of sperm donation because on one hand it is a sense of men devaluing our seed and on the other hand it is a way for women who want children (sans men) to have them. Donating sperm is scarily similar to an Amazonian type of world where leagues of women keep one man alive as a seed factory. To be quite blunt, outside of a few situations where it is an act of kindness… it does men as a whole a disservice in reducing us to being somewhat disposable. This is just my opinion. The Unfortunate Circumstance of William Marotta 3 years ago a lesbian couple in Kansas – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner placed an ad on Craigslist for a sperm donor to bring a little bundle of joy into their lives. The ad was answered by a… [Read more]

Oct 03
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“I’m currently in a situation where my significant other makes less money than I do. I’m not bothered strictly by the fact that he makes less money but more so by the fact that he readily states that he wants to work more/make more money, but isn’t willing to expend the effort required to ensure that happens. I really tried to be what a lot of men here have said they want… a ride-or-die chick – Someone to hold them down rain or shine. Five years I’ve done that. But what I have yet to see a man state is exactly where the buck stops. I’m not about trying to change someone into what I think they should be. As quite a few have pointed out, a person is going to be who they’ve always been. In my case, I didn’t understand how that would… [Read more]

Sep 20
couple on couch

“I met this young lady at the gym and we had a few conversations then I asked her to lunch. She accepted the invite with the understanding that I knew her source of income (She told me off the top). My plan was just to have a good time but then I got to know her. She’s been there for me when noone else has. She makes me feel comfortable enough for me to think she’s not cheating or hoeing her self… But anything is possible. Can I marry this woman, under this situation?” – Jimmy Hey Jim, thanks for writing me about this lovely lady of yours. It sounds to me like you have some doubts my man and doubts will make that whole “eternal trust” thing a tad too complex to be happily married (just my opinion). What you need to do is… [Read more]

Jul 30
kristen stewart

When a woman cheats on a man it can be just as devastating as when a man cheats on a woman… maybe even worse. It’s embarrassing, it makes you feel inadequate, helpless, devastated. It brings emotion to a party where it has never been invited and to tell you the truth – most men are not prepared for it. Recently I saw a man get the death penalty here in Florida for walking in on his cheating wife, then getting his pistol and executing them both in cold blood (they were begging and pleading). In the courtroom he was stoic, calm and seemed to be at peace with his fate. He did what many men talk about doing when among their brethren if ever they were to catch their lover with another man. One unforgettable case I saw dealt with a man whose wife drained him to… [Read more]