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Nov 25

One of the most common stereotypes that women get plagued with is the notion that complaining is happiness. Another one is that a woman is never truly happy with a man, even if he is the drama-free type that gives her the world. These stereotypes come from a root of confusion, negativity, and oversimplification when it comes to communication, or should I say lack thereof between the sexes. The very popular backlash against approaching women in public has become deafening on the web. At the same time we have another loud cry for men to take it old school and approach women to court them face-to-face. If you aren’t already shaking your head at the paradox, I would urge you to read the first two sentences of the paragraph again. Men are being asked to stay away from women in public, but at the same… [Read more]

Sep 10
unhappy woman on date

The number one point of frustration with the dating discussion of today is the fact that women have chosen not to conform to the times in terms of give and take.  When it comes to dating the women who complain (on blogs) about men not “playing their role” will say something similar to this: “I would NEVER ask a man out on a date; that is THEIR job to do! Men should be the ones choosing who they want to be with. And when he notices the girl, he should show her the sort of person he is by what he plans, what he wears, how he speaks to and treats her and whether he follows up the next day.” Back in the day they used to call this sort of thing courtship and it was done when a man was looking at a specific… [Read more]

May 16

It’s been ironed out that men and women speak different languages when it comes to matters of the heart so of course there are times when a guy and gal are friends and one is in love with the other. With either of them clueless as to the other’s feelings the crush can go nowhere and more often than none leads to frustration and confusion. For you beautiful birds out there with a man that you call bff, here are 8 clues that we give you that means we actually want you to be our lady: No man is good enough for you – If you ask his opinion on your current guy and all you get is negative feedback, cances are he wants you for himself. A friendly guy could care less about the details as long as the man isn’t hurting you. You… [Read more]

Jan 17

Do not write off the Club as a viable means of finding true love, the thing with it is you have to use common sense to discern a wolf from a potential mate. The purpose of the Club is to meet and greet the potential mate, not to pass judgment and size him/her up based on what he is doing there – that’s for later on. The Club is to dance with them, have fun with your friends and get the number for future courting if you find him/her attractive. For this latter reason, a visit to the Club can be invaluable, even better than online dating. You get to see that person up-close, you get to see their mannerisms, the way they move on the dance-floor (sex) and of course their habits in that paradise of vice. All 3 marriages that I know of… [Read more]

Jan 11

You’re on a date with a beautiful woman, you’re both having a good time and suddenly the wine gets to her head and she begins to ask really dumb questions. The questions are so off-putting that her beauty fades and you begin to wonder how easily you can ditch her in order to find something else to do for the rest of the night. Have you ever been there? Well below are 5 questions out of the many that women tend to ask and whether to answer them or not, and if so, what to answer them with. 1. How Come You Aren’t Married or Have Any Kids? The real meaning: (see “Are You Gay”) It’s a loaded and unanswerable question and women love to use it on men who have money, look handsome, and seem fun. The logic is “oh my God, why are… [Read more]

Dec 21

“Desperation is like a cheap version of a fine scent. Everyone except you can smell it.” Well that’s what I usually say when I see a desperate girl. Desperate girls come in assorted shapes and sizes, a bit like a box of Roses or Quality Street! You never know what kind of crack case you’re gonna be dealing with unless you unwrap her. (No boys, I DID NOT say undress her). Women are like a Box of Chocolates Some chocolate wrappers LOOK amazing and make you want to devour them, some of them look average and taste amazing, there are those that no one wants that get passed around and finally you have the rare chocolate whose wrapper is nice and shiny AND it’s delicious! I’ve described the categories of women that a man will come across in his lifetime. Some girls are truly stunning,… [Read more]