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Oct 28

I happened upon an article that happened to hold some excerpts that hold the claim to assist in understanding the male brain. I tentatively clicked on this article, wondering what would be found within. Would there be some meaningful insights that would shape the way that I would from here on in understand men?? I would not. Dr. Eric Haseltine, author of Users Manual for the Male Brain posits a theory and then a practical application for understanding the male brain. Theory: The male brain is better at spatial tasks, such as visualizing objects in three dimensions, than verbal tasks, such as recalling words. Practical Application: Explain difficult concepts—like why it’s important to keep the house neat—in visual terms, not verbal terms. Better still, show what you mean, don’t say it. For example, illustrate the benefits of tidiness by going to the other extreme. Scatter… [Read more]

Jan 01

If you are a beta male that has accepted that you are not women’s first choice in a world of encouraged hypergamy, you need to understand that it is not the end of the world. Though your position comes with a lot of shame and embarrassment—especially if you realize what you are after a messy divorce—it doesn’t mean that you are locked into that social standing. Beta attitudes are learned and misunderstood as a normative male trait since it is normally driven by other betas or their allies (who don’t hold men in high regard to begin with). It is meant to make you become a warm and fuzzy abstract of a man so that the world around you feels no need to give you extra focus. To be beta, is to be a part of a wave of modern men that are not allowed… [Read more]

Jun 20

Have we become a culture of “First World Problems”, or is it mistaken intent when we take each other to task over strong opinions? There seems to be a generational gap in hustle that I am seeing mostly in the younger men of our time. We can write for days on cause and effect but at the end of the day we need to figure out if there is a solution; a real solution to men losing their way. The age of the hustle is waning and more and more young men have resolved to being listless, drawling Omega Men with no ambition or aspirations towards the future. Oftentimes there is a family member or friend of these boys who comes to men like me and ask that we reach out and help the boys to “become motivated” or “get a job”. Let me be… [Read more]

Jun 19
couple in bed bored

Years ago whenever I would hear my son declare “ I am bored!” I would cringe. They would even critique certain events, movies etc.  as “B-O-R-I-N-G” and I knew that was a definite thumb’s down. Right on cue I can remember my mothers favorite mantra,“The devil finds work for idle hands to do!”” Huuuuuuh! So with all these memories swirling in my mind, the year I took my two sons and two of their friends to Jamaica for a week’s vacation, I was hell bent on keeping four pairs of hands and feet so busy having fun, I would never hear the dreaded words, “I am bored!” and I did! Sadly, this malady is not limited to teenagers. So many of us as adults are bitten with the bored bug and its symptoms spill over into us being bored with life, bored with the job,… [Read more]

Sep 06

1. Culture Intelligent women are pretty awesome but a woman that is worldly and knows a lot of little useless facts can make for a great conversationalist. I went out on a date once with standard cool girl and outside of what we were eating I could not vibe with her on any topics. Music – she was only hip to what was on the radio, books – she didn’t do them, travelling? Making trips to and fro from work was about it and anything that was foreign or different, forget about it. Some people don’t know anything outside of their current city, what was taught to them in High School and what they see on television. If you are a man that travels, reads and actually studies, you may not do well with hooking up with a woman like this. If a woman has closed… [Read more]

Jul 05

I will say this from the male perspective and I mean this with the utmost honesty. And this is something I have said on many occasions:  Men in general of any race, creed, or color “aint sh**”. What I mean by that is that we are have the same intrinsic want and you can guess what that is…“THE NONCIE”. I don’t care what color he is the majority of what a man does is for a woman. Every man has different ways of going about it and what his overall life goal is but I bet you one thing…it involves “noncie”. I have friends from all backgrounds and we may have differences in culture, beliefs, politics, and sports affiliations but one thing that stays consistent among all of us is the desire for noncie. With that being said if you feel all black men are dogs and don’t want to settle… [Read more]

Dec 20

Part 3 – true loves: the spiciness of different love archetypes So – why does it seem like we tend to fall in love with that person who is 80% perfect, and who might be so off tract at times that the “missing” 20% drives us nuts? Well, the old adage says opposites attract, and who wants to date their prototype anyway? See what spicy masala happens when different archetypes come together. Innocent Lover & Steadfast Lover: Although in most respects they are opposites, they tend to complete and complement each other. The Innocent Lover’s desire to be loved and cherished fits comfortably with the Steadfast Lover’s desire for the constancy of staying in love. The partners are typically comfortable, cooperative, caring, and secure. Others may believe there is a “power” difference; instead there is a good deal of warmth, respect, and mutual caring. Mercurial… [Read more]

Dec 13

PART 2 – TRUE LOVES: THE PAIRING OF THE LOVE ARCHYTYPES Last week we were introduced to the idea of four love archetypes, one of which is our natural tendency when expressing love. In part two we will explore what the relationship looks like when these love types are equally paired. Two Mercurial Lovers The life of two mercurial lovers can be exciting, open, and full of energy based on the partners’ belief in autonomy and independence. They prefer to be individually responsible for things rather than working on them together. They see work and friendships as a source of joy and fulfillment, usually accepting of each other’s opposite-sex friendships with no cause for distrust or jealousy. While others may view this relationship as unstable, they treat each other as valued friends and partners. They welcome their partner’s honest confrontation, even if hurtful and interpret… [Read more]