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May 11

Bachelors, do women find it intimidating when you keep your home spotless? I would think this to be false but quite a number of men have reported that they get snide remarks and more when they bring a woman home to a clean place. “Dragon, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that a lot of chicks actually get intimidated by a man with a ‘together’ pad. It seems to take some of the ‘challenge factor’ away from you. Through my experience, showing chicks my crib has hurt me, more than helped me.” – Anonymous male So if we’re to believe anonymous, would it be better to dirty up the place before bringing a girl home? Should we not be embarrassed if the dishes pile up and our clothes are all over the place? Should we settle on a “he tried to clean up but not… [Read more]

Jun 24

Not so long ago I was a hardworking, successful entrepreneur who wanted nothing of women in my life. Odd to write this as much as it is to look back at it but sometimes as men we get so sick of the bull that we choose to become happily single. Of course many of us know what comes with a life of single-hood especially if you have money; you get a bunch of nosy “normals” in your business trying their best to figure out what is broken in your gears. People like this tend to call young successful couples with money selfish for not wanting kids and guys like myself gay for not being married or having a baby mama of some sort. It’s true. Being who I was, the threats of nosy assumption and thirsty nieces of mom’s close friends was not enough to deter me… [Read more]

Jun 17

Do you ever wonder why it is that “Nice Guys” never seem to do well with the opposite sex? Could it be the old accurate stereotype of women wanting jerks when they’re young and then nice guys when they’re riddled with baggage and almost too old to conceive? I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of guys who read the site and find some of my advice useful in their daily lives, but one of the questions I get asked a lot is how you stop being a Nice Guy, or how do you convince someone that you are much more than the label. Well the first thing you have to realize is that you’re owning a label that is bringing you down. The word nice brings about the illusion of “good”, or “moral” but in reality it is a negative that is… [Read more]

Sep 18
friends laughing

Despite what standard culture will have you believe, It is not impossible to become friends with your former lover. Many believe that because you had sex with somebody in the past, there’s no way you’ll be able to be friends with them once the connection is over. It really all depends on the individuals involved; if your ex is immature and will use the friendly relationship as some way to “hold on” to your previous relationship – then of course it might not be a good plan to keep them around. Life is too short to hold grudges and it seems absurd to exclude someone from your life that you cared about and had great times with. They probably understand you more than anyone else, and beyond the physical attraction, is a really good friend. You made a conscious choice to make this person a… [Read more]

May 25
annoying parents

“Dear friends and family, even though I love you to death and would do just about anything for you, I need you to understand that my single status does not mean that it’s okay to infringe on my space for long periods of time. Please respect me as much as you would if I were married with a wife at home and refrain from treating me like an overgrown teenager to take advantage of. Sincerely, single guy” It is one of the biggest unspoken irritations with being single that nobody ever talks about… because it feels rude. Do you know what I’m getting at? Well it’s the very real issue of family members who are down and out moving in on the single relative “for a few weeks” and overstaying their welcome sometimes into the years. Families never respect the lives of those who are… [Read more]

Mar 06

Have you ever tried to borrow money and got turned down? How did that make you feel? Mad? Disappointed? Frustrated? Belittled? You might not agree, but that person just did you a huge favor. What do I mean? Well, if you are borrowing money to make a purchase or to pay a bill, borrowing is not the proactive solution. It is much like digging a hole on the left to fill the one the right. Trust me, you will never get ahead that way. I know it’s tough, and borrowing often seems like the best short-term solution. We often borrow with the best intention to pay back right away, but life happens and resentment and avoidance becomes the name of the game. Have you ever done the credit card shuffle where one credit card is used to pay the other, or transferring balances to new… [Read more]

Jan 16

A while back we did an article on men waiting for a Golden Pegasus to show up before giving their heart to a woman. The entire article took men to task who (just like women with lists) had an unrealistic concept of meeting the perfect person when they themselves were imperfect. Many single men with options tend to keep a black book of numbers and contacts in hopes of their queen showing up one day to force them to fight for her commitment. This rarely if ever happens and the man usually ends up with a more realistic prospect or forever alone, searching privately before admitting it’s futility. I call this process “searching for Super Girl”, not so much for the woman’s unavailability (many of our wants are realistic) but the chances of that woman being single, having any interest in you, and willing to… [Read more]

Jun 14

In an ongoing effort to save guys from themselves I run into issues periodically where men just aren’t thinking before acting. After reading an article over at The Shooting Range about hitting on a teller, I thought about it and asked myself “why would you do this?” I don’t care if it’s Halle Berry behind the counter, the wrath of people in line and your 100% chance of appearing as a douche should tell you that maybe this isn’t the venue. Smart men on the dating scene know that certain jobs held by women have a 0-5% chance of success rate if you press them. These hardcore jobs will be explored in an upcoming series called “Breaking the Ice” where I talk to men who have successfully courted women in these positions and finding out how they managed to do it! 7 Jobs to Avoid… [Read more]