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Oct 03
Oenamaus the gladiator

In my humble opinion, nothing is a greater test of heart than sports and combat. You can train, study and read all you want but when the jaws of life slams shut, you are typically left with two choices: fight or run. Most of us assume that we will fight if the situation gets dire, but trust me, you never really know until you find yourself in danger. It is after reacting and recovering that you truly know what you’re made of. Some of you are warriors, rolling off of your opponent with his warm heart beating within your teeth, but some of you don’t have the stomach for it, and end up running away or falling victim.  The deciding factor isn’t as simple as winning or losing. You have to apply pressure to your spirit, and observe what it does in the worst situations. “You… [Read more]

Aug 23

Say what you will about Wyclef Jean, his actions in calming the citizens of Port-au-Prince after being denied his candidacy for president of Haiti is worthy of accolades. Many of us were impressed by Wyclef’s bid for the position after knowing his lengthy dedication to being an ambassador for Haiti and spending his own money, time and resources for the betterment of it’s people. If this is new to you readers then I would urge you to do some research into his dedication outside of his career as a multi-talented musician, rapper and founder of The Fugees. Long story short, if there was someone to be a likely candidate as president of Haiti, it would be Wyclef. What exactly happened? After receiving multiple death threats from Haitians opposed to his running for President, Wyclef Jean hid out silently in Port-au-Prince. In support of their beloved… [Read more]

Aug 20

Today’s entry is about the mighty elephant Hannibal, a man whose father instilled such a hate in him for the city of Rome that he would not only fight his entire life to try and destroy it, but took a draught of poison rather than be imprisoned within her halls. Hannibal absolutely loathed Rome, it was a deep, deep hate born and bred from the loss of his father, brothers and friends to their legions, and it all began from one legendary act. The act (that Hannibal reportedly loved to talk about) was when his father, the mighty Hamilcar held him aloft above a fire and made him swear to hate Rome or face the flames and oblivion. Being a young soldier within his father’s campaign, Hannibal at first fought whilst witnessing his father and older brother expand Carthage into Spain and beat back Rome… [Read more]