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May 08

I’m guilty as hell of being one of those giants who refused to date elf-types for fear of the pedophile suspicions or just the sheer weirdness of the height difference – go ahead and hate me. I’ve been 6’2” for an extremely long time and it took me an equally long time to get over my phobia of short women. Men get discriminated against daily for their height by women who find no issue in voicing their opinion in extremely harsh and ugly ways. I guess that we are a race of human beings who love giants because on either side of the gender line if you hover lower than 5’3” there is an instant problem with it. Consider the excuses we make when it comes to dating someone shorter: Men – “She looks like she’s 12”, Women – “I can’t wear heels with him… [Read more]

May 18
kids playing in school

Racial lines are blurring as time goes along but it isn’t gone or invisible like a lot of commenters (you know who you are) and media people would have us believe. Some would assert that denying racism is actually the newest form of racism because it aims to alienate those who call out the giant whale in the room. Racism is still here folks, let’s not be stupid about it and while some things have been a bit more relaxed, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a ton of people who are violently against change. I grew up in the South where racial lines were not only drawn but they were drawn with bright red paint so that everyone knew where they stood. A black boy dating a white girl had to do so in private, and white coaches would call a child of… [Read more]

Feb 11

Judging people based on their job title is a pretty worthless bit of discrimination. I have grown to really despise the act of doing so to where sometimes I begin judging the person negatively who questioned the janitor’s intelligence just because he’s a janitor. I became annoyed with this line of thinking after knowing the “Janitors” who are financially set, have stock options and manage their money properly across from the big bad Director of the company who is living check to check and on an AMSCOT rotation monthly. A job is a job. You can slap a fancy word like “career” on there and assume that your weekly Happy Hour visits with Gayle from Marketing makes you “successful” but at the end of the day you and the Admin that you were poking fun of is dancing for a boss in order to afford… [Read more]

Sep 28

Recently I was enjoying some good old school reggae, when I heard Maxi Priest burst onto the air waves with the rhythmic “Hey Fatty, Fatty”.  I was always under the assumption that unlike the U.S., many African and Caribbean nations held fat women as desirable icons of beauty.  I paused to really listen to the words, only to realize Maxi Priest was actually berating her for being fat. He belts out– “Hey Fatty Fatty, why are you behaving like that (go long so)? When you come to the party/club (dance) you do your own thing! You move your hips like they are on a hinge. You do the “round-the-world”, you do the “electric move”, you do the “water-pumping”, and you say you want to “bubble” with me. You walk down the road as if you are slim, because you don’t know that in town you… [Read more]

Feb 02
Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson of World War I

It is one thing to show super-human aptitude for a country that loves you, but to do so for a country that deems you to be sub-human – to the point that they withhold honors earned in the line of duty is beyond belief. When you watch movies depicting D.Day (Normandy), the Allied attacks on the Nazi surge, and anything dealing with the 1940’s militarily, it is easy to forget that black people existed, let alone fought. It being very much a white man’s world during these times, blacks were kept out of books and camera view, especially when films were being made to record the military. Now think about how bad it must’ve been during World War I for African Americans who served in the Army. This sad fact led to men like Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson being overlooked and ignored, even when taking… [Read more]