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Nov 24

The other day I thought to myself, how do you know when someone is a friend? How do you differentiate between a friend and someone who finds you useful and convenient? This was a tough question and while many people have varying answers to it, I boiled mine down to scenarios. A friend will come to help you even when they lack the resources and means to. A fine example that I can refer to is my nightmarish moving days when I tried to do it solo and a random friend would pop up to help. While you may see this as trivial, you have to consider the full story. I had given out ample notice that I would need help moving at x date yet everyone who promised help couldn’t attend. I’ve had this happen three times in my life and all three times, three… [Read more]

Mar 04
friend zone, kiss, interracial couple

Getting in the friend zone is something that men have lamented since the dawn of time. It is a situation that comes about from a lot of misunderstanding, fear, and a bit of entitlement. Generally men will put the blame on women for the friend zone, we tend to view it as manipulation on the part of the woman. She does just enough to keep you around but when you press the issue of a relationship, she shoots you down or limps away quickly. Comedian Eddie Murphy called it being a “Dick in the Glass Jar” because in essence you are being trained to become an extra “dick” in case the one she wants does not work out. Who here has been friend zoned? This is the part where I raise my hand. Chances are, many of you reading are in this situation right now. Well let’s… [Read more]

Feb 17

Life has been hard to the self-proclaimed bitch but she is tired of being kicked down and is ready to be the one doing the kicking. It is a freeing thought this new attitude of “not putting up with your shit” that we take on when we’ve finally decided that we are over being the world’s doormat. There is the need to scream it out at the top of the highest mountain “I am sorry if I am a bitch but…” to let the future users and abusers know that you will not take their fuckery and manipulation lying down. You want to issue the warning that despite your kind eyes and sweet voice you have fangs behind that maw and they would do well to stay on your good side or the bitch will come out and give them a good bite! Women that have… [Read more]

May 24
angry date

After dating many women and going through the phases of eager, to hopeful, to cynical, a man tends to get to a point where he’s heard it all, seen it all, and experienced it all. It is a kind of mental Zen where you are able to see red flags from a mile away, turn down dating offers you know will be disastrous, and pounce on the good opportunities whenever they present themselves. The following list is from the wolves that have been there 100 times over and are willing to tell you what they look for to avoid and what they know not to do. It is a good list to scan if you are in the dating game because a lot of these are mistakes that you don’t want to make and lose someone special. As a man, I will not continue dating… [Read more]

May 23

Have you ever dated someone who treated you like garbage, disrespected you or took advantage of your goodness? Well for those who have it probably becomes a guilty pleasure to see life’s karma destroy their lives while you continue to be rewarded for them being out of your life. Sometimes it’s a situation where you were the good battery that fueled their life and they cheated on you, you split, and now their life is in shambles. It will feel extremely guilty or evil to relish in the fact that you were the one that got away. You scan their old business website to see that it’s down, you notice that they have disappeared and then one day you see a picture and they are out of shape, old, or pregnant. No matter who you are there is a certain pleasure in this isn’t there? You naughty,… [Read more]

May 01

When a man thinks that you’re beautiful and asks you to smile, he probably does not intend it to be a full frontal assault on everything feminist and right in the world. You would think that this was a non-issue but recently there has been a backlash against men asking women to smile… I assume the word patriarchy fits in the logic somewhere but it eludes me.  Ladies of the Hall… Does it bother you when men ask you to smile? Well apparently for a large section of female bloggerdom it actually does. So what does this mean for the men who ask of smiles to compliment or break the ice with pretty ladies? Probably nothing, but I’m a sucker for punishment so let’s look into the deeper problem with this question. “women want us to answer for the sins of our brothers” What bothers… [Read more]

Mar 12

I follow a number of attractive women on Social Media and there has always been this trend of creeper, loser-types who post comments that they assume is flattering to women. Most of the time it is internet bravery that comes out as creeper text because the guys posting are anonymous, horny, and could care less what anyone thinks. Yesterday, I ran into the same situation on Google+ with one of the women in my circles where she snatched her photograph down because of the zerg of sophomoric commentary about her looks. The White Knights came out en masse to dab the tears from her internet eyes, not knowing that like the former commentators, they were as much a part of the problem as the offenders. Why do I say this? Well the problem with White Knighting is that it normally comes with the game of… [Read more]

Nov 12
black man cheating with white woman

There seems to be this lazy assumption by more than a few people that every man will eventually cheat on his woman in one way or another in his life. This assertion is not only approved of by many males but actually championed and echoed whenever the question is asked. It is very easy for men and women to assume that men will cheat based on our nature of admiring the hell out of the female body. Men love to objectify women, this doesn’t change just because an army of feminists tell us it’s wrong to do so; it is in our nature. This is why men will collect skin magazines, galleries of beauties online, and even videos. It is why college freshmen paste up images of their celeb crushes on their dorm room walls. Men love to ogle women. We do! So when a woman assumes… [Read more]