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Mar 10
bald woman holding head

“Ugly is a field without grass, a plant without leaves, or a head without hair.”
Ovid “The Silent Woman” The meaning of being bald as a woman: “What does it mean to be bald as a woman?” One possible sentiment might be “Oh, she is beautiful!” and as exampled in the following quote, typically this comment is reserved for the woman who lost her crown to the fight against cancer: “A bald woman on chemo is beautiful.” Yes, being bald as a woman often represent sickness, or maybe just getting old–er. Then there are those of you who are more forward thinkers and can rattle off the names of beautiful iconic bald-headed women in the entertainment industry who are not cancer survivors such as Amber Rose, Megan Fox, and Erykah Badu. Many of whom a shaved head is a matter of style or stance and choice… [Read more]

Aug 15

Are you easily manipulated? I am quite sure you answered no to my question but if you are a Twitter user then chances are you have been manipulated and led to anger by someone’s tweets. Think about it, were you one of those people who got suckered into championing a cause off of Twitter only to find out later that you were wrong? I’ve noticed something about Twitter and I am sure that many of you have noticed it too. Twitter has become the staging ground for passive aggressive attacks and for goading celebrities into responding. As a writer I know all too well how easy it is for people to mistake my intent and miss out on context whenever I write. Throw in my cynical and sarcastic wit and you get a huge divide between those who get it (and laugh) and those who… [Read more]

Jan 15

If you have a Netflix account you should check out the documentary After Porn Ends by Bryce Wagoner. I checked it out a few nights ago because it had two of my favorite Vivid girls in the credits; see like most men I support the porn industry… with my eyes, so I was genuinely curious to learn if my girls were using the industry or if the industry had used them. The ladies were Raylene and Asia Carrera… and I was proud of them both for their candid stories. What I liked about this film is that it showed some of the legendary guys in the business like John Leslie and Randy West. It seemed like the men who they interviewed all look back at  porn with fond memories while the women were roughly 50/50. Many of the women treated porn like forced prostitution or… [Read more]

Aug 07
man jealous

In this world we have some pushy, entitled people who like to think that the world revolves around them when it comes to love. If you want to know if you are one of these people then check if you would answer yes to any of the following: Claim ownership to your lover after having sex even though he/she has not agreed to become your exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend. Get jealous and angry if a woman you are dating is seen out with a guy having drinks. Refuse to claim a woman as your girl but disallow any other guy to talk to her. Sorry ladies and gents but there is no extra step between dating and relationship; to let someone convince you otherwise is to do yourself a disservice as it only means that they are stringing you along in order to have a pass to… [Read more]

Jun 20
cleaning the kitchen

Are you a slob? Well if you answered “yes” then you have made the first crucial step in fixing it; you have accepted what you are and want to do something about it. Part of the reason people are messy or hoarders is due to the fact that we keep things around too long even beyond their expiration date. In the past I offered up tips to keeping your place clean but based on the feedback I received it may have been a tad too hardcore. Today I offer you 4 steps that will make even the biggest slob a neat freak in the eyes of his/her friendship base: Step 1 – Minimalize Your Belongings If you haven’t used something in 6 months to a year then chances are you don’t need it at all. This is what I love about my monthly minimalist ritual;… [Read more]

May 03
Woman waiting for a call

As men we can over-complicate the dating game to the point where we think we need formulas and metrics to get things right, but more often than none the more you over-think something, the more chances you have of losing confidence in yourself. Take as an example the act of “getting her number”, which has become the initial step in courtship. Some guys take the number, think on her for the entire day, brag to their boys about how “bad” (as in sexy) she is and then sit on it for a day before calling. You would think that with the amount of feelings the man had for that woman he would call her immediately, but he fears that he will seem desperate and possibly scare her away. Come on we’ve all been there with this thought, and it is so bad that we use… [Read more]

Jan 20

“Dear Dragon, my neighbor upstairs is in a new relationship and I can hear her bed hitting the wall hard almost every night at the same time (2 am), what the hell! How do you talk to her without the embarrassment?” – Steven.K I had this same problem Steve when I moved into my new house. It didn’t help much that the chick was a straight up block rocker, nothing cute about her – and she was on bitch mode on the regular. So giving the boyfriend a pound and hollering at him wasn’t even possible. I’ll get back to my story but my advice is to holler at the dude, our male bond makes a question like that more of a prop than a diss. Do you understand? I’d pull him to the side like “hey what’s up man, look its real funny to… [Read more]

Oct 20

Those of us that have played or participated in anything competitive know that when all else failed and everyone else bailed there was one person who saw things through to the end: mom. When we were outmatched or outplayed, mom (sometimes embarrassingly) watched on. Maybe it was because she was our ride home (child endangerment charges could be a bitch, I’d guess) or just figured “Hell, I’m here now. No need leaving early.” Either way, she stayed. I remember one year playing on a team that just scoring was victory for us. We were a pathetic cluster of boys imitating a football team at times. During those games, I’d look to the stands hoping that she had been looking away and not seen the last few minutes. Hell, I felt bad for her. But never did I think I’d look up and she’d be walking… [Read more]