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Oct 22

As men we aren’t given the luxury of crying, bragging about cyber-stalking our exes, and blaming the patriarchy (well some of you still do this); this does not mean that you have no options. Men find it just as hard to get over an ex as women do but society makes it very hard to express. In the 1996 movie Swingers, Mike played by Jon Favreau portrays a guy that cannot get over his ex, no matter how many strange women, theories and strippers that his friends throw his way. Many of us are wired differently, so while it may be easy for a guy like me to say “get over her and move on”, the truth of the matter is that like Mike, many of you simply can’t. The following list is of some real things that you can do as a man to… [Read more]

Jan 28

Time and time again I have asked men to refrain from going into the bathroom, rolling out their business and snapping pictures in order to send it to the girls that they want to sleep with. Not only is the penis an ugly, serpentine creature unworthy of a photo, but it will more than likely leave you at the mercy of some vengeful skank with connections… right Brett Favre? Lately the tide has shifted and men are taking to the internet to do passive aggressive things (read: female activity) to strike back at their exes by posting up their naked photos for other losers to fap to! You did not misread that my fellow denizens, men are airing out their exes for profit. I know, I know… money + revenge is the sweetest deal… but this isn’t classy! Recently Marianna Taschinger (a pretty hot blonde in… [Read more]

Feb 23

I remember the day my man Lawrence broke up with his girl he volunteered me some photographs of her topless bodice. While I feigned interest because that’s my man and I know he did it to satisfy his wont to humiliate her, what he had done was to burn her breasts into my brain so that I can never be in a state of wonder when I see her again. This humiliation is also performed by women that want to humiliate their ex, but it is done in the form of describing your anatomy if you should be born with less than a hammer in your pants. See fellas, this is the main reason I tell you that when you do get some panties you had better lay it down hard like your family’s life depended on it. You need to go full throttle Brian… [Read more]

Nov 04

I’ve been guilty of this several times over until recently when I made a promise to refrain from doing so in the future. The reason I came to this decision is because the act of talking bad on one’s ex is akin to whining and a gentleman does not whine, he deals and overcomes. For what it’s worth my exes haven’t been THAT bad, not enough to warrant discussion beyond how we met and why we split. To be honest we all owe our exes a degree of gratitude (unless they were cancerous to your soul). Our exes helped us grow into who we are today, like it or not this is a fact. Talking about your ex could also clue your current in on the fact that you aren’t fully over her. To discuss someone is to have them on one’s mind and it… [Read more]

Aug 02

I think I should start this article by saying this is primarily my advice for single people. It might apply to people dating/married but I tend to think if it did, it would be to a lesser degree. Ok so single people out there, sometimes in life we get to deal with annoying little reminders that we’re single and everyone else isn’t (or so it seems). One of the best reminders is when an ex gets married. Not only were you not good enough for the long term, but they found someone who was. One of the biggest temptations a person can have, or so I’ve experienced, is to hate on your ex. I know everybody is different, and hell some people are bff’s with their exes, but I think it’s time to cover some ground rules for this occasion. Some of the temptations will… [Read more]