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Sep 27

Have you ever been out with a girl and she runs into her ex or another male friend, doesn’t introduce you, and the conversation turns into a lengthy one? Of course you have, we all have, but what did you do? Did you fidget, did you force an introduction, or did you make a scene? When this situation occurs, you can’t help but feel like a fool and you will either walk off to find something else to do, or stand there looking lonely and awkward. There is a way out of this awkward situation if you’re willing to listen, but it lies in the aspect of “becoming that guy” at the opportune moment. Normally a good girl will introduce you to the guy so that you aren’t left stranded, but some won’t remember and you will be left to fade into the background like a theater prop. If this is the… [Read more]

Mar 08

When the Applebees incident with Pastor Alois Bell occurred it sparked a lot of discussion on restaurants, servers and tips. One thing is for sure about this topic is that it’s a very subjective one unless you query people who work as waiters themselves. People who haven’t will have their assumptions but the following list of 25 things are some facts that you may or may not be aware of. Servers hope that you ask for separate checks BEFORE you order. Waiters and Waitresses like you to use their name once they tell you. If you’re Asian, black, or over 50 they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. Over-tipping will not change this attitude… it will only “other” you. If you have an accent they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. When your food is slow it… [Read more]

Jul 17
socially awkward woman

It’s a bit sad that we cater so much to the outgoing social women that we tend to generalize and paint every woman with the same brush. While many women may have girlfriends, take pleasure in using girl power to make things harder in the dating game and comment on relationship blogs, they are not the whole. Socially awkward women are everywhere, some are beautiful physically, some are beautiful mentally, and others are just normal. We never speak to them because they shrink back into the background as props and watercolor to our animated series of life. The bold, sometimes loud girl commands attention in a room; she likes us but wants us to chase her while her socially awkward friend would love to talk to us but doesn’t know how to make it happen. As men we know it’s as simple as some eye… [Read more]

Apr 17
Creepy stalker guy

Have you ever made an advance at a particularly sexy lady, only to have her blow you off out of nowhere? What about when you hear from her girlfriend later on that you creeped her out and she was afraid of you? Chances are you have done one of the 5 things listed here, and if that is the case we offer up some suggestions on how to avoid being creepy when talking to a woman. 1. Prolonged Eye Contact  This is a tricky one because there is a thin line between a lingering glance and a blatant stare. A man should avoid staring down a woman because it can come off as intimidating and scary. Stare down your enemy, not the cute young thing that you want to have sex with. If you find that your attempt at eye-contact is constantly leading to women… [Read more]

Jan 10

Grenades are dangerous and can ruin your day at the most unexpected times. For this, I try to avoid them as much as possible… I may motion the hawte over, strategize an approach when the grenade goes to the bar, or go full on stealth and get close to the hawte to start my approach while the grenade is distracted. These things I have tried in the past and somehow it would blow up in my face leaving me annoyed, and at times embarrassed by the grenade after she detonates. Knowing this to be a real dilemma for men in the dating world, I cornered a few experts on “game” and pulled their coats on dealing with grenades when flying solo. Strategy – Embrace The Grenade, Get Her Blessing B.Scott: I would at least make eye contact with all 3 and find a way to… [Read more]

Nov 14

Cadillac’s note: When the Dragon asked me to do a “things I find sexy” article, it didn’t take long for me to come up with an idea. I gave him a lot of crap for his article, but to be honest, some might consider mine to be just as weird. In the grand scheme of things, like most men I find a lot of odd things to be sexy: a nicely feminine jaw line, a soft voice, or even just the ability to have silent eye contact. The one thing that drives me crazy however the top area of a woman’s hip when she’s lying on her side. I’m not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense, so the picture that headlines this article was chosen to show you what I mean. I’ve come across this a few times in my life, and… [Read more]

Oct 29

Rule #41 (I Saw Her First): When a hot woman is spotted by both you and a friend simultaneously, it is the duty of the second man to take notice to ask “are you going to talk to her?” This is a courtesy to the other man in order to prevent the breaking of Man Law #7 Cock Blocking. If the friend says yes then he is given a chance to go over and talk to the lady in hopes of success. Should the friend fail or take longer than 5 minutes to get over to her then all rules are out the door and you had better pounce on her before she escapes. Rule #42 (Ownersip): Men take ownership for slights in times of necessity. This sin’t to say that men tell on themselves at every single juncture, but in times of dire need… [Read more]

Sep 28

Recently I was enjoying some good old school reggae, when I heard Maxi Priest burst onto the air waves with the rhythmic “Hey Fatty, Fatty”.  I was always under the assumption that unlike the U.S., many African and Caribbean nations held fat women as desirable icons of beauty.  I paused to really listen to the words, only to realize Maxi Priest was actually berating her for being fat. He belts out– “Hey Fatty Fatty, why are you behaving like that (go long so)? When you come to the party/club (dance) you do your own thing! You move your hips like they are on a hinge. You do the “round-the-world”, you do the “electric move”, you do the “water-pumping”, and you say you want to “bubble” with me. You walk down the road as if you are slim, because you don’t know that in town you… [Read more]