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Sep 20

Women hate the 10 point scale that men apply to their looks, they absolutely do. But here’s the thing ladies, it isn’t going anywhere because we guys are simple and it places a simple answer to a complex question. A question that is often asked whenever someone describes a woman that they want to convey as attractive ie: “man this girl is BAD, hot as hell, a straight up 9, I’ll go as far as giving her a 10 because she’s nice too”. This in man language translates to “I am temporarily stunned by this woman’s beauty and I want you to be as stunned as I am so that you are impressed that I have a chance with her.” Normally when we see the chick she’s like a 7, or an 8, cute as a button but not exactly our flavor (most men have… [Read more]

Jul 27

I read a lot of stories from supposedly single women on how they have trouble attracting men. To men who read or hear this we are oft times bewildered as to how and why. The more experienced dater will assume its due to bitchiness, a personality trait or unapproachable behavior. While this is the cause for a lot of guys refusing to step to a woman, the fact of the matter is that a lot of women just don’t know how to show availability. What Men Look For As Safe Openings Body language is as equally important as speech. I am sure you have heard that a million times over but it is true. As a harsh example, if you try talking to someone with your arms crossed and legs in a ready position, it will come across as aggressive. An approachable woman can have… [Read more]

Apr 22

Ladies, if a man took the time to ask you out, then he had at least enough interest to want to get to know you better.  A date is NOT a relationship.  A date or even three or more does NOT MEAN that this guy is your boyfriend! Women ask, but how can I tell if a guy is interested in me?  We went out on a date and had a great time together I would like to see him again, but I am confused.  I wonder if I failed to send out the right signals to let him know I was interested, or if he was just ignoring my signals because he was not interested.  So how can I tell if the interest is mutual?  What signs should I look for to know a man is interested in me or not? First of all… [Read more]