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Mar 17

Nerd is such a broad term isn’t it? And like most broad terms and generalizations for a subset of people it can be very easy to paint the good members of the group with the same angry brush that is meant for the bad members. Lately I have been making it a routine to visit the local bookstore since it gets me out of the office and allows me to concentrate on my writing. This past Saturday I was most unlucky to be in the vicinity of a loud group of obnoxious “nerds” who recited lines from Ice Age – snorting uncontrollably and making everyone pay for their jokes. I am sure that within their circle this was great fun, but for everyone else it was unbearable. Luckily I was saved by a pair of earbuds and a volume setting that worked. Another time I… [Read more]

Mar 11

You Took Too Long, Let’s Just Be Friends “The professional man has time on his side, and he is not going to deviate from his plan just because he sees a pretty face.” There are only a select few times when a man and woman can be friends even when there is attraction involved – 1. You were co-workers or classmates, 2. You are his friend’s girlfriend, wife or cool ex, 3. You are his cool ex (you broke up as an agreement not out of malice), and finally 4. You are a friend’s family member. If you aren’t in this list of 4 then you cannot be my friend, most guys will 100% co-sign on this point – blank  – period. This way there are no illusions on whether I can get in those draws sometime in the near future (which is what most… [Read more]

Feb 23

“The things we forgot about being different in the Public School system.” My friend’s young daughter has had issues with school, she is smart as a whip and extremely polite so as you can expect academics aren’t the issue. Although she is 22 years younger than myself I can understand what she’s going through. Blame this on me being an enormous 6 foot child mentally or the fact that my childhood memories are still pretty keen. Either way, the aspect of “fitting in” is starting to really grate on her young nerves as she battles the name-calling, the unsupportive people who look like her (more on this later) and the adults who lack the imagination to see things from her side. It’s a struggle that I remember well, and I hope for her sake that she is as strong a child as I was. If… [Read more]

Nov 15

We have all been in that relationship that lasts long enough to create a comfortable situation in which the real you emerges.  You know, the kind where you are not afraid to burp, pass gas, be seen taking the Fabreeze with you to the bathroom, etc. As a young woman I took to heart the dating 101 rule of never eat spaghetti with a man who is not an official boyfriend, as slurping the noodles and slinging sauce across the table on his shirt is not a good look.  Now that I’m grown, I realize life is life and everybody goes through it.  No need to hide the real you, however, there is a line that must be drawn between what the real you is and what is just downright not cool.  The following are things a man should never do no matter how long… [Read more]

Oct 03

At a very young age our parents have always taught us that being nice to people was a great quality to have.  Think about all the times when you were young and you didn’t want to share your toys with the other kids, and your parents told you to “be nice”.  Also remember the saying of “treat people how you want to be treated”? Those were all concepts and theories that was taught to us when we were growing up.  Unfortunately when it comes to relationships there are times when you can be too nice, too selfless, and too considerate.  When those types of features are present it can put your current relationship or your chances of getting that person you are pursuing in jeopardy.  Here are a few examples to help you see if you fall into that category of the person that’s “too… [Read more]

Sep 14
women fighting

I understand that women are from Venus and we are from Mars or whatever planet you wanna call it but one of the most confusing things to me about women is the hate factor. Women HATE each other so much that when I meet a girl who has a close girlfriend, I assume that there is a superficial reasoning behind it. Now there are exceptions to the rule because I’ve seen some pretty tight, sisterly relationships that weather the storm of life but let’s be honest, unlike men, it doesn’t seem to take much for two women to fall out. Women think their friends want to screw their man, they think their friends are sluts, the list can keep going. The main reason for this article however is in my observance of women shooting units (nasty looks) at other women who has a guy on… [Read more]

Nov 15

Everyone loves a hookup, except those of us who have had bad ones. Though in theory, the hook-up is a great dating tool. You get a chance to look at the guy or girl (if it isn’t a blind date) and the ice is already broken since you both share a friend. There is also the ease in getting her number, getting a first date, and hopefully getting some action. What gets forgotten though, is the hard feelings if things don’t go so well. You may shrug this off as whatever happens, happens, but what if the hookup is from a close friend and that person is his/her cousin, best friend, or ex? I’ll tell you what happens, the person who hooked you up will get an earful of stories about how much of a jackass you are, and are prone to believe it since their… [Read more]