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Oct 24
kim kardashian and reggie bush

There seems to be a lot of exposés being filmed on the token broke, once-millionaire athlete. The sexy fall from grace that audiences lavish almost as much as the rags to riches story. As more athletes get revealed for their poor financial choices, or bad luck in investing, it seems as if more of us are putting out our opinion on them. And what are our opinions? They were immature, stupid, careless, and greedy. We ponder on how it is that someone can gain so much capital throughout their career but have nothing to show for it in retirement. Many of us with these opinions are not financially educated ourselves but we assume that with that sort of money we would have taken the time to get educated. I cannot sit here and say that I believe this to be true, what I do believe is… [Read more]

Sep 18
friends laughing

Despite what standard culture will have you believe, It is not impossible to become friends with your former lover. Many believe that because you had sex with somebody in the past, there’s no way you’ll be able to be friends with them once the connection is over. It really all depends on the individuals involved; if your ex is immature and will use the friendly relationship as some way to “hold on” to your previous relationship – then of course it might not be a good plan to keep them around. Life is too short to hold grudges and it seems absurd to exclude someone from your life that you cared about and had great times with. They probably understand you more than anyone else, and beyond the physical attraction, is a really good friend. You made a conscious choice to make this person a… [Read more]

Aug 21
happy black woman

What is it about some of us women, who once we meet the “love of our life”, we drop our association with “old friends”? I have a girlfriend whom I have spent many wonderful, hours with. Although we do not live in the same city, we used to make time visiting with each other and it was a special treat. We would shop, get spa treatments, workout, chat and laugh for hours, and discover new restaurants together. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that she (and others of you who might be guilty) has found love; however, what I don’t appreciate is the ad-hoc call you get once in a blue moon, filled with excuses, and then the bearing of the soul to get some reassurance, or to provide a shoulder to cry on. I will be the first to encourage making your relationship… [Read more]

Jul 10
george clooney

I have made myself a promise to never be one of these people that pushes matrimony or relationships as the ultimate human experience on single friends and I absolutely hate when I see or hear it. People come off as overly simple when they do these things and it has a religious feel to it (I will explain). Have you ever had a friend who found a religion late and swears up and down that it is the ultimate answer to life? It is so important to them that everybody MUST be in on it or he just cannot rest. I am sure that more than a few of you readers are nodding yes to this. If you answered no to my question above then you can interchange the religion with Network Marketing, a new diet, or something else not as major a life-change as… [Read more]

Jun 21
sad black woman

I was talking to my best friend the other day, and we came upon the subject of love and whether or not true, all-consuming-can’t-live-without-each-other, love really exists. We unanimously decided that the answer is no. As women, we are sold the fairy tale of a one true love. A man who will travel the world to get you back after he screws up. A man who will break up a wedding in order to have the woman he really truly can’t be without. He will profess his love for her to the public and make an ass of himself just to prove to her he’s willing to do anything to have her. This fantasy of so-called “true” love is the death of happiness for women, as it is unreachable and does not exist. Real relationships are based on love (not being in love), trust, understanding… [Read more]

Jun 13
mom shouting at daughter

Parents out there know how hard it is to teach your kids to do as you say, but not as you do. Our experience allows us the opportunity to know better and apply our knowledge to each situation appropriately. For instance, we may teach them not to judge others, not to care what anyone else thinks of them, or even something so simple as not to lie. But then you have to deal with them asking you why you don’t like their friends, why they absolutely have to iron their shirt before they leave, or why you told the waitress that your 14 year old kid is 12 so you can get that free meal. Explain thoroughly Kids hear your “rule” but they do not understand it fully unless you explain. If you tell your kids that they should never judge people, they will think… [Read more]

Jun 04
frustrated gamers fighting

I’ve never had a good relationship with any of my friends’ girls. Most guys have the same problem, which is why the “buddy vs girlfriend” dynamic is used in so many movies. It’s something all men can relate to! Sometimes, it doesn’t make any sense. The sweetest of girls will make your blood boil after dating your friend for a few months. And no matter how awesome you are, the feeling is always mutual.  But by understanding why we hate our friends’ girlfriends, you can avoid unnecessary drama and keep things cool and friendly between everyone. What Have You Done To My Friend? We each have a few social roles we play. With our parents, we act like children; with co-workers, we act like professionals; with our buddies, we act like bros. When your homie starts going steady with a girl, he takes on a… [Read more]

May 17
sweet chocolate wine taster

Those who know me know that i love my food and wine. Being able to locate a cheap bottle (cheap being defined as under $15) without traveling too far is my forte. Contrary to popular belief, the key is making sure the wine is very drinkable on its own, not the cost at the counter. I’ve been a frugal chick for much of my adult hood, and finding new bottles at a low price point has been easy. Trust me, I’ve spent well over $40 on a bottle before and still been disappointed, so I’ve become accustomed to trying new wines that only disappoint my wallet on a way smaller level. The following are some great bottles that retail at your local grocery store for less than $15. Cupcake Chardonnay, California This wine has a rich buttery flavor (one of my favorite attributes in a… [Read more]