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May 09
Friends pondering a relationship

Men all agree that going after a woman for romance only to wind up in her friend zone absolutely sucks. Many times it is due to our lack of game, terrible timing, or fear of asking (for you guys who think that a woman will just get the hint by you hanging out with her). There is a subset of guys however who think that they are in the friend zone but in reality are in a “holding cell”. This creates a complex dilemma for the woman because she does not want that guy to be in her friend zone but is too shy to upgrade him, fears he will reject her, or fears the chance of losing him altogether. Who are these guys? Many times these are the childhood friends who became handsome winners as they got older. Some of these men may have been put in the friend… [Read more]

Apr 23
Kristen Stewart looking bored

I mean no offense by this but whenever I hear an adult claim to be “bored” it just strikes me that they are a worthless, privileged person. Do you know how many struggling people worldwide would love to be bored at least once in their life? I know upon reading the title you thought I was going to dig into people for “not having a life” or being losers but seriously, teenagers get bored, adults should always be doing something, even if that something is relaxing and enjoying life; boredom is not an option. Granted this is just my opinion, but to people who are actively working on a future, working to provide for their families and working for a better quality of life, bored people are simply in the way. Bored adults call you up late at night to see what’s going on and… [Read more]

Apr 16
Man stares at two women

Improving your appearance will get you more looks from the opposite sex and more looks can be translated into more dating opportunities. One of the most important reasons for being yourself in both your appearance and your attitude is because you want to attract a woman or man that will appreciate you. Many times I read forums and blogs where men are suggesting for other men to switch up their dress and “fake it till you make it” in order to attract a girl or score a date. The same can be seen on web spaces where a nerdy girl complains for lack of dates due to men not being interested etc. The problem with this “fake it till you make it” advice is that while it does work, you may end up landing a fish from the wrong side of the pond. Don’t Change… [Read more]

Apr 12
washing hands with soap

I hate shaking hands, I really do, hell I wish we would just bow like the Japanese or even kiss the air by each other cheeks… like cute Latinas do. I admit it, I am one of those freaks who would rather not shake hands with you… but the socially awkward penguin within me does not make me strong enough to just refuse. Want to know why? Consider this scenario: I am networking heavily at a conference of peers when the panel breaks for lunch within the next room. The lunch for the day comprises mostly of finger foods and I am starving and anxious to eat. The line for the food is extremely long however and my partners have to depart… so naturally we shake hands and the only thought within my mind is the dirty, icky feeling that comes with hand to hand… [Read more]

Apr 03
Gemma and Clay - Sons of Anarchy

The act of dating your friend’s wife or girlfriend after he dies or leaves is always viewed as suspect from other males. So men, answer me this: What goes through your head as a man when your newly dead friend’s ex-wife sends you an invitation to her wedding and the husband is his brother? Is it the same thing that goes through your head when a man gets a lengthy sentence in prison and you find out that she’s now sleeping with his best friend? What about the “best friend” who finds himself over at the military wife’s house weekly, then a few months later he’s spending nights? All very different situations, different people and different levels of loss and need from the woman’s standpoint but one thing remains constant with these: To the outsider’s eye it looks as if the man took advantage of… [Read more]

Mar 22

So you have been wanting a girlfriend (within your race) for some time and have found it to be a task. This could be due to a lack of that certain type of woman in your area, compatibility issues, bad luck, or something you personally do to turn women off. Whatever the reason, you find yourself at a crossroads in life – one path demanding that you broaden your horizons, the other will leave you lonely for years to come. What I am about to offer you men that are in this situation is a bit of perspective on interracial dating and what it is that disallows you from trying it – with a suggestion on how to get past it. Why Should You Branch out? Believe it or not, most men think the same way you do and it makes sense when you think… [Read more]

Feb 23

Editor’s Note: One of the harshest “competitions” going on in life is the measuring stick of success that people seem to strive for. But guest author The Marksman brings to question “Isn’t success an individual journey?” A journey whose results are subjective at best? Of course it is, at least I personally agree but people still refer to others as being “successful” when they see nice cars, clothes and homes. Having been called “successsful” by quite a few people while feeling quite the opposite, I found the following article to really speak to me personally. I hope you find some value in it too.” – G.Dragon Just because you drive an expensive car or live in a big house, does not mean that you are successful, that is a common misconception in this country. Success is something that people measure differently, and most have opinions… [Read more]

Feb 03

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs to read outside of The Hall (yes the Dragon does fly off to different lands periodically is Revolutionary Paidera. The author and denizen of The Hall: Antonio Maurice Daniels, always writes gems that inspire deep thought and necessary reflection into our build-up. Recently he delivered an entry called “Drop out of popularity contests” which should be read by anyone who finds him/herself struggling to be relevant, cool, or impressive to outsiders. It’s all about DOING YOU and man if it doesn’t echo everything I believe in the way we should live our lives. Here’s a snippet and link to the rest… Too many people are far too focused on how they can get everyone to like them.  You must understand that everyone will not like you.  Some people will not like you without any rationale—don’t try to force… [Read more]