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Feb 02

Nothing will make you feel broker than having a trip or activity come up and not be able to attend due to a lack of money. It will not faze you if this occurs due to life kicking your ass at every turn, expensive legal or medical bills, or having loaned your lot to a family member that needed it. But if you burnt your money on a house that you have no business owning, a car you have no business driving, or a chick you have no business dating, I am warning  you right now that you are going to feel like a loser. It is for times like this that you must respect the necessity of saving for a rainy day, or better yet, saving for a fun-filled day. Living recklessly, hood-rich or beyond your means will always have you broke at trip… [Read more]

Dec 08

Are you the broke friend? It’s a simple question but it may not mean what you think it means. The broke friend oft times will annoy his other friends due to his belief that life sucks for him and him alone. The broke friend will listen to your advice but will rarely take it – despite how easy it is to get out of his financial hole. What we’re saying is that the broke friend title is earned through attitude more than it’s earn from your financial position. A cheap person that has money can be just as much the “broke friend” as can the guy that can barely pay his bills. It’s not an elitist title, it’s a “stop using money as your excuse to being a loser” title. Here’s the anatomy of the broke friend: Wants in on everything but can never afford… [Read more]

Nov 30

Despite what movies and books depict, you are not guaranteed to do better than the cool people in your High School just because you were a social reject. The one part of being the social reject that people tend to ignore in movies (and in life) is that the social reject that becomes the baller has a few necessary components to achieve success. Being intelligent is great but do you have drive with that intelligence? Do you finish what you start? Are you the type to stay up nights obsessing over your business plan, your invention, and your future money maker? Many of you don’t but you assume that being the outcast in high school has afforded you the privilege of attending the class reunion in 10 years to laugh at all the hecklers who are now clerks at the local mall or mopping floors… [Read more]

Nov 25

Rule #56 (Critique): Never criticize a man’s wife, fiancé or long-term girlfriend in front of him. While this is bound to cause a fight or a rather awkward misunderstanding, it is in bad taste and unwarranted. As a rule a man’s wife and family should not have a place within your mouth unless it is to compliment or inquire on health and well-being. Rule #57 (Emasculating Men): While we always caution women to refrain from emasculating another man it should be a known law that this is something a man does not do to his male friends and/or family. To emasculate another man in front of others is a cruel thing, a life/death thing in certain cases and probably the reason you were given an open hand slap… the ultimate gesture of the duel. If you feel like telling tales about your buddy crying to… [Read more]

Nov 09

So you’ve been a hardcore introvert for most of your teenage life and want to get out, get a girlfriend, get some friends and become “normal” eh? Or you were homeschooled, chained to your house and disallowed from doing anything that mom and dad considered unchristian coming up, now that you’re free you’re a bit worried that you won’t fit into society. The following are a few pointers to getting yourself into the social graces of population without getting the “where the hell are you from?” glare from everyone. Practice makes perfect – as natural as it seems that some people make friends, party hard and get in relationships, the fact of the matter is they have had experience. One doesn’t get experience without trying and failing a few times. That being said, do not for the life of you ever assume that making friends,… [Read more]

Nov 08

What do you say to a child that has to go to school every day when they know that they will be subjected to abuse? Do you tell them “oh you just stand up to that bully son! I will not be upset if you get suspended for fighting back!” Or do you tell him/her to go to the principal? While parenting is one of the hardest jobs ever, you cannot dismiss bullying as a growth mechanic that will teach your kid a valuable lesson about life. The reason I say this is because no bullied child ever gets over the scars even as adults. Yes, the grade school taunting will make someone self-conscious even if they’re 40 and a CEO of a business. It doesn’t help that the bully is some loser now on a jail rotation and dying. It doesn’t matter that you… [Read more]

Nov 02

I’m Alpha. Tough shit if you don’t like it or agree with me, but I have Superwoman Syndrome. Although syndrome makes it sounds like an affliction (sometimes is, I guess) – I get mad amounts of work done in a day. In a normal day, I’ll probably have 2 meetings, be on my BlackBerry whilst walking, replying and checking more emails, returning and answering calls and staying up to date with friends and family. Trouble with me, is that I.Just.Cannot.Slow.Down. I’m usually wide awake in bed and my mind is always running in fast forward. I don’t know how to relax because I fear that I haven’t got something done in the day. And that of course this affects relationships. Men have accused me of being aggressive, too much to bear or handle, argumentative, hot headed and every name that’s derogatory about being ambitious under… [Read more]

Sep 26

There are many insecure men, countless actually and while they may not come off that way on the surface, in reality they are scared to death. What Makes A Man Insecure The quick answer to this question is society. The same problems that plague women, plague men just the same. Men feel that if they aren’t the richest, most handsome baller in the world, women will not want them. If they find a woman that loves them, it makes them worry that she won’t stick around. There is no cure for a man’s insecurity, he has to cross that bridge of confidence on his own. If a woman is with a man like this she will have many nights of consoling him, telling him she isn’t going anywhere and dealing with his jealous overreactions. A Man Shouldn’t Compare Himself To His Woman If you’re a… [Read more]