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Nov 18

When you enter a fitness lifestyle aside from the hardships of climbing the physical mountain no-one ever warns you about the ignorant questions and assumptions people will place on you throughout your life. People will make up their face and ask you “what’s that” when they see your protein shake or tuna and they will try their best to push bad, fatty garbage unto your plate in some sort of twisted mission to win you back amongst their kind. Recently a friend of mine who has just started out on the Road of Kings (bodybuilding path) told me about an elaborate dinner at a restaurant her friend had invited her to. Knowing my friend to be a Foodie of the worst kind (the must eat everything kind), I had to ask whether or not she had the dessert. She had been struggling with weight for… [Read more]

Oct 27

I’m calling a cease fire from my fellow men on these discussions of the successful single woman being lonely, it’s tired, I’m tired, and everyone’s tired. The bodies are piling up on both sides and there is no solutions being taken seriously outside of exploitive media outlets making a buck off the random victimized PhD of the week. Personally the women that I have dated fit the same mold as the ones blogging about being lonely but successful. The resume is solid; they can be sweet but many times exhibit traits or say things that are irrecoverable acts of disrespect to a man. Successful woman, I will tell you that many times it isn’t what you think it is or what your circle of dicks in a glass jar male friends are telling you. A lot of times it is a personality trait that turns… [Read more]

Oct 20

I don’t get men who brag about tricking, its almost as if they believe that confession to the boys will cleanse their soul of the sin. We all know guys who brag on this, the ones who are quick to tell you that they spent $300 for some skull at the local seedy strip club and the ones who told you that they bought a street walker on the way to church on Sunday. Most of the time they volunteer the information without being asked. As friends we don’t judge them, but we do frown upon it in our own way… just don’t expect us to talk about it. Listen up tricks, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you got over on  a prostitute by bartering her down to an affordable cost, it still isn’t anything to brag about. Tricking is… [Read more]

Oct 19

Removing friends from your life isn’t something that sounds remotely like a good idea. For many people a friend is a rare brother from another mother that you love as much as your blood kin. Well as you progress in life and you develop a code for living, your stances, belief-structure and families will warrant a re-adjustment of your familiars. While Tito the whore monger was your boy back in school and you wanted to be like him, now that you’re a beta man with family, kids and a jealous wife, you may want to reserve your time with the still single Tito to a minimum. One thing that is important when dumping friends (which a lot of people don’t do) is that you owe the person an explanation as to why you are done with them. It’s simple observe: Concerned Dad: Hey Mike, I’ve… [Read more]

Oct 14
Sexy Adriana Lima

If you read my last article about doing a photoshoot, you know my stance on who should be posing for the camera. Again, I think all women should experience it at some point in their lives. I’ve never given someone their final shots and have them regret it. This is all well and good, but I need to discuss the opposite type of person – the numerous, disillusioned women who think they have a future in modeling. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This might be the biggest thing to consider when you look in the mirror and start wrapping yourself in the compliments you’ve gotten over the years about your looks. I think a lot of lady friends are attractive. Yeah, sometimes I tell them that. This certainly doesn’t mean I think they should be in the next issue of… [Read more]

Oct 12

The topic of the day is about bullying and the internet. This topic has gained ground due to a number of suicides that occurred after some kids did things to others to embarrass them on the web and it resulted in that kid taking his life rather than dealing with the hell. Everyone seems to have a comment on bullies, but most utter the same cliché crap that they believe is true since they’ve heard it so many times: Never back down from a bully, fight back and they will learn to leave you alone. While this is true in the sense of light bullying ie: One kid who tries you day to day, or a couple kids who give you wet willies and wedgies. It isn’t true for cyber space, a tribe of your peers and the anonymous trolls of the internet. Bullies deserve… [Read more]

Jul 27

I read a lot of stories from supposedly single women on how they have trouble attracting men. To men who read or hear this we are oft times bewildered as to how and why. The more experienced dater will assume its due to bitchiness, a personality trait or unapproachable behavior. While this is the cause for a lot of guys refusing to step to a woman, the fact of the matter is that a lot of women just don’t know how to show availability. What Men Look For As Safe Openings Body language is as equally important as speech. I am sure you have heard that a million times over but it is true. As a harsh example, if you try talking to someone with your arms crossed and legs in a ready position, it will come across as aggressive. An approachable woman can have… [Read more]

Jul 22

Dear Dragon, have you ever dated a girl, who tried hooking you up with one of her other friends? – Alex A. Don’t you love the balls on some of these women? Hey, I’m not feeling you too much after you bought me dinner but I have a friend who probably would. It’s like thanks for pitying me chick but kindly kiss the darkest part of my ass for the gesture. Heh, never mind me Alex I am a bitterly angry person when it comes to silliness and this is one of the silliest things women do while dating.  The other thing is the fact that when you hook up with the friend, the original will quickly be mad if her lonely ass is without a man and you end up marrying her hook-up. Upset Girlfriend: “You know Alex was trying to talk to me… [Read more]