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Nov 28

Many people like the character of Richard Harrow played by Jack Huston on HBO’s hit show Boardwalk Empire. While we may admire Richard Harrow as a professional and a marksman, the true reason behind his likability seems to be somewhat of a mystery to folks that fell in love with him. What he had that many of the characters in Boardwalk Empire, and in many shows like it, is humanity. In this one man we get a complex mix of loyalty, respect, good and evil. Richard, to me, was similar to a warrior’s sword back in the feudal times. When warriors acquired their family sword, it was a treasured heirloom that was a representation of their ancestors along with being a deadly weapon that could protect them in times of danger. When you received it, it was in good shape because the warrior sword was… [Read more]

Aug 29

Although it is hard to understand why Lafayette is such a big deal for men watching True Blood, I will say that you will be hard-pressed to find many men of his quality in the show. What’s so great about Lafayette Let’s start by addressing the giant purple elephant in the room, the character of Lafayette is that of a gay chef/hustler who is played by a straight man Nelsan Ellis. Nelsan is arguably one of the best actors on True Blood and possesses a charisma that bypasses any gay/straight paradigms that would probably have doomed his character otherwise. When you first meet Lafayette he will throw you off – I know he threw me off – because his character is nothing like you would expect from glancing at a photo or seeing a clip. Lafayette is one part gangster, and another part ride-or-die best… [Read more]

Jun 26
gold digger korean movie

Here’s my take on this, my dear “Sugar Babies” of the world; if you are willingly giving up sex and time to a man for his money then you are a prostitute. Sorry, it’s too thin a line for me not to get confused over here. I know that when people think of prostitutes they immediately imagine a chick in 6-inch stilettos, a bad wig, smeared on make-up, and no front teeth, walking the street and looking into cars to solicit sex – but if we break down the definition of prostitute then guess what? There is a new craze taking over Universities and the popular waves of the internet and it is called Sugar Daddy Services. For those of you who aren’t in the know – this is a dating service online that pairs up old rich bastards with sexy, young college students who… [Read more]

Nov 09

The 100 Man Laws – Full List Do not mistake this for another sophomorish frat-boy list of “rules” that is written for cheap chuckles. The Hall of The Black Dragon’s version of The Man Laws is not of the typical, our rules are the result of years of study, research and principle. To put it short guys, if you follow the laws then you will be a man amongst men, a gentleman’s gangster and a better man. Read and obey the Man Laws. Full Articles on The 100 Man Laws: 1 – 5 (This is Our Thing): 6 – 10 (Mano A Mano): 11 – 15 (That’s Ghey Dude): 16 – 20 (Warrior Code): 21 – 25 (No Bitch Ish): 26 – 30 (Balls and Words): 31 – 35 (Shaken Not Stirred): 36 – 40 (Men of Honor): 41 – 45 (Extraordinary Gentleman): 46 – 50 (Wisdom Logic): 51 – 55 (A Friend of Ours): 56 – 60… [Read more]

Sep 02

You’ve heard the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but if you want to apply a face to the saying you could easily use the face of Caterina Sforza. Here on The Hall we have 2 main historical sections in Badass of The Month and Hotties of History, Caterina is the first woman to occupy both. How To Raise A Tigress In 1462 Galeazzo Maria Sforza made love to the wife of a friend and got her pregnant, which lead to the birth of our darling Caterina. The scandal of her birth was no big deal at the time, as her Caterina’s father was a lord amongst man-whores and ran up inside any woman that he felt was hot (seriously). Ironically her birth coming from such a rebellious act as adultery was just a pre-cursor to her wickedly dynamic life. Unlike other… [Read more]

Jul 12

Barry Manilow has a wonderful song by the name of Copacabana, it is linked below this article for you younger folks who don’t know Manilow or his sound. The song details one club dancer by the name of Lola who fell in love with the bartender “Tony” at her club and ended up losing him to a gangster’s gun shot. The song is short, sweet and tragic but the tale is a familiar one for most guys who dread having to defend their lady’s honor in public. It was simple, Lola was hot as hell, gangster Rico came into the club and put down on her hardcore and for argument’s sake he probably palmed her ass as he has done 100 times before. Lola being an attractive club chick would normally melt into the arms of this made guy but she was already taken by… [Read more]

May 05

Hip Hop fans and natives to Queens New York know who the legendary Pappy Mason is. He isn’t Italian, he isn’t Cuban and he’s not a creature of myth. While his reality these days is that of a poop slinging, 24hr lockdown lunatic serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole, Pappy Mason was one of the most dangerous gangsters to have ever held the streets of New York. The legend that is Pappy Mason is that of an enforcer and muscle who studied the doctrines (a whole lot of Scarface and The Godfather reruns), hated cops with a passion and never broke omerta. He was a crime boss’s wet dream because of his loyalty and he served his boss Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols with Samurai loyalty. Pappy Mason was successful for one single solitary reason, he was respected out of fear. His volatile… [Read more]

Apr 11

If there’s one thing I can say about hip-hop it’s that fashion is so fluid that in the span of five years one person dressing a certain way versus another would almost contrast in style. This is why in this top 10 list we chose rappers that have transcended the fads and always look like a million bucks whenever you see them. While most tend to look like idiots when they try to dress up like the Italian gangsters from movies that they love so much, some guys have a fashion sense and look the part whenever you see them. This list was compiled based on the degree of clean and also the amount of times these men have had a bad day. You will find that the top three or so always look good whenever you see them while the ones towards the end… [Read more]