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Sep 27

Have you ever been out with a girl and she runs into her ex or another male friend, doesn’t introduce you, and the conversation turns into a lengthy one? Of course you have, we all have, but what did you do? Did you fidget, did you force an introduction, or did you make a scene? When this situation occurs, you can’t help but feel like a fool and you will either walk off to find something else to do, or stand there looking lonely and awkward. There is a way out of this awkward situation if you’re willing to listen, but it lies in the aspect of “becoming that guy” at the opportune moment. Normally a good girl will introduce you to the guy so that you aren’t left stranded, but some won’t remember and you will be left to fade into the background like a theater prop. If this is the… [Read more]

Aug 16

Despite my reluctance to title this article with such a polarizing and subjective word as “good” the content that I am writing about basically requires it. Ideas about what a “good girl” is and what it requires to be a good girl are so rooted in our upbringing, our culture and the times that we are living in. In an article I read about Good Girls in the New Millennium there is a girl that is described as a “good girl”, she is a 28 year old Hispanic woman that waited until after college to have sex for the first time since she was trying to protect herself from an unplanned pregnancy. The story continues with the outcome of when a smart, educated woman finally does have sex, she contracts gonorrhea from one partner and then genital warts from another. Alicia felt stuck—she’d done “the… [Read more]

May 23

Have you ever dated someone who treated you like garbage, disrespected you or took advantage of your goodness? Well for those who have it probably becomes a guilty pleasure to see life’s karma destroy their lives while you continue to be rewarded for them being out of your life. Sometimes it’s a situation where you were the good battery that fueled their life and they cheated on you, you split, and now their life is in shambles. It will feel extremely guilty or evil to relish in the fact that you were the one that got away. You scan their old business website to see that it’s down, you notice that they have disappeared and then one day you see a picture and they are out of shape, old, or pregnant. No matter who you are there is a certain pleasure in this isn’t there? You naughty,… [Read more]

May 15

“Dear Dragon, I read your article on “ride-or-die” chicks and related to the post in a very personal way. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and have a home and a beautiful baby girl together. The problem is that I am constantly finding him talking to other women… I know that he has cheated on me, but it’s hard to catch. When he leaves I have no idea if he’s telling the truth or not, I am 21 and he is 22, and I want to know if I am wasting my time. I am definitely that R.O.D. chick for him but will he realize that I put a lot of work into us and settle down? Why does he keep doing this stuff when I literally beg him not to and it’s the only thing I ask of him? I’ve… [Read more]

Feb 11

Yesterday I read a bit of dating advice which told young men to dump their good girlfriends for nothing in order to harden their hearts for the future. The advice came from a dark place that many of us are familiar with but I didn’t realize that my fellow men would put this out there as if it’s legit. Why would you dump a woman who understands you, loves you, and is willing to stick with you throughout life’s trials and tribulations? Isn’t that the goal for those of us who seek a true partner in love? The logic behind this strategy is that “there will always be another woman” and it comes from men who are trying to pattern their dating styles off of women. Yes you heard it right women perpetuated it… but not all women – specifically a woman who has burned… [Read more]

Aug 14
black woman thinking

Reading the articles and general attitudes of the single women in the Washington DC area it seems that the search for a good, successful, single man is done out of want for a status symbol as opposed to a loving mate. Ladies correct me if I am completely off base with this but what would you assume if a man was to write the following inquiry from a place where women are scarce: “I have everything a woman could ask for around here; I have a new Benz, a plush apartment, all my teeth, a Doctorate, AND I’m about to make partner! Why are all the good girls around here acting as if they’re gold that I can’t afford?” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that question would put you on the defensive even without me having to name the area,… [Read more]

May 02
An annoyed woman in bed

None of us have the intuition that a woman does – in order to figure out why we’re in the dog house. She may have come home one day and decided that your slovenly ways are not worthy of all the work she has put into her life and career. When she fussed at you, you thought it was cute and while you tried to be better about it, you just didn’t see it as serious. Now when you fall asleep (before her), negating to take her out weekly because you’ve become comfortable and too tired to make love to her because of long hours… she stares at you wondering on how it is she wound up with you. By the time she’s done this enough, talked with friends and family about it and listened in on her younger girlfriends brag about how their man blows their… [Read more]

Dec 13

Doesn’t it concern you that out of a vast pool of worthwhile fishes in the pond all eyes seem to be on the lot that swims closest to the surface? What I am getting at is the human need to get with people that do not want us. It’s amazing how crazy the laws of attraction are and it’s even crazier that there are people who would chase a dream over going for the people that actually like them. Chasing Waterfalls… Consider this; Janine loves Mike because he is crazy, dark and a felon. Mike on the other hand knows that Janine likes him so he figures she would be good for a solid poking before he moves on to win the attention of Sarah, who thinks Mike is a loser. Behind the scenes is Larry who thinks Janine is the picture perfect model of his… [Read more]