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Aug 19

Boss man got you down? Clients playing the part of Victorian slave owners? Well we know that work sucks and you would much rather be golfing but is it all bad? Work brings you money, and money buys things that can potentially make you happy, plus being employed impresses people… right? So we are stuck working—at least those of us who need to work—so why not make it tolerable? The following list is my 10 tips for relieving work-related stress. I have found that the main cause of stressing over work is our inability to detach, keep things in perspective, and not take it personally. The way to accomplish these things is to find ways to relax, put your mind on something else, and set boundaries between your home life and your job. 1. Happy Hour If you are a social butterfly then there is… [Read more]

May 17

The Salty Dog is a blend of sweet, tangy, and salty flavors all in one drink. Yes, it’s pink, but it’s only grapefruit juice, so I wouldn’t consider it “fruity” enough to break a Man Law. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, so if you are looking for a quick fix after a hard day’s work, the Salty Dog is the way to go. Ingredients: 1 Tbsp Sugar 1 Tbsp Salt 2 Parts Vodka 1 Part Grapefruit Juice 1 Lime Wedge Mixture: Use a  small saucer and mix sugar and salt together. Take the lime wedge and wet the lip of cocktail glass and rim with sugar/salt mixture. Fill the glass with ice and pour vodka. Pour grapefruit juice. Place lime wedge on glass. Enjoy!

Apr 26

This version of Vodka and Lime looks real pretty, but has a little too much bite for me. However, the man in my life was cool with it and asked for another. If you find it too much for you, add more of the sugar to take the edge off. Honey also works, but make sure you add it before you add the ice or it will be harder to mix into the drink.  Ingredients: 1 lime, cut into 6 pieces 3 tsp powdered sugar Your favorite vodka Crushed or cubed ice Directions: Mash the lime and sugar in a cocktail glass to get the sugar to mix well with the lime. Fill the glass with ice. Pour your vodka over the mixture leaving just a little space for sipping on top. Enjoy.

Mar 30
Stressed out woman behind the wheel of a car

As students we are given homework, tasks meant to be studied on our own time in order to memorize, master and absorb lessons that may have been missed in the classroom. Good students who make the grade will do as they are told; homework gets done before play and they ace the tests at the end of the semester. As we mature into adults and take on our respective careers, it becomes easy to lose ourselves and absorb the drama of the workplace to where we become our work. Never Make Business Personal One of the best lessons that an employee can teach themselves is how to adopt the gangster mentality of separating work from home. While an overworked clerk may take work home with her, she will not take work home with her. Do you get what I’m saying here? Let me explain. There… [Read more]

Mar 01

Have you ever made the mistake of assuming a co-worker or classmate is a friend when in actuality you were merely their “work-buddy”? It is a mistake that many people make, given the fact that the joking, stories exchanged and favors borrowed are very much like the interactions we have with our actual friends in life. While I have met a number of real friends through work and school, I always made sure to mentally separate them from the people I am cool with who aren’t truly my friends. Don’t get me wrong, while it sounds harsh on the surface, what it does is to remind me that certain expectations should not be placed on the work-buddy. In our adult lives it can become very easy to have one’s job become one’s life. You start out ambitious, ready to impress but before you know it… [Read more]

Jan 24

There is something extra special and exotic about office booty for a man. See in the office it barely matters what you look like or how cool you are. It’s pretty much about time spent and attention given. Let’s face it women love attention and if they aren’t receiving it at home, the office is the perfect substitute. We spend most of our time there, with others sometimes sharing things other than what we do at home with our significant others. Many times an attractive woman will start working at your job and every jack ass within radius will be at her desk vying for her attention every second of the day. This is why it is easiest to get with the beta woman or the one who is not the focus of attention. Usually it starts with light conversation that leads to partnering up… [Read more]

Apr 09

Happy Hour This is easy-mode scamming for the young wolf. Think about it, you have a collective of women from the office, some single, some unhappily married and most cougars that are looking forward to some two-for-one drink action, a little eye-candy (which is where you come in) and some good laughs (all you again). Attending Happy Hour frequently with the same bunch can lead to a chance at sexy Tina from Marketing or Julie from Accounting when she’s loose off of some Tanqueray. Just play it cool, keep your ears open for the clues and eventually you will be able to slide in and out of that spot with ease. This like all of my suggestions is not a 100% certainty, but there is no hookup easier than an office hook-up, especially when you see these women for 7+ hours in the day. Trust… [Read more]