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Jun 02

There will always be people around us to uplift us as well as tear us down and it may come as a surprise to us. Family members that we assume will have our backs will become jealous, overly judgmental and extremely negative. The troll on your Facebook that you have as a political sparring partner may end up being your best ally when it comes to your goals and aspirations in life. Positive people are a breath of fresh air, and they show up in the strangest places. Negative people come in many forms and they strike when we least expect it. A lot of people who mean well will play devil’s advocate at times when we need their support and will kill our spirits with their opinion. Oft times this opinion comes from a place of fear because they would not be willing to the things that you… [Read more]

Nov 01

“Hot damn hoe, here we go again.” – MC Lyte When Jay-Z learned that Cristal Wine didn’t have black people in their best interests, he quickly dropped them and let it be known publically that he no longer supported them. Now that Barneys New York is under investigation, his silence suddenly makes him labeled as the biggest coon in the world to Black America.  Why do people think that because Jay-Z is black and ridiculously rich, that he will turn into Jesse Jackson overnight? Go ahead and mull that over while I sit here shaking my head. For years upon years Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has given us the raw facts about who he is. We all know who Jay-Z is; he is a hustler, survivor, and one of the luckiest men on earth with a great portfolio, successful wife and a beautiful baby daughter. Jay-Z has never… [Read more]

Oct 29

Catcalling, or “hollering at females” is the new target of attack as the continued march against everything male picks up steam on the internet. While I have personally asked the catcallers in our fellowship to stop—since it’s more demeaning to them than helpful—it is still being touted as an “all male” problem, instead of a “certain type of guy” problem. What I’m seeing is that it’s demeaning, it makes women uncomfortable, and it’s annoying UNLESS that guy is someone appealing. Let a 6’5” Boris Kodjoe looking dude with a $1,000 suit on catcall a woman and I bet she wouldn’t be rushing off to complain about it on her blog. It’s like when a celebrity with a big penis gets put on blast for a sex tape or selfie sent to a mistress. You would think that his female fans would be disappointed at his… [Read more]

Oct 31
betty draper

Many of us get called things that we dislike and hate but usually there is a reason behind the name-calling that extends beyond childish attacks and bullying. Lately I’ve seen a few articles by women who are upset at being labeled “bitter” by their male and female counterparts. It rings hollow to me when I know of instances where the author has thrown around words like misogyny to label men—who did not deserve it—and other names towards people who didn’t agree with her. Some people ARE bitter but don’t want to deal with the label when people write them off with it. Let us observe the word as it is defined by bit·ter adjective, bit·ter·er, bit·ter·est, noun, verb, adverb having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes. producing one of the four basic taste sensations; not sour, sweet,… [Read more]

Sep 13
woman in bed

Everyone has an opinion about tattoos, from concerned parents, to people whose only experience with them is seeing Wiz Khalifa on a music video. We can all agree that tattoos have blown up into the mainstream at a rate that is faster than the speed of light and a culture once reserved for “true rebels” has become another fad like dreads, piercings, and bleaching one’s hair. But so what? Personally I admire tattoos, being an artist I cannot help but glare in amazement at a Yakuza-caliber sleeve on someone’s arm, or a well done likeness of someone’s parent, favorite celebrity, or cartoon character. When I see subpar work, or something I feel is just plain stupid (ice cream cone on the face), I keep it to myself and keep it moving. I wish everyone else would do the same (let people be) yet almost weekly… [Read more]

Aug 10
lolo on the track

Today we are going to talk about the public’s reaction to religious dogma with athletes Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow as the main focus. Religion is a funny topic in today’s society as it seems to grow more and more unpopular as the years fly by. In the past when you had someone going on and on about their piety, it was praised (no pun intended) as a way that we should be living our lives. Now we have a stronger push against religious sects, often time revealing the dark, ugly side of them which is not limited to violent homophobia, intolerance, slavery, manipulation, and exploitation. Christians of today are much more quiet and reserved than the ones I had to tolerate growing up (bear with me). To speak your mind against certain things that they believed in or to argue logic against their faith… [Read more]

Jul 06

Life feels like a road trip sometimes doesn’t it? You have a destination but sometimes you just want to drive. In the road you have reckless people in their fast fancy sports cars and you have the careful ones in their safe, quiet hybrids; everyone cruising at their choice speed. So which one are you? Do you find yourself screaming at the slow drivers holding you back from your destination or do you maneuver your vehicle to block those who would fly past you because they have the horsepower to do so? A real world example of all this is the work force; when a new, hungry employee starts and begins to blaze a trail to promotion. You have the salty lifer at the job who will warn him/her that it is futile and you may even have the failed brown-noser who wants him to… [Read more]

May 09

There’s a guy that I know who seemed pretty cool and went out of his way to hail me up and chat to me at parties. Recently one of his closest friends that is like a brother to me told me how racist he was behind closed doors and while it was a bit disappointing, I was glad that I got the warning. Classic Art of War my dear denizens “know thy enemy”. Do I act differently towards this individual? No, but if he invites me out camping one night in Mississippi I would at least know to pack a Desert Eagle and some ninja gear. When people’s dirty underclothing gets revealed I do not know why people get so upset – I mean, the mask has been lifted and now you know right? We should be thankful! There are a few occurrences in life… [Read more]