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Aug 18

  Oh, the Summer of Love. No, I’m not talking about that San Fran hippie love fest back in 67’. I’m talking about using Tinder, a mobile dating app to find potential local flings during the sweltering dog days of summer. Although I guess you can say 2014’s Summer of Love is definitely redefining the dating game and is slowly building itself as a social phenomenon. For those who are unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s essentially the shallowest form of a location based dating service as you shuffle through pictures of your desired gender and solely judge them based on their pictures. With an emphasis on physical attraction, it cuts the bullshit of getting to know somebody and boils down to the human’s most biological urge of reproducing with a mate (hottie) they find attractive. Is it lackadaisical? Yeah. Is it superficial? Hell yeah it is…. [Read more]

Feb 11

There will always be attraction in an office where men and women work in close vicinity. I would venture to say that when fallout happens at home for an attractive married person, the chance of the person they cheat with being an office-mate is pretty high. Office romances are a byproduct of working closely with someone for a period of time, the freedom of imagination, and that strange magic that makes someone grow more and more attractive to us as we get to know them better. For people who click with an office mate and would like to pursue a romantic relationship, there must be a level of maturity on both sides that is beyond what is expected of a stranger out on the streets. Dating a co-worker puts your job at risk from the outset and you must know the temperament and volatility of… [Read more]

Jul 10
george clooney

I have made myself a promise to never be one of these people that pushes matrimony or relationships as the ultimate human experience on single friends and I absolutely hate when I see or hear it. People come off as overly simple when they do these things and it has a religious feel to it (I will explain). Have you ever had a friend who found a religion late and swears up and down that it is the ultimate answer to life? It is so important to them that everybody MUST be in on it or he just cannot rest. I am sure that more than a few of you readers are nodding yes to this. If you answered no to my question above then you can interchange the religion with Network Marketing, a new diet, or something else not as major a life-change as… [Read more]

Jul 22

Dear Dragon, have you ever dated a girl, who tried hooking you up with one of her other friends? – Alex A. Don’t you love the balls on some of these women? Hey, I’m not feeling you too much after you bought me dinner but I have a friend who probably would. It’s like thanks for pitying me chick but kindly kiss the darkest part of my ass for the gesture. Heh, never mind me Alex I am a bitterly angry person when it comes to silliness and this is one of the silliest things women do while dating.  The other thing is the fact that when you hook up with the friend, the original will quickly be mad if her lonely ass is without a man and you end up marrying her hook-up. Upset Girlfriend: “You know Alex was trying to talk to me… [Read more]

May 28

Rule #16 (Don’t Pitch the Bitch): Keep your money and your women completely separated. Unless she started the business with you, is into it as much as you or operates in the same facets as you, the less she knows the better. Remember Blu Cantrell’s song “Hit em up style”? Well if that man had locked his wallet and kept things tight, there would be no credit cards for that crazy bird to run-up at the mall. The same can be said about family, your money as a man should be your best kept secret. It doesn’t matter HOW you earn, just that you do earn. Pay for dinner, buy her pretty things but never ask me about my business Kate. Rule #17 (No Hook-Ups): Unless you are doing your friend a favor by introducing him to Cathy the town bicycle, you are not to… [Read more]

May 17

The problem with cheating on your spouse is that you can end up getting hurt or killed when you get caught by your jilted lover. The problem with people who choose to cheat is that they haven’t mastered the art of covering their tracks, or they are cheating with someone who slips up and gets them caught. Well to be a player, you have to tighten up on your cover no matter how dense your main chick is. Below you will find a few things to live by, in order to have your cake and eat it then beat it too. Control your environment Make sure that you are the one setting up the “Hook-up” and if not be sure to channel your inner 007, check it out on Google maps and be certain that it doesn’t lie anywhere near your woman’s work, her friends,… [Read more]

Apr 09

Happy Hour This is easy-mode scamming for the young wolf. Think about it, you have a collective of women from the office, some single, some unhappily married and most cougars that are looking forward to some two-for-one drink action, a little eye-candy (which is where you come in) and some good laughs (all you again). Attending Happy Hour frequently with the same bunch can lead to a chance at sexy Tina from Marketing or Julie from Accounting when she’s loose off of some Tanqueray. Just play it cool, keep your ears open for the clues and eventually you will be able to slide in and out of that spot with ease. This like all of my suggestions is not a 100% certainty, but there is no hookup easier than an office hook-up, especially when you see these women for 7+ hours in the day. Trust… [Read more]

Mar 25

Once in awhile us single folks will have to bear the annoying sense of responsibility that a married friend puts on him/her self to marry us off. While in their minds they feel that they are doing you a service, the fact of the matter is they should probably mind their own business. One of the people I know even had the audacity to suggest parties where they could pool the resources of his wife’s single friends and his in what I assume would be a huge hook-up party. What was he thinking you ask? The answer is he wasn’t, he was just being the typical married guy who is high on his fulfillment delusions. Gauge your single friends All of us have THAT guy or girl in our lives who whines continuously about not having anyone to love or how they were meant to… [Read more]