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Jun 11

How can you tell a disciplined person at first glance? Is it the way they carry themselves? The way they walk, talk, work? It is an interesting question being that we assume that we can get this insight from conducting job interviews, playing golf or cards with someone, or just inviting them to lunch for some small talk. There are many hints into a person’s discipline, but they can be hard to differentiate from quirks, compulsive motives, or habit. We can look at a bodybuilder and assume that the hard work and dedication he/she put into gaining a muscular body is a sign of a person that can make a goal and stay the course to attain it. Similarly we can look at a person that is an “other” in their career path, assume that they had to be twice as good to get there… [Read more]

Jul 24

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bro Culture when it comes to men. It is part of the reason why I felt the direction of this magazine needed to go towards dialogue on why masculinity must be redefined by men for men and removed from the stereotype that has been placed on us my popular media. I am not saying that I dislike frat boy culture; I am just saying that it should never define me or you (my male reader) for that matter. Men are much more than our base desires but we need to realize this and fight back when we are being made into simple clowns and idiots. Being limited to a creature whose only desire in life is to ogle tits and ass, drink beer and watch sports is a bit harsh right? So is the basement virgin that plays… [Read more]

Jul 18

Editor’s Note: I’m going to keep score on the amount of visitors who read this title and comment or send me a message without actually taking the time to read the article. My fellow men, I have found the problem with “Nice Guy” and I have gone into my lab to mix up a cure for his lonely ailment. See, the problem with nice men is that they care too much what a woman may think. EUREKA! They care way too much, they don’t care about a woman’s well-being so much as they care too much what a woman thinks about them. Hold that thought, see women contradict themselves constantly in the eyes of men. Try to figure out what a woman wants, then check all your positives off on her list and you may find that there is absolutely no way you could be… [Read more]

May 31

I like to think that I know a good actor when I see one, and ever since I saw that tear run from the corner of his eye to the wired shut jaw in “Get Rich or Die Trying”, I knew Curtis Jackson (rapper 50 Cent) was one of the big dogs. This has become extremely clear after seeing the dramatic pictures of his physical changes in order to play an oscar-worthy role of in the upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. Jackson co-wrote, produces, and stars in the film about a football player who is diagnosed with cancer during his senior year.  Jackson will be acting alongside Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles (who also directs the film). How did he do it? A nine week liquid diet and work outs twice a day. Jackson dropped more than 50 pounds just in time for the… [Read more]