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Jun 11

How can you tell a disciplined person at first glance? Is it the way they carry themselves? The way they walk, talk, work? It is an interesting question being that we assume that we can get this insight from conducting job interviews, playing golf or cards with someone, or just inviting them to lunch for some small talk. There are many hints into a person’s discipline, but they can be hard to differentiate from quirks, compulsive motives, or habit. We can look at a bodybuilder and assume that the hard work and dedication he/she put into gaining a muscular body is a sign of a person that can make a goal and stay the course to attain it. Similarly we can look at a person that is an “other” in their career path, assume that they had to be twice as good to get there… [Read more]

Sep 11

From the time my teenage daughter was a toddler, people have often commented on how “good” and “polite” she is when we are in public. When she comes home from a sleepover, the parents tell me she is welcome back at any time. Other parents often ask me how I raised such a great kid. I chalk it up to the fact that I made sure that my daughter and I remain close throughout the years, and she tells me she loves me daily.  Many will argue that raising a child is one of life’s most difficult tasks for those who are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to experience it. Most have their opinion as to which stage is the hardest – newborns, terrible twos, tweens, or teenagers. My vote hands down is teenagers. They encompass all of the bad things that come with the other… [Read more]

Feb 13

Recently in the wonderful world of Twitter the hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou mysteriously began to trend. As was expected the hateful were there to talk about bad men and the trolls were out full force to tell women to get back in the kitchen, stay ugly, and stay lonely and single… because that’s what feminists are… right? I’ve always wondered if self-labeled “feminists” do anything outside of post angry replies on blogs, sign online petitions and tweet… but I guess that’s modern day activism for you – tweets, snark and the buzzword of the day MISOGYNY! The term feminist has gone from a word which once had meaning to something mutated, unsure of itself, and many times contradictory of its purpose (depends on which “feminist” you talk to) so to say that a few guys and gals were annoyed by this hashtag is an understatement. The following are… [Read more]

Jan 09

In this new series we speak to men and women about the evil exes of their past. What we aim to get out of these interviews is some insight for you readers as to what went wrong in these situations so that hopefully you may avoid the mistakes that we have. Our first guest is Cee, he is an all-around “good guy” in the eyes of the world who was almost destroyed by the woman he met in Bible school… let’s get to it. When and where did you meet your ex?It all started in the spring of 2002. For some reason I was at a 1-year religious institute. It was sorta like a summer campground, but you go to classes and talk about Jesus all day. My 2002 self thought this would be a good thing. Anyway, I had never had a real girlfriend… [Read more]

Dec 26

1. Lists for the sake of lists – Let’s start with the title of this very post because we are guilty of it here too sometimes on The Hall… we have lists, granted they are good lists but we try our best not to go overboard – I wish other sites would do the same. I won’t lie it is the easiest filler for days when we simply have nothing to talk about; just think about it. If you come up with nothing but lists for your magazine/blog then you will have an endless stream of content. Sadly there are spaces who make huge money off of advertising who use the “X something that XYZ” title on a majority of their posts. Readers I have to ask you are lists really that great for reading? 2. Posting pictures of dead bodies in tragedies – Lots… [Read more]

Aug 08
ladies trolling

Internet Troll: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. (from: Trolling can be a ton of fun (when you yourself play the part of troll), but for the clueless, emotional victims that fall for it, trolling can be frustrating and embarrassing. Having done my fair share of trolling on many online venues, I find that the game of hunter vs. the hunted is skewed so far left that it really isn’t fun anymore to sucker someone into a heated debate. If I drop some nonsense on Facebook about religion, politics, or Lolo Jones, I can get 100 simple people foaming at the mouth, ready to “speak… [Read more]

Nov 23

Editor’s Note: This is probably the most controversial topic I have touched on in my writing here on The Hall. I reread it days after writing and found that it is 100% Greg Dragon in terms of being blunt, offensive and harsh. I did not and will not be changing what I have written to make it palatable because it is honest, and I feel that me being less than honest is a disservice to both you my readers and myself the bleeding heart. This is an entry into the mind of someone who is extremely bitter with religion in general and I hope you take something away from it other than a wont to argue with me. Thanks as always for allowing me to express myself, it is a freedom I don’t take for granted. – G.Dragon To be honest I never had it,… [Read more]