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May 31
Greg Dragon Author

I’m always honored when someone wants to interview little ‘ol me about writing. It gives me a chance to speak about the act of writing itself, which like any other art, is a passion where the person behind the works is ignored–unless they become an Andy Weir. is a lifestyle magazine in Atlanta that features much of the news, entertainment, and the arts & culture. If you plan to visit chocolate city anytime soon, you may want to check them out to see what’s going on. From the Interview: I grew up on Science Fiction shows and movies, and I have always read Sword and Sorcery. As I grew older however, I began to notice that Science Fiction had people who looked like me, whereas Sword and Sorcery didn’t. This naturally made me pay attention to Science Fiction more, and I fell in love… [Read more]

Mar 17
anstractor book, greg dragon author

  What is the hardest part of writing your books? The hardest part about writing Anstractor is that I am writing to represent a multiverse of several galaxies. Each galaxy has its planets, each planet has its continents and each continent has its people. There are hundreds of races, species, looks and customs. There are political differences, exotic technology, languages, all of which I need to keep track of and reference accurately throughout the various stories. Had I written a book about earth, or something we all know about historically then it would have been a bit easier since all I would have had to focus on was the characters and the situations. The other hard part about my writing is that my genre for Anstractor is Science Fiction. With a genre that has pop culture influences like 1984, Star Wars and Star Trek you… [Read more]

Feb 19

What could possibly add on to the perceived “thug culture” of one of the last hyper-masculine sports in the United States? Not much, being that the casual and non-sport fans of the NFL already have the perception that the NFL is comprised of players who are: Uneducated (look at the early reactions to Richard Sherman last season) Criminal (the handful of players who have crossed the law are used to represent the whole) Rapists (Big Ben) Thugs (another term for a scary black person) Over-churched (Reggie White) Racist (Richie Incognito and Riley Cooper) (TBA) The TBA will become “homophobic” by the time we’re into the next season and it will not enhance or destroy the opinion that people have of the NFL already but it will make for a whole lot of news. Right now with Michael Sam announcing that he is gay to the… [Read more]

Dec 20

Today’s bytes involve the topics of privilege, discrimination and whether or not black folks were happy before civil rights (lol). There is also a unique perspective offered up about marriage by a female writer that we had to include and it will blow your mind to smithereens. This week we’ve been on a fitness tangent so there are some good links to training advice by step queen Cathe Friedrich. Lastly a coach goes off on his players and Lady Dragon Lisa Ann does some stretches.

Nov 27

It’s the time of the season when we are hiring new talent at my job and I have been fortunate in being one of the people ushering in the interviewees. As a unit we scan hundreds of resumes, checking out who should match and who would end up wasting our times because they had little experience with our software. When we have a good number, we make some phone calls and bring them in for the interviews. One thing you learn when you interview people, it’s  that the worst tends to come out for those who buckle under societal pressure. You get the liar who thinks he can freestyle the interview by pretending to know anything you ask; you get the nervous wreck who rifles off a ton of personal details that no boss should know, and you get that one, fake cocky applicant. The… [Read more]

Oct 01

I don’t think that it is a bad thing for a man or woman to fade away from someone that they have been on one or two dates with. The beginning phase of dating is still a “getting to know you” period and while an overly invested person will dislike the split, you are still strangers with no attachment to one another. Almost daily I come across articles where men are being called cowards, mean, evil, and many other names for disappearing after date number 2 or 3. Usually these names are being hurled by women that have dated men, assumed that things were great (assumption is a common theme) and then get upset when that perfect guy stopped communicating. The last time that I was on The Love Jones Experience we discussed this very topic and myself and author Pamela Antoinette Lordette both agreed… [Read more]

Jan 21

Understanding the game of love and happiness can be a complicated one for men and women who weren’t blessed with a tremendous amount of confidence. Luckily for them we have people who have figured it out that are willing to share their secrets with those who are humble enough to ask their help. One such individual is a man by the name of Mr. Locario who was kind enough to give an interview to The Hall of The Black Dragon on dating advice and what he has to offer. Hey Mr. Locario, thank you for taking the time to enter the Halls and allow us to pull your coat on women, the game, and how you can help guys get better at figuring it out. The first thing I wanted to ask you is on getting advice. There are many web spaces out there where you have guys calling themselves Pick… [Read more]

Jan 15

If you have a Netflix account you should check out the documentary After Porn Ends by Bryce Wagoner. I checked it out a few nights ago because it had two of my favorite Vivid girls in the credits; see like most men I support the porn industry… with my eyes, so I was genuinely curious to learn if my girls were using the industry or if the industry had used them. The ladies were Raylene and Asia Carrera… and I was proud of them both for their candid stories. What I liked about this film is that it showed some of the legendary guys in the business like John Leslie and Randy West. It seemed like the men who they interviewed all look back at  porn with fond memories while the women were roughly 50/50. Many of the women treated porn like forced prostitution or… [Read more]