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Nov 09

Many of us have had ideas that we wanted to turn into reality. Most of us sit on it, tell everyone we know about it, and let it drift off into the clouds of “what-ifs”. We are satisfied that everyone either said it was a good idea, or give up after learning that it has already been invented. Then there are those strange folks who think of things, build them, and then fly overseas with little else but a dream in order to get a factory to manufacture it… Most of us don’t know too many people like this but guess what? I got to sit down with one of these crazy people in order to pick their brains on what it takes to bring an idea into reality. It was a late night when I visited Master Hoon Park’s dojo “J Park Martial Arts”… [Read more]

Feb 08

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln Why is it that we applaud the efforts of musicians who “woodshed” for hours to master their instrument or athletes who wake up to ingest supplements, work out and drive their bodies to the brink of failure, yet dismiss the businessmen who stay after hours to help out a customer or sacrifice a vacation in order to put the company back in the black?  Now don’t get me wrong, I mean the guys who are “minding their own business” not the loyal employee who breaks his back for little to no reward… there are enough overworked, broke and unappreciated corporate slaves out there to warrant 100 articles. Why is the entrepreneur such an unheralded icon in our society today? Do you realize that our ancestors all… [Read more]

Dec 11

So before I start let me get the boring cliché remarks and thoughts that you people will spout out prior to even linking to the main article. The introverted nerdy ones of you will think to yourself “cool, I hope this gets sophisticated enough that I can have my own slavegirl modelled after Kristen Bell to play with.” The wannabe tough guy poser types will say “lol look the nerd had to make a girlfriend! I trip over ass everytime I leave my house, what’s his deal?” and a few of you standard model humans will say “WTF?”  Anyway, Japanese inventor Le Trung has created a young woman who does math and exhibits artificial intelligence. Along with math, Le also says she can be tweaked to have orgasms and respond to your nerdy thrusts the way a real woman might… more on that later. With… [Read more]