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Sep 25

People always say that its only when pet peeves and annoyance comes into play that you realize how much you are willing to put up with when it comes to dating. Once you know how much you are willing to put up with (and what you definitely are not) you tend to migrate towards and settle with someone who fits that mold. Then there’s that woman.  We all know who she is. The one who for whatever reason makes her issues the sole controller of her emotions when she meets someone and gets close to a real relationship.  It almost seems that she is more comfortable when she is getting screwed over, doesn’t it? I have known women in the past who have put up with a lot of wrongdoing and they truly didn’t deserve it.  Makes me think that nice girls really do finish last.  It’s like when… [Read more]

Apr 13
Drunken women

Ahh the drunk at the party, a common creature at the adult nightclub, the college house party and the office Holiday party. While many people love a happy, funny drunk, there are some people who should stay a million miles away from alcohol due to the monster they become when inebriated. The following is a list of 20 types of drunks that can easily ruin a party; read and see if you can spot one that you remember.  Drunken People who vomit uncontrollably, missing the toilet, leaving their nasty vomit smell in the bathroom. Girls that scream “WOOOOO!!!!” bka Woo-Girls… we hates them! Peer Pressure Guy… “Why aren’t you guys drinking!? Woooooo!!” Douchebags who scream “YEEEEAHHHHH!!!” People who pass out drunk in the bathroom with the door locked! WTF!? The drunken one-upper or the drunken me-tooer. Ruining conversations all night long… The douchebag that wants… [Read more]

Feb 21

A woman that has fallen head over heels for a guy will not have the clear judgment needed to see that everyone else in her life wants to cut his head off with a rusty blade. You may not know your douchebag boyfriend is hated until you break up and everyone admits that they thought he was an ass. But luckily for you there are tell-tale signs; normally you can judge through the thoughts and actions of male family members and “friends”. The latter is in quotations because male friends more than likely want to be more than that with you so they will probably give you a bad report on the guy anyway. So read the signs and ask your brothers, uncles or father and get multiple answers, don’t just trust dad’s feelings. Jackass Signal 1 – Short visits from male family members If… [Read more]

Oct 19

Removing friends from your life isn’t something that sounds remotely like a good idea. For many people a friend is a rare brother from another mother that you love as much as your blood kin. Well as you progress in life and you develop a code for living, your stances, belief-structure and families will warrant a re-adjustment of your familiars. While Tito the whore monger was your boy back in school and you wanted to be like him, now that you’re a beta man with family, kids and a jealous wife, you may want to reserve your time with the still single Tito to a minimum. One thing that is important when dumping friends (which a lot of people don’t do) is that you owe the person an explanation as to why you are done with them. It’s simple observe: Concerned Dad: Hey Mike, I’ve… [Read more]

Jan 22

Do you find yourself discriminating against another driver based on the vehicle that he/she is driving? well I realized that I do and this is due to the habits of more than a few individuals who drive a particular make and model of car. Now I know that dicks come in all shapes and sizes, and that a dick in a Beamer is just as much a dick as he was when he was driving a Corolla but when you come across five Beamers and they all drive like assholes, you are going to anticipate the next one and act according.  Now I am a road bully, I drive aggressively and I lack patience for people who drive slowly, those who seem to be lost and the idiots who pull out from driveways blindly. Oft times being a Sci-Fi head, I wish I had some… [Read more]