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Nov 12

Recently with the huge distraction coming out of Miami dealing with the alleged locker room bullying, it became very evident to me how people are easily led. One of the reasons that evil men are easily put into power is due to the public’s laziness in researching facts, awaiting the full story, and thinking objectively. Why do we find it so hard to wait for the full story whenever something happens? This culture of reaction is one that keeps websites like TMZ paid, and allows for any media space to write opinion pieces knowing that it will be taken as fact by the majority of readers. We all blame the big bad “media” on our societal issues but are we doing enough to change that influence? Short answer is no, and when a one-sided story comes out and the public rushes out to grab their… [Read more]

Jan 10
athletes with basketball

Around the area where I live (Florida) the dress code has always been one of relaxation. This sounds good to an out-of-towner because the sunny South is associated with vacation, retirement and peace. Work around a “vacation spot” for a few years and you realize that it is anything but that—unless you are Mitt Romney rich—because like anywhere else people struggle to get by. In the South boys sag their pants, wear wife-beaters as tank tops and long shorts that seem to favor boxers. These same kids will wear flip-flops to complete the “I just got out of bed” ensemble but will wear long socks with it. It would be fine if the fashion was the end of this movement but the people who dress this way seem to take on the attitude of sleepiness. At the movie theater I listened in on an assembly… [Read more]

Aug 24
olympic man hug

Rule #61 (Support): In times of need and heart break it is necessary for a man – as a friend, to step up and lend support. This is normally a need brought about when a friend has split with his lady or kicked out of the house due to infidelity (by either party). A man must lend a hand whether this is done through taking the injured male to a strip club, or just talking it out over drinks; it is a man’s duty to be available. While being as manly as possible is part of the warrior’s way,  being a supportive friend is an even bigger part. If a friend decides to come out of the closet about his homosexuality, a man should not only show support but continue to treat said friend as a friend. This does not mean that a homophobic man should… [Read more]

Aug 09
two girls giggling

Part One: It’s Deeper Than The Women Recently I read a wonderful post by Peter Lloyd on the topic of male enhancement surgery and the huge surge of men rushing out to get it. The article touched on the self-image issues that many men have, especially in the penis size department and the drastic steps we take to get past it. Mr. Lloyd’s points were solid, especially concerning the impact size has in the love life and personal life of men worldwide. But the one portion of his article that I couldn’t agree on was the assertion that it is the fault of women that we are so penis-conscious. I move that it is our own fault gentlemen, and it is something that we put on each other from the time that we are innocent children playing in the bathtub to adults comparing ourselves to… [Read more]

Nov 07

It’s funny how timing can tie two separate events. But last week, we saw the re-emergence of not one, but two, pro athletes looking to return to their craft. The return of one, Terrell Owens from an offseason injury, was expected. The return of the other, Allen Iverson from a season abroad, not so much. While a few of the details of their careers are as different as the sports they play, their pro lives have actually been eerily similar. AI’s journey began as a Virginia prep star in both football and basketball, where his bigger-than-life play dwarfed his diminutive stature. After being recruited by John Thompson, he chose to attend Georgetown for hoops, where he garnered Big East Rookie of the Year and two Defensive Player of the Year awards during his two years on campus. He then declared for the 1996 NBA Draft… [Read more]

Sep 16

I wish people would fact-check their stories before crucifying others on the internet – Greg Dragon The New York Jets (who looked embarrassingly bad on the field in their season opener) has a new show on HBO and a need to get you – the fans to watch said reality TV show. That is all I am going to say about that, configure your own conspiracy theory. Recently the buzz out of the Jets locker room has been about nuclear hot TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz (a woman that makes wearing ass-cupping jeans a science) was sexually harassed verbally by players on the team – inside The Jets locker room. In real world terms this reads as: hot reporter enters locker room with a bunch of hard legs and dudes tried to holler at her or one up each other on cat calls. Ladies raise… [Read more]

May 14

Rule #11 (Curiosity): Under no circumstances whatsoever is it okay to sneak a peak at another man’s junk. No matter your relationship, this extends beyond brothers, fathers, uncles whatsoever. Do not look over urinals, keep eyes at 12 or 6 to avoid suspicion or a possible beat-down no matter your sexual orientation. Basic man etiquette decrees that a man caught sneaking looks at your junk must first be exposed and then stomped beyond an inch of his life. Walking around a locker-room scoping out guy’s junks when they step out of the shower is also frowned upon. Be happy with your own and stop running comparison checks. Rule #12 (Crossed Swords): As a rule I don’t bring two swords to a cat-fight… what I mean by this is there is a minimum of one dude per girl when it comes to me and coitus. For… [Read more]