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Jan 14

Imagine that you come home from a long, stressful day of work, and you walk inside of your house to find that you’re in The Twilight Zone. Your vision blurs, you lose your balance, and you end up in a long hallway lined with doors. The hallway seems to go on forever, and when you try one of the doors it opens up to a large 60″ television, an assortment of game systems–with games–and the cushiest seat known to man. Sounds awesome, right? The next door has a new PC, fast internet, and your Facebook profile is beckoning you to hop on and engage with friends and family. You close the door fast (that Facebook crack rock is mean!), now understanding that the doors all lead to comfortable, fun things, but you want to know what’s at the end of the hall. As you start down the hall peeking into… [Read more]

Jan 06

I’ll never forget it, the time when I drove for miles out of town to see a girlfriend—that invited me out there—and ended up spending three days watching television, walking around town by myself, and feeling salty in general. Why? She had a dude in town that she was messing with. I found this out by talking to the dude—bros gotta talk—when I saw him and figured that something was off about the situation. I ended up driving home after cussing this girl out, and although we’re still cool, I will never forget it. I can laugh about it now, but at the time she was the devil to me, and I always wondered why she bothered to invite me out there when it was obvious that our thing was over. Recently I added a similar situation to my newest book “Re-Wired“, and it was… [Read more]

Jun 21

Insecure people all seem to have the same feeling – you should earn their trust (which is impossible) and that you can help them past their insecurities with patience (another point I would argue to the negative). When you start dating it is important to figure out whether or not your potential long-term will be cool or if she will turn into the next Lisa Nowak… or Jodi Arias. The following is a list of 10 things that should be treated as red flags when the cards are shown at the table. 1. She Tells You On An Early Date The funny thing about insecure people is that they tell on themselves constantly. When you are on a date with a talkative woman, listen in for clues as to why her last thing didn’t work out. She may reveal something to you that you will need to… [Read more]

Mar 13

One note before I get into this wonderful list of 10 things that people enjoy who live by themselves. If you have a significant other, a sibling or a roommate who allows you to do most of these things and is understanding and tolerant enough to make your life together easy then you are a very lucky person. Most roommates are selfish, demanding, messy slobs who make our life a little more annoying than it needs to be so naturally many of us like to do it alone. The following list is a set of reasons why loneliness isn’t necessarily negative. 1. The Sound of Silence Call me scarred from living in the dorms of a college, or maybe it’s my nature but I love the hell out of silence. When you live with others you are always arguing, talking or overhearing phone conversation. Being… [Read more]

Sep 14

I’d like to thank Frankie, Daniel and Cadillac Collins for helping me create this guide. All being stand-up guys, gentlemen and priceless friends, I can ascertain that the tips you find here will be beneficial for anyone who has a friend that is going through the harsh reality that their wife/girlfriend has moved on. While this could be a funny write-up on what your duties as a wingman are for the newly single friend, we chose to make it a serious series of tips. Break-ups hurt men just as much as they do women, especially when the man was in love and loses her suddenly. I hope you find our guide helpful and would love to hear your stories on helping your buddies survive their newly single status. Loneliness can only be healed through fellowship The worst thing you can do as a friend is… [Read more]