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Oct 11
rapey locker-room talk?

Though we tend to stay out of politics here at Hall of The Black Dragon, I found it prudent to address the brand new go-to excuse for predatory language–in regards to women–the now trending term of Locker-Room Talk. As someone that has played, fought, and bonded with other men in sports, martial arts, and lifting weights, it really annoys me that I am being generally lumped in with douchebags that think taking a kiss, or taking a grope is cool. Let’s be honest. Men of my age (GenX) have never been the pinnacle of Beta perfection that is pushed as ideal in this modern age. We objectify women unapologetically, we are crude, and we tend to be very stubborn about changing any of that. In a high school locker-room with other males, we tend to clown one another, when we weren’t clowning, or being clowned we talked about… [Read more]

Dec 06

This isn’t a bait and switch, the title reflects exactly what I am about to write here. I’ve noticed that as the tide of tolerance comes in, some men (and I’m sure women too, but I can only speak about the men), okay some men will not change their views on sexism and racism. I have a zero tolerance attitude towards bigots for this reason. A guy may act tolerant and nice to your face, but behind closed doors he takes off the mask and goes to sleep the same monster that he was when he put the mask on before leaving work. When I wrote the article on nerds being sexist and racist, I recalled an incident at an old job where a man went on a rant for minutes to me about the prequels having female Jedis in it. He was a good… [Read more]

Sep 24

Rule #36 (A Man’s Code) All men should have a code, it is optimum in living by principles and having people learn your principles and respecting you for having them. When you live life freelance and do things however you feel within the moment, it will appear that you are chaotic, unpredictable and untrustworthy. The most memorable and powerful men in life have codes, we know of those codes because they exemplified them throughout their living years. We emulate men such as these and many people will try and copy their ways without fully understanding the commitment needed to doing so. A man must develop his own path, regardless of how borrowed it may be and make a commitment to stand by it for life. Rule #37 (Word is Bond) A man without his word is nothing, unless it is a man who lives on… [Read more]

Jul 02

Rule #26 (White Knights): Men are protectors by nature, being the construct of the God of War, we feel it necessary to protect Venus’s tribe from themselves and other males. That being said, unless you know the woman OR the abuse goes beyond verbal towards physical, you should probably mind your own business when it comes to other people’s business. When a man tries to be Captain-Save-A-Ho conveniently when another male has gone savage, he is using opportunity to garner favor from the female. There is a difference between protecting someone from harm and scamming on some ass via slighting another guy. If the intent ends up being the latter, then you are white knighting for pussy and therefore breaking one of the most fundamental Man Laws. Mind your own business and go get your own lady. Rule #27 (Pride): I will use a verse… [Read more]