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Nov 28

Many people like the character of Richard Harrow played by Jack Huston on HBO’s hit show Boardwalk Empire. While we may admire Richard Harrow as a professional and a marksman, the true reason behind his likability seems to be somewhat of a mystery to folks that fell in love with him. What he had that many of the characters in Boardwalk Empire, and in many shows like it, is humanity. In this one man we get a complex mix of loyalty, respect, good and evil. Richard, to me, was similar to a warrior’s sword back in the feudal times. When warriors acquired their family sword, it was a treasured heirloom that was a representation of their ancestors along with being a deadly weapon that could protect them in times of danger. When you received it, it was in good shape because the warrior sword was… [Read more]

Jan 19

Ever felt like Atlas the Titan bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders? Sure you have, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Last year was probably one of the worst years any of us will ever experience in terms of large-scale issues (not those standard personal ones) and for me it was no different. The Hall of The Black Dragon was one of the only positives going for me in 2009 since business yielded more than a few unpaid invoices and an occasional rip-off artist here and there. The money flowed south but I found my stability through writing and of course maintaining this beautiful site. We were lucky to get a few friends on-board, namely Nia Syrah and Niambi Dawn to add a female perspective to our testosterone laced opinions, Beauty and the Eats told us which restaurants were… [Read more]

Jan 18

War movies love to highlight snipers, and I know why, they appear to be mysterious, accurate and have the patience of 1,000 old school mothers packed into one. But you have to wonder, how much of what is shown in Hollywood is true? Are they revered or are they scoffed at as cowards? Are they really that accurate, or do they have a whole shit-ton of gadgets to help?  The biggest question is, can one man, hidden away for days with a weapon, have the ability to wipe out droves of unsuspecting men like a movie? Apparently the answer to this question is yes, the answer to this crazy sniper legend can be summed up in two words – White Death. Finnish hero and dead-eye marksman Simo Häyhä was credited with over 700 kills in the Finnish winter war of 1940. When the Soviet Union… [Read more]