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Dec 19

If you are a woman that has a guy in your “back pocket” due to any number of reasons, he may become a hindrance to your love life. Many women have a guy that they want, but refuse to go their with him for one reason or another. This leads to the guy being placed in the friend-zone, or her back pocket (as we will call it here) and regulated to little more than buddy status. When you look at this woman’s list–of course she has a list–it should not be a surprise that back pocket guy encompasses much of what is on there. For a man who isn’t looking to settle down, the back pocket is nice, warm and cozy, because it can easily translate to sex with no strings attached.  It is the perfect situation for a player, especially if there are several… [Read more]

May 24
angry date

After dating many women and going through the phases of eager, to hopeful, to cynical, a man tends to get to a point where he’s heard it all, seen it all, and experienced it all. It is a kind of mental Zen where you are able to see red flags from a mile away, turn down dating offers you know will be disastrous, and pounce on the good opportunities whenever they present themselves. The following list is from the wolves that have been there 100 times over and are willing to tell you what they look for to avoid and what they know not to do. It is a good list to scan if you are in the dating game because a lot of these are mistakes that you don’t want to make and lose someone special. As a man, I will not continue dating… [Read more]

Jan 09

In this new series we speak to men and women about the evil exes of their past. What we aim to get out of these interviews is some insight for you readers as to what went wrong in these situations so that hopefully you may avoid the mistakes that we have. Our first guest is Cee, he is an all-around “good guy” in the eyes of the world who was almost destroyed by the woman he met in Bible school… let’s get to it. When and where did you meet your ex?It all started in the spring of 2002. For some reason I was at a 1-year religious institute. It was sorta like a summer campground, but you go to classes and talk about Jesus all day. My 2002 self thought this would be a good thing. Anyway, I had never had a real girlfriend… [Read more]

Jan 01

I came across a Gent by the name of Pete Sapper, a confidence relationship coach that tackles the root of insecurity that stems from fear in women and turns wallflowers into the powerful, confident Goddesses that they deserve to be. I truly admire his attitude after coming across plenty of BS from relationship experts who wrongly preach that most men are idiots and that this whole feminist wave is all good. I’m not one to complain as my own book The 21st Century Spartanite: The Strong Woman’s Guide To Ultimate Success is written from a liberal feminist perspective and two chapters are solely given to the RIGHT TYPE of man. I can only speak from a very subjective female perspective. High Value Women The difference between high and low valued women in the world is cultivating their own worth. I’ve often been called all types of… [Read more]

Aug 27
sad woman with abuser

Many people assume that prostitutes are unintelligent victims of overly smart street hustlers with a hard backhand, a 9mm handgun and a lack of empathy but the truth of the matter is that there is a method to the madness that is The Game and the art of making and breaking a prostitute. The main source of power that a pimp has over his/her product is called psychological imprisonment and I would warn that many of you judging the prostitute may be a broke day and an act of loyalty away from being one yourself. The following 7 rules are a variation of The Laws of The Game that have been used by pimps since time immortal and they are accompanied by my insights as to how your marriage or relationship could very well be along the same lines as a pimp/prostitute relationship. Sure your… [Read more]

Mar 29
A disappointed woman sits with upset boyfriend seated behind her

The following is a list of men that women should avoid for fear of disappointment once the honeymoon period is over. The list was compiled based on the feedback I often hear from women whenever their new dream guy turned out to be a nightmare. I find that because the right questions aren’t asked initially and a man’s lifestyle, background and habits aren’t examined many women take us at face value only to feel salty about it down the road. I will say that I am not just some writer pointing fingers as I see parts of myself within this list; being a Stargazer with a little bit of Trick Baby to me has made my love-life a journey of mountains and valleys. So don’t be offended if you see yourself in there. With this in mind I hope that you find the list interesting,… [Read more]

Mar 01

Have you ever made the mistake of assuming a co-worker or classmate is a friend when in actuality you were merely their “work-buddy”? It is a mistake that many people make, given the fact that the joking, stories exchanged and favors borrowed are very much like the interactions we have with our actual friends in life. While I have met a number of real friends through work and school, I always made sure to mentally separate them from the people I am cool with who aren’t truly my friends. Don’t get me wrong, while it sounds harsh on the surface, what it does is to remind me that certain expectations should not be placed on the work-buddy. In our adult lives it can become very easy to have one’s job become one’s life. You start out ambitious, ready to impress but before you know it… [Read more]

Oct 06

Dating can be both fun and a nerve wracking experience, depending on the people. That being said, many of us single-types have experienced the bad dates where there is either no chemistry or the person that you’re with is about as interesting as dirt. Still you cannot judge a book from its cover and giving up on a bore to move on to an exciting person could have you miss out on a great partner due to misreading the situation. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we have so we offer 4 things that you should at least try before calling it a night. Call an Audible and Change Location Are you really feeling the restaurant, movie or event that you are experiencing with your date? No? Well your date may not be feeling it either and you both may be feeling… [Read more]