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Aug 30

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Pinching Pennies Is Good for Your Dating Life – Being tightfisted with money is not usually thought of as a desirable characteristic in a date. Sites like eHarmony and publish posts listing ways to detect a cheapskate date — who ostensibly should not be worthy of a second get-together.And yet in the economically uncertain postrecession era, many surveys and studies have shown that being responsible with money — perhaps even to the point that you might be considered cheap — bodes well for your love life. (TIMES) Women, Drop The Pink Dumbbells and Lift Heavy!  – The simple fact is, women should be lifting heavy weights. Yet, fitness magazines show models standing on one leg on top of a BOSU ball… [Read more]

Dec 24

Welcome to the best top (insert number) list of hot women for 2012 on the internet. Our list rocks because, well, we like a lot of women from all different ranges of race, profession, height, you name it. So don’t think this is your standard rundown of Victoria Secrets Models and women who appear on Vanity Fair. No, this list came from THE BOYS, a collective of men who truly represent men and not some writer with a blonde fetish doling out his celeb crushes. The criteria we based our choices on was popularity, buzz, and the attitude men have towards these women’s looks, interviews, and/or movies and shows that they starred in. This top 15 isn’t here to force a certain hawte down your throat so if your favorite lady didn’t make it don’t take offense. This is the Hall of The Black Dragon’s list of… [Read more]

Apr 26
Beautiful latina smiling

Editor’s Note: One of our most popular themes on The Hall has always been about the curse of beauty and the bonuses and penalties that come along with it. Many of us have a hard time seeing how being born beautiful can have any negative aspects but many of us agree that it does. To help illustrate the good and the bad of being born beautiful, our own Nadia Arain breaks it down in the following list: Being an attractive woman (PROS): Everyone looks at you! Everyone. Your self-esteem is usually through the roof because you KNOW you’re the center of attention. People marvel at your aesthetics! You get free stuff. Free meals, drinks, rides, AND you get served faster. Since when have you heard that gorgeous people pay for things? Compliments, and lots of them. Having a bad day? Whatever, someone’s bound to compliment you and… [Read more]

Jul 25

I may be at risk at sounding like a disgusting White Knight on this article but trust me I’m no White Knight. Quite the opposite actually, I’m like that rebellious, badass, Black Knight who blocked Arthur’s passage in order to see if anybody was worthy of a good fight. See when I see hive mind on something, my natural thought process is to ask questions and fight back against it. If we are going to have a nice utopia, then wouldn’t it be nice if everyone played by the rules? Recently I did a vote on one of my favorite game series Mass Effect to see which model would represent the protagonist in their alternate cover. Upon observing the results I noticed that the Blonde model had over 13,000 votes whereas all the others: Brunette, Asian, Middle Eastern and Black were at about 1,500 or… [Read more]

Jan 06

She has perfect skin, no flaws… wait, maybe a mole in the right place surrounded by blurred tones, continuous color and her jaw is flawless like a Barbie doll’s. The eyes are like exotic glass (even when they are brown), you can see deep detail in each orb and then the lips “la boca!”, they appear soft, succulent and healthy. Her body has no marks, no flaws, it’s as if she was born into adulthood and skipped the playground tumbles and accidental bumps that us normal humans encounter… Who is this creature of unearthly perfection, you may ask? This ladies and gentlemen, is your magazine, website and television (pre-HD) beauty, it’s all a big freaking lie and we still love it. As an artist the above description fits in well with the way I used to draw my fantasy women, I would draw with an… [Read more]

Dec 01

Back in the day weight-lifters looked like crazy people to a population of Hippies that had become accustomed to guys with skinny arms and slender builds. To see an Arnold Schwarzenegger roll up into the mix and take a hit off their joint probably resulted in stares of wonder. During most of the 80s and early 90s bodybuilding exploded and people became desensitized to the nasty neon tank-tops, wrestling shoes and parachute, pajama pants that those freaks wore. Now in the late 2000’s after the steroid witch-hunt had taken all the victims that it could afford and skinny jeans are back in effect, being a muscular freak is not so special anymore. I can get absolutely jacked and I would not receive that much more stares than if I decided to become emaciated and get my Calvin Klein model on. Still the world may have… [Read more]

Nov 17

As a seasoned Web Developer and Graphic Designer, I’ve noticed that one of the most misunderstood areas have been that of copyrighting and privatizing images. Photographers put ugly, ineffective watermarks over their images, web designers use JavaScript to disable right clicking and then there’s the attempt at using Adobe Flash as protection. The fact of the matter is that none of these methods will protect your images from a knowledgeable person that wants them. That’s right none, actually it becomes a challenge worth taking on to steal an image from someone whose ignorance of the internet shows by their vague attempt at protecting it. Listen models, photographers and artists, if you are too broke cheap to get your images legally copyrighted then don’t put them on the internet at all or keep them at a really tiny size ie: no larger than 240 pixels wide…. [Read more]

Oct 14
Sexy Adriana Lima

If you read my last article about doing a photoshoot, you know my stance on who should be posing for the camera. Again, I think all women should experience it at some point in their lives. I’ve never given someone their final shots and have them regret it. This is all well and good, but I need to discuss the opposite type of person – the numerous, disillusioned women who think they have a future in modeling. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This might be the biggest thing to consider when you look in the mirror and start wrapping yourself in the compliments you’ve gotten over the years about your looks. I think a lot of lady friends are attractive. Yeah, sometimes I tell them that. This certainly doesn’t mean I think they should be in the next issue of… [Read more]