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Jan 14

A man and his wife were shot in a movie theater yesterday for texting and allegedly making noise. This happened in Florida, in a prominent neighborhood that many friends of mine live in. One friend told me that a fellow band mate of his had gotten into it with the shooter prior to the incident and is now counting his blessings that he wasn’t the one to take a shot from the .380 handgun. What we know is that tempers, seating, and a theater’s failure to act has cost us the life of a father and a husband. Opportunists are already treating this story as a call to arms (no pun intended) for anti-gun rhetoric, or a cry for citizens to get concealed weapons permits en masse. This latter call baffles me given that I never hear stories about armed bystander guy saving the day… [Read more]

Sep 17

“I Bet All The Nerds Loved Princess Leia” – K’ For a Sci-Fi fan, there is nothing more pleasurable than revealing one of your favorite stories or movies to a person who has never read, seen or experienced it. Even better is if that person is a child. Just think about it. Blowing a youngling’s mind with Star Wars, Aliens, or Terminator is just as rewarding as getting a chance at watching it all over again. This weekend I got that chance as I sat with my 16yr old Padawan and broke out the original Star Wars Trilogy for her to experience for the first time. While I expected her to fall in love with the series just like everyone else has. What I didn’t account for was her bringing my attention to a number of things that clashed with modern culture (stay-tuned). Though K’(that… [Read more]

May 10

Recently I went with a few friends to check out my favorite Marvel Superhero do his thing in Iron Man 3 – I won’t lie, the movie lover in me enjoyed it…  It was a nice love story. I got so caught up in the whirlwind of Pepper and Tony’s love that I didn’t realize how far the Iron Man himself had swayed from the one I grew up with. The original Iron Man was created for a specific reason–like most super heroes that helped to push war propaganda–but to the kids buying and reading the comic books he was something to look up to. Tony Stark may have had an invincible suit of armor at his disposal but he was one of the most vulnerable heroes of the Avengers. His injured heart that was ravaged with shrapnel was spared due to friendship and ingenuity…. [Read more]

Dec 24

Welcome to the best top (insert number) list of hot women for 2012 on the internet. Our list rocks because, well, we like a lot of women from all different ranges of race, profession, height, you name it. So don’t think this is your standard rundown of Victoria Secrets Models and women who appear on Vanity Fair. No, this list came from THE BOYS, a collective of men who truly represent men and not some writer with a blonde fetish doling out his celeb crushes. The criteria we based our choices on was popularity, buzz, and the attitude men have towards these women’s looks, interviews, and/or movies and shows that they starred in. This top 15 isn’t here to force a certain hawte down your throat so if your favorite lady didn’t make it don’t take offense. This is the Hall of The Black Dragon’s list of… [Read more]

Oct 10
naughty teacher

What you don’t watch adult movies? Well I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on all sorts of useful information that can only be taught through the POV lens of a dirty camera. No worries my prudish friends as we have a list of 10 things that you would have learned had you been tuning in: If you go over to a friend’s house and his mom is home alone she will 100% seduce you. When you make bad grades in class the teacher will stay after to allow you to make up for it. In the Czech Republic every woman on the street is open to suggestions for the right price. How to properly use a pool table. Nurses go above and beyond the call of duty to make their patients happy. Cream Pies are not the sweet desserts we thought… [Read more]

Sep 04
generation kill

Ever wondered which movies and shows portray the profession of the individuals the best? Well a poll was taken up recently by me and a few other Cinephiles and the results were very surprising. Being a fan of shows such as The Wire, SouthLAnd, E.R., and Law and Order, it becomes very easy to allow the great directing and acting to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The following list are the movies and shows that the people who actually are in the profession portrayed will tell you is true to the source or at least. Office Jobs Office Space – It’s almost scary how accurate this movie is. The IT Crowd – Apparently this British sitcom is a mirror of our lives in the computer field. Teaching The Wire: Season 4 – Accurate portrayal of teaching in a rough inner city school. Medical… [Read more]

Jun 21
sad black woman

I was talking to my best friend the other day, and we came upon the subject of love and whether or not true, all-consuming-can’t-live-without-each-other, love really exists. We unanimously decided that the answer is no. As women, we are sold the fairy tale of a one true love. A man who will travel the world to get you back after he screws up. A man who will break up a wedding in order to have the woman he really truly can’t be without. He will profess his love for her to the public and make an ass of himself just to prove to her he’s willing to do anything to have her. This fantasy of so-called “true” love is the death of happiness for women, as it is unreachable and does not exist. Real relationships are based on love (not being in love), trust, understanding… [Read more]

Mar 15

Look we all know that women and action movies are like men and romance comedies right? You know, it makes me wonder why they don’t have a name like “chick flicks” for movies where everything explodes. While I know that there are a number of women out there who can appreciate a good ass kicking movie, excuse my generalizing as I talk about the majority that can’t. At a glance most women aren’t into action movies, the girls I know tip towards drama and love. There is a reason why many of the action movies that we watch have a stupid romance angle forced into it; the writers are assuming that it will keep our women interested. Then you have newer action movies with hot female leads to influence girl power… but it doesn’t garner female attention; here’s a hint – It’s for us guys! So… [Read more]