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Jan 17

Looking to ramp up your relationship mojo in 2014? Well the Goddess Jones invited Greg Dragon to join her on the radio yesterday to give some tips for dating and what he had to say will surprise you. Every month, Greg Dragon and author Dr. Pamela Antoinette Larde join the goddess to discuss everything from the influence of pimping on dating, to getting over a bad break-up. The show is fun, loose, and most of all respectful. Unlike many other shows that feature a male and a female giving relationship advice, it is all love on The Love Jones Experience. Check out Greg Dragon’s segment below, and let us know if you agree or disagree with his advice on “paying attention”. If you like the show, feel free to follow the Goddess on Twitter at @goddess_jones, or on Facebook at The Love Jones Experience Radio… [Read more]

Jun 04

Can you imagine a company that has no respect or want for your craft and you only learn about this after you’ve earned them millions of dollars through promotion? I can’t imagine it but Hip-Hop music has been burned so many times by this narrative that  you would have to wonder at the intelligence of the artists who do it. The latest fallout before Hip-Hop’s reeducation was probably the Cristal wine boycott issued by Jay-Z after years of it being the unofficial, over-priced wine of the Hip-Hop crowd. after the managing director of  Louis Roederer answered a question in The Escapist magazine about rappers drinking Cristal, Jay-Z responded and put a stop to anymore rappers referring to the wine in their lyrics and buying it up in any clubs: “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the… [Read more]

Apr 24

From blaming Video Games for gun violence to blaming rappers for rape, it never ceases to amaze me how the fad of generalizing becomes so popular when it never fixes the problem at hand. Do you know what I find funny about the current assault on Hip Hop with labels such as “rape culture” (since Misogyny is no longer the popular word of the day)? I find it funny that while the implications are serious, the people making the most noise do not buy, have never bought, and will never buy the albums of the rappers that they are going in on. Look at it this way, it comes off as if they are skipping over everything else wrong with radio hip hop in order to find the few instances of alleged rape. Bear with me here rape is a brutally terrible crime but what… [Read more]

Apr 18

I’ve heard it said before and I do agree that dancing is sexual. Dancing can bring about the thought of bodies gyrating, twisting, coming together and apart very much like that other thing does and I think this is why women dancing is a sexual aphrodisiac for men watching… Now you understand why Elvis was such a big deal when he did it in front of all those daughters of old Southerners back in the day. Not all dance moves are sexy don’t get me wrong, some are either too flamboyant, too restrictive, or too crazy for us to get that out of it. For those having trouble understanding where I’m coming from with this, let us take a look at Janelle Monae since she stays about as clothed as you can get out of a modern musical celeb and still is considered a very… [Read more]

Mar 20

The name Jamiroquai is synonymous with that of fast cars and funky disco grooves but they are a band that has created a sound unlike any heard out in the music industry today. With confusion to those unfamiliar with their music, people often assume that the band’s front man Jason “Jay” Kay IS Jamiroquai. Perhaps they’ve seen a few of their videos and one can easily make that assumption but the fact of the matter is that they are such an influential band musically and artistically. Jamiroquai is a derivative of the word “Jam” and the Native American Tribe “Iroquois” mixed together as one word but there is a much deeper meaning to the band’s name as they commemorate the tribe in a few of the songs from their first couple of albums. The centralized Native American theme is a representation on the subjugation of… [Read more]

Feb 04

Recently I ran into world class photographer and artist extraordinaire Bayete Ross Smith and we began to talk about Hip Hop, the culture, the music, and whether or not the movement was dead. My argument was that the Hip Hop we cherished since childhood was on it’s deathbed and that we need tor accept that as fact. Bayete disagreed on the death sentence of Hip Hop, reminding me that it was so much more than popular music and personal preferences. He explained it so eloquently I had to share it: If Hip Hop is something you are, you’ll find it thriving. You just can’t expect to get it through mainstream media outlets very much. Connect with the M.C.s, DJs, Graffiti writers/visual artists, B-Boys/physical performers and other creative innovators locally. I find Hip Hop wherever I go. But you have to seek it out. Counter Culture… [Read more]

Sep 05
meditative black man

It’s okay to burn a bridge if that bridge is a selfish user that consistently has his hand out to beg. Most people are unreliable and will disappoint so if you find a reliable friend keep him/her close and make sure that you yourself can be counted on equally. The key to getting better at talking to women is to actually talk to women. It’s easy for a man to lose his mind in a strip club – but if he realizes that the women dancing have no love for men it will keep him sane, rich and without incident. Most times grieving over death is a selfish act since it is about how much we will miss the person. A dreamer with no ambition is a worthless person. Shortcuts can lead to long-term problems. Everyone should keep a little black book of ideas. When… [Read more]

May 22
turquoise jeep video

“I’m trying to wife you up so I can love you down, I come across town to hear that Ooh Ahh sound…” This short film by Turquoise Jeep is a love story that can touch both men and women not only with the hilarious cast of characters but the real situation of true love and a man going for his. It’s a well done video but what else do you expect from The Jeep? The film features Flint Flossy, Watchyamacallit, Tummy Scratch, Young Humma, Pretty Raheem, Slick Mahoney and a new hottie member Moonrock. It has 2 music videos within it and is specifically about Flint Flossy losing his beautiful Bengladesh girlfriend and becoming depressed about it. If you’ve listened to any of Turquoise Jeep’s videos in the past there is no doubt that you’re a fan – but no worries every character in the… [Read more]