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Jul 30

Just gonna leave this here because she has an awesome afro, naughty eyes, and well… because she’s perfect. Enjoy Janelle Monae’s signature song from her latest album of the same name: Electric Lady.  

Aug 20

Do you find that a woman in red to be irresistible? Well.  a recent study in Canada found that men were more attracted to the color red on a woman more than any other color. The study was done through the participation of 124 women from the US and Canada and was published in Psychological Science. The study revealed that women tend to wear various shades of reds and pinks more while ovulating in order to improve their chances of attracting a mate to sleep and procreate with. From the blog of Dr. Justin Lehmiller: Research has found that women attempt to enhance their attractiveness when they are ovulating, a finding that many scientists have argued is an evolved mechanism designed to increase their odds of conception. For example, not only do ovulating women choose to wear more fashionable outfits than women at other stages… [Read more]

May 23

Have you ever dated someone who treated you like garbage, disrespected you or took advantage of your goodness? Well for those who have it probably becomes a guilty pleasure to see life’s karma destroy their lives while you continue to be rewarded for them being out of your life. Sometimes it’s a situation where you were the good battery that fueled their life and they cheated on you, you split, and now their life is in shambles. It will feel extremely guilty or evil to relish in the fact that you were the one that got away. You scan their old business website to see that it’s down, you notice that they have disappeared and then one day you see a picture and they are out of shape, old, or pregnant. No matter who you are there is a certain pleasure in this isn’t there? You naughty,… [Read more]

Jul 26
naughty angelina

“Dear Dragon – What if you had a girl that all she thinks about is having sexual intercourse with you, and you’re like, “I don’t want to” but she insists on seeing you, knowing all she wants to do is have sex. Would you break up with her because of their nympho ways or you would just give in?” – Patrick Give in! If you are young and not really looking to settle down just yet then you are going to regret turning down all of that hot, unbridled action in the future. If you are an older man in your late 30’s and trying to find a wife then maybe you move on, but it is completely up to what you ultimately want out of that relationship. Most men pursue women for companionship and of course some sweet sexual intercourse. When you hit the lotto… [Read more]

May 07
Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest series on HBO right now for many reasons not limited to the intrigue, drama, acting and cinematography. One topic of discussion that always follows an episode is the motivations and actions of the beautiful, scheming women in the land. Well as you know beneath the makeup and awesome wardrobe are some extremely lovely actresses who you may or may not recognize for this very reason. Today we are highlighting the lovely women behind the queens, the Khaleesis and the maidens of Game of Thrones. As a fan of the show I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed, from the lovely Emilia Clarke (she can raise my dragon any day) to the dynamic bad-girl Lena Headey. So which one of these beauties is your favorite lads? Mine? I’m a lip man, so the curvy, pouty, bow… [Read more]

Oct 24

One night I was with this beauty on our 4th session of the horizontal mambo and things were really beginning to heat up. It was college, we were horny & experimental (isn’t that what college is all about) and I wanted to show her my talents. Going at it the way an 18 yr old with an agenda does, this girl raises up out of her cowgirl and straight hit me with a stream of golden you-know-what. Pause! The hell just happened? It happened so quick that I didn’t know what to do… should I channel my inner Mr. Marcus and continue to beat the dust off of “that thing” or do I go Bugsy Siegel and throw her off of me like “what’s the matter with you!?” I won’t say which way I went with that one but the two extremes I considered are… [Read more]

Jun 24

Before I get into it let me dispel your thoughts of nasty chain-smoking Dr. Girlfriend sounding women right now. When I say raspy, I mean feminine voice but with the sound of something slightly hoarse. So let’s call it “slightly raspy” as opposed to stereotypically “chain-smoker raspy”, Jennifer Tilly not Marge Simpson or her sisters. Got it!? Oh and raspy does not mean manly, I’ve seen this mistake made several times on web spaces, a woman’s voice can still be nasally sweet and have that grating sound on it to be considered raspy. Check yourself on your definition folks – now allow me to explain my attraction. I used to watch Law and Order religiously back in the day because I had a crush on the Assistant DA played by Angie Harmon. She was sexy, but a slight little thing, dark hair, dark eyes, whatever… [Read more]

Jan 26

Girlfriend for a time, wifey for an hour, gold-digger for 5 minutes, whatever you want to call these beautiful nymphets of the night, the last thing you want to call them is genuine. The Stripper/John relationship is a game: you came to pay, she comes to dance for your pleasure and you go home to reality. Truth be told, not all men go home to masturbate or give their wives passionate sex after the strip club. Some guys go home, business as usual to fall asleep, play video games or play editor for their ezine (sigh). I write this article for a special set of guys however who leave the Club thinking that they have found true love. Though these men aren’t necessarily suckers, tricks, or losers; they misunderstand the stripper’s intentions and go home with the girl’s fake number, Facebook/Twitter account and dream of… [Read more]