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Jan 30

Editor’s Note: While family members and self-conscious losers will throw out the word bougie in order to make themselves feel better about putting us down, many people ARE bougie, and more than earn the label due to their elitist behavior. What Does It All Mean? I was reading an article recently where the author was lamenting the fact that she had been called bougie (black slang for bourgeois, which essentially means an elitist faker). From reading the commentary and people sharing their stories of receiving this label from family members and the like, I realized that I had the same things going as those who had been called bougie in the past. You know… education, a love for food and wine, reading, going places where people don’t normally go… etc. etc. The difference however is that I have never been given the label; sure I’ve… [Read more]

Feb 24

Getting sucked into an argument with a comment troll on a blog, e-zine or forum is an embarrassing thing once you figure out that you’ve been had. As a former master troll (fresh out of rehab) and site owner it makes me sad when an obvious (at least to me) troll trap is set and some clueless commenter walks into it. Sometimes it’s not even trolling that is meant to be trolling, sometimes a commenter is just an ass who puts something out there to devalue your post or just to make themselves feel better than you. Well enough is enough, The Hall of The Black Dragon does not want the trolls to have it so easy, so we offer up some clues for you to “get a clue” on the troll game. Either don’t respond to these people (which makes them look dumb) or… [Read more]

Nov 07

Are you a fan of horror, gore, the macabre, or… breasts? Then the Hall of The Black Dragon has the recipe for your horror needs. Michael Kraus is a writer, Director and lover of movies, especially those of the horror genre. As we bring about our own blend of Top 10 lists, we couldn’t think of a better expert to present Hollywood’s Sexiest Horror Movies than he. Check out Mike’s work over at Project Zee and we hope that this list will wet your taste buds to upgrade that Netflix queue with movies that you may have skimmed over. Warning: Some of the graphics and movies within this list will offend certain readers and we caution that while it is not our intent, skim through them at your own risk. The list includes scantily clad women, Nazi’s, blood and guts.

Aug 17

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel When you think of the sexy image that is the 1920’s Flapper, think of Coco Chanel. Her designs were meant to give women a sense of freedom and her use of poor fabrics cut to look rich made her a legend. Her designs revolutionized fashion and her tremendous beauty made the coin purse of many a suitor fall open easily. You may know her name from the signature fragrance but this Hottie of History has been making money since the early 1900s. Her first fragrance “Chanel No. 5” was the first to have a designer’s name placed on it and the year was 1912. Gabrielle Coco Chanel was born in a poorhouse and grew up in the orphanage of a Roman Catholic monastery. While in the orphanage she learned to sew and at 18… [Read more]